July 24, 2019
WMS Alum Receives Mayor's Scholarship

Congratulations to WMS alumnus  Michael Lober (center)  for receiving one of 18 Mayor's Scholarships awarded to residents of Wilmington this year! Michael was selected based on his academic credentials, leadership skills and commitment to community service. He will attend the  University of Oregon  this fall.
Summer Work & Supply Lists

We're more than halfway through the summer break and many families may soon (or already!) be thinking about summer homework assignments and gathering school supplies. 

Please find information about your child's  summer homework and/or supply list on the WMS website  if you don't have it handy.  
CIT Program: Nurturing Future Camp Leaders
Back this summer after a few years' hiatus, the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Leadership Program is preparing a small group of teens to become Camp Montessori counselors. The CIT program provides a great bridge for teenagers who have matured beyond camper status but are not quite ready to supervise younger campers on their own.

They kicked off their program the week of July 1 with a three-day curriculum taught by CIT advisor and longtime Camp Montessori counselor Kevin DeCusatis. Together they reviewed what was expected of CITs as junior staff members, counseling skills and camper behavior management. During their initial weeks, CITs also learned how to safely lead campers to the Windybush pool and how to manage children on field trips.

CIT Angelina Szkotak, who hopes to serve as a full-time counselor next summer, says she's gained useful camper management skills in addition to learning the basic flow of each classroom.

"I've learned how to handle different situations and different conversations with children, and when to step in to address issues," she said.

For the remaining camp weeks, CITs will be interning in camp classrooms at all levels. Each week they are assigned to a new camp level, from Turtles (toddlers) to Dragons (entering grades 6-9). As they assist counselors in those rooms, they also make observations, which they capture in their weekly evaluation forms. Every Friday they meet individually with Director of Montessori Enrichment Tracey Gable to discuss their experiences, struggles and what they liked or didn't like.

"The CIT program is a great way to train new staff, teach them camp processes and procedures, and immerse future counselors in Camp Montessori culture," Tracey said.

Tracey is hopeful each CIT will successfully complete the program and return next summer as a counselor.
Lucy Benson (WMS '07) Makes Her Mark on Main Street
Small town life suits Lucy Benson. She works as a digital marketing specialist and web designer just off Main Street in Westminster, Maryland, down the street from her alma mater, McDaniel College - a liberal arts college known for its small class sizes. 

“I tell people it’s like ‘Gilmore Girls,’” she said. “It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone. My boss is the mayor.”

When she traces the path that led her to her current digital marketing job, she realizes how much her WMS roots set the stage for many of the choices she made along the way. She’s always gravitated toward communities that offer a “family feel.”

“Whenever I think about Montessori I just smile because it was such a happy period of my childhood and completely shaped who I am,” she said.

After graduating from WMS in 2007, Lucy attended middle and high school at Sanford School, where she enjoyed a similar small-group learning environment. And when it came to choosing a college, Lucy was immediately struck by McDaniel’s small size and how it reminded her of WMS. 

“The professors really get to know you one-on-one and are really invested in your journey and how you’re doing,” she said. “They still reach out to me even though I graduated two years ago.”

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