May 29, 2019
Co-op Hours: Final Reminder
As the 2018-19 school year comes to a close next week, please ensure you have submitted your co-op hours.   Co-op hours are due June 6.

25 Hours Submitted = $0 Billing
0 Hours Submitted = $900 Billing*

*Families will be billed $30 per unfinished co-op hour.

If you haven't submitted your co-op hours, please do so today via the   co-op report form

Upcoming Co-op Opportunities : Log co-op hours by providing food and beverages for the 2019 sixth-grade moving up ceremony, lending a hand at next week's field days, taking care of classroom pets over the summer or assembling a desk exercise bike. Email   for more information. 

If you are in need of additional hours to fulfill your 30-hour requirement or have questions, please email
Key Card Return
If your family will not return to WMS for the 2019-20 school year or be attending Camp Montessori over the summer, please remember to return your key cards to the front desk next Thursday, June 6.
Summer Skills Workbooks
As the school years winds to a close next week, some parents wonder how they can help their children review and maintain skills through the summer months. Tri-C Publications offers leveled workbooks for practicing school skills during the summer. Please contact Laurie Orsic for more information about these workbooks.

On Tuesday, May 21, third-grader Vivian D. took over PE teacher Jill Hallissey's job - a spot she secured (with the help of her parents) through the annual WMS auction.

We sat down with Vivian to get her thoughts about the experience.

Wednesday Weekly : What was the most fun part of the day?
Vivian D. : I liked when we cleaned out the closet and washed pinnies. I also liked when I got to teach fourth-year health. I taught them about first aid and got to show them a finger splint and gauze, what to do for a bee sting, about different kinds of burns, animal bites and fractures.

WW : What was the most challenging part of the day?
VD : I'm never good at making decisions on who to call on. Sometimes when I blew the whistle, the younger kids wouldn't listen. Now I understand why sometimes teachers get stern when kids talk over the teachers.

WW: What advice can you offer to future PE Teachers for a Day?
VD : It's really fun - they will really enjoy it. And you may get to plan Field Day!

Jill complimented Vivian's hard work and looks forward to hosting another student next year as PE Teacher for a Day.

"Vivian learned that having a plan and a backup plan are always necessary in PE - especially because of weather and gym availability," Jill said. "She also got to experience how classroom management can be so challenging, especially when students are running around in PE. This is where the whistle comes in handy! I am so proud of her for stepping into this role for the day."
Math, Science and Montessori: Therese Quinn Embraces Family Tradition
There was little question that Therese Quinn (WMS ‘00) would attend a Montessori school as a child: it’s practically in her blood. Her grandparents founded a Montessori school in Media, Pennsylvania, and her mother, Michele LeFever Quinn, is a longtime WMS advisory board member as well as a former staff and board member. “Montessori is definitely surrounding me and my family,” she said.

Family connections aside, Therese credits her Montessori education for allowing her to learn at her own pace and explore a variety subjects, which ultimately helped her discover her interests and strengths. She also benefited from the multi-age classroom, where she was eager to learn from her peers.

She attended WMS from preschool through sixth grade, and fondly remembers former WMS teacher Helen Gadsby’s plays in the 9-12 classroom and learning songs about grammar and long division (which she can still recite) in former teachers Natalie and Christa’s third- and fourth-grade classroom. During those years, math and science emerged as her favorite subjects.

“I loved Helen's plays!” she said. “Despite being more the math/science type now, I loved being one of the stars of the shows we put on twice a year.”

After WMS, Therese went on to attend middle school and high school at Wilmington Friends School, where she enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball. By the time she graduated, she already had her sights set on a career in engineering.

“I always loved math and science,” she said. “I was naturally good at those fields and really enjoyed them. I also loved to problem-solve. With my dad being an engineer, I learned about that type of career early and it just made perfect sense for me.”
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