Broadway World: Othello, bringing New Place Player's signature dynamic interplay of music, Lecoq movement, swordplay, and language to a new level
Time Out: The immersive production, staged in a former foundry, includes live chamber music, swordplay and Lecoq-inspired movement.
Othello at Casa Clara in New York City. Photos Courtesy of New Place Players.
Wednesday Matinee... See Othello produced by New Place Players at Casa Clara in New York City. Products by City Theatrical include Multiverse® SHoW Baby® wireless DMX/RDM, DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool, Safer Sidearms™, Standard Top Hats, Sandwich Holders, C-Clip Truss Protector, and Blacktak™ Light Mask Foil
“A big part of the design for Othello included spreading more than 100 candles around the venue. We chose to control the candles through the lighting console to properly blackout and save the crew the hassle of changing batteries and manually turning each candle on and off. We used DMX Decoders placed throughout the space to wire lines of 12-volt ‘flickering’ diodes into the candles. We used DMXcat constantly to troubleshoot diodes one by one. All in all, City Theatrical gear was useful because the audience sits extremely close to the performance area. Standard Top Hats were useful so that we could get the light on the performers without the audience being blinded. The ‘balcony rail’ was native to the space and protected from damage by using Truss Protectors to clamp on fixtures and Safer Sidearms.”

- Jeremy Stein, Associate Lighting Designer, Othello by New Place Players
Lighting Design by Ethan Steimel, Associate Lighting Designer Jeremy Stein, Production Electrician Mokshini Gobin, Electricians Ro-z Edelston, Cora McKenna, Merie McCown, Jun Hong, Casey Duke, and Max DiMartino. Lighting Package by GSD Designs Inc. Lighting shop representatives include Glen Davis and Rob Virzera. Scenic Design by Shawn Lewis. Scenery built by Materials For The Arts. Props built by Shawn Lewis Studios.
Othello is one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. The inciting incidents take place in dark streets lit by moonlight broken up with lanterns and candles. The lighting was shaped by the intimate venue. Casa Clara was formerly a stone foundry. Its exposed wooden beams and large skylights give a feeling of being in the Old Globe. In fact, the skylights were embraced by the creative team. Rather than blocking the natural light, we accentuated the verticality of the space. We worked around the brick walls, wrought iron windows, and wooden ceiling to illuminate the acting space while allowing the presence of the venue to overwhelm the viewing experience.”

- Ethan Steimel, Lighting Designer, Othello by New Place Players
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