June 26, 2019
Date Change: Back-to-School Picnic Now August 21
WMS families: please update your calendars for this summer's back-to-school picnic. We will host the picnic on Wednesday, August 21, at 6 p.m. rather than Thursday, August 22, as previously scheduled. Enjoy the summer weeks ahead, and we hope to see you in August!
Spirit Wear for Sale in the Lobby

Stop by the front lobby and add to your WMS and Camp Montessori spirit wear collection. You'll find a limited supply of tie-dye camp t-shirts, pocket frisbees and lanyards on sale, as well as a wider array of WMS gear, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, flannel pants, backpacks and more.
Reminder: Time to Renew Your Magnus Health Documents
Every July 1, certain  Magnus Health  forms expire. If your child is enrolled at WMS for the 2019-20 school year, attending camp or may attend School's Out days this fall, you may have recently received emails to remind you these forms are due. Please take time to fill them out as soon as possible so your child's information can be up-to-date for the upcoming school year. 

These forms contain vital contact information, general field trip permission, permission for the nurse to treat your child and photo permissions, among others. These do NOT include your child's health appraisal or immunization record, which follow their own annual expiration dates. The July 1 expiration date only applies to the school's annual forms.
Please email  or speak with Nurse Lisa if you have any questions or difficulty logging in to your account. 

Tigers Find Friendship Through Team-Building, Fun and Games
Stroll around the WMS campus any day during Camp Montessori, and you'll find campers playing games in the gym, Great Room and especially outdoors. Last week, the Tigers took games to the next level with their weekly theme: "sports extravaganza." From potato sack races to "Drip Drip Drop" to the "50-Yard Scream," Tigers were enjoying a variety of indoor and outdoor games and learning about sportsmanship in the process.

"It's about learning to be a good winner and loser - working together as a team," said Tiger lead counselor Carolyn Malatesta. "And being respectful toward others when they win, knowing it's OK to lose and teaching kids how to cope."

Campers also focused on how to strategize as a team to accomplish game tasks, and had opportunities to work with different friends for each game. By the end of the week, Carolyn said their team-building and sportsmanship activities were paying off as she observed new friendships blossoming.
Thinking Outside the Box and Nursing with Chelsea Terrell (WMS '06)
A year into her career as an oncology nurse, Chelsea Terrell still draws from lessons she learned as a young WMS student that challenged her to find new ways of doing things.

“Montessori taught me to think creatively and out of the box,” she said. “Patients are not going to remember that you gave them their medications and got the right doses, but that you did it quickly so it allowed you to spend more time talking to them.”

That independent and creative thinking is what led Chelsea to pursue nursing - a decision she only made toward the end of her undergraduate program at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Chelsea landed a summer internship at a healthcare clinic in Bolivia before her senior year, which led her to realize she wanted to become a nurse. By the time she graduated from Mount Holyoke in 2016, she had already enrolled at Duke University’s nursing school and began her nursing program that fall.

“I learn best by seeing and doing and practicing - that’s why nursing is so good for me,” she said.

Based on her experience in Bolivia, Chelsea had in mind to pursue primary care nursing - she hoped to work in a clinic providing vaccinations and health education. But as she made her way through her student nursing rotations at Duke, she discovered she was drawn toward working with very sick patients, and gravitated toward oncology nursing.

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