May 8, 2019
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Join the Running Club for the Nursing Research 5K
When: May 16, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Rockford Park

Next Thursday, the WMS Running Club will cap off its season with a 5K run. They will join the Inaugural Race for Nursing Research 5K at Rockford Park next Thursday evening.

Come cheer on our WMS runners or run along with them. Parents, students (accompanied by an adult), friends and relatives are also welcome to register to join (register via the link above).
Six Weeks Until Camp Season: Register for Camp Montessori!
If you're planning to send your children to Camp Montessori this summer, please don't delay. Some camp weeks have already reached capacity for certain levels, so don't miss out -  reserve your spot today !
Older campers looking to add some variety to their camp days may also be interested in one of this year's  archery camps, which take place July 8-12 and August 5-9. And there are still spaces available for teens ages 15 and 16 in the Camp Montessori Counselor-in-Training program .
Update on Laurie Orsic's Recovery
You may have noticed Laurie Orsic, Assistant Head of School, has been back at school this week. She was able to attend several meetings and also check in with staff in person. While her fractured knee is healing on schedule, her doctor has insisted that she avoid bearing weight on her right leg at least through May 29. She anticipates being in school a few times per week and will also continue to work from home. Please feel free to contact her by email at as needed. 

She wants everyone to know how much she has appreciated their good wishes and looks forward to seeing everyone when she is working on site. 
Life Before Belle: Middle School Students Present "A Rose's Curse"
Attend "A Rose's Curse" Thursday, May 9, at 9:30 a.m. (dress rehearsal) and 7 p.m. (main performance) in the WMS gym.

Have you ever wondered about the Beast’s life before he was cursed? Tomorrow our middle-schoolers will help fill in the blanks on the Beast’s pre-Belle period when they perform their original musical, “A Rose’s Curse” - a prequel to the classic tale “Beauty and the Beast.”

That’s right - original musical. Under middle school music teacher Heather Wadler’s guidance, the middle-schoolers wrote, composed and produced “A Rose’s Curse” over the course of the school year. It’s an undertaking few classes of 10 middle school students might choose to pursue, but after weighing other options for a spring musical, they decided to create their own show.

“The kids were excited, but were unsure because they know how much goes into a musical that’s already created let alone one they are creating themselves,” Heather said.

Heather had an opportunity to test the idea of creating an original musical last year at PRIED Middle School (now part of WMS’s middle school). When she reviewed existing options for school musicals, she found nothing suitable for a smaller group. She proposed the students write their own show, and they staged their original production, “Never Forgotten,” last May. 

“It all came together last year and was such a positive experience that we wanted to continue,” Heather said. “Families wanted that too - everyone was very impressed with the way it all came together.”
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