This Week at Kol Emet
Wednesday, Oct. 7
Ken Bet Class Zoom - 4:45 pm

Ken Daled Class Zoom - 5:30 pm

Thursday, Oct. 8
IN PERSON Morning Minyan - 7:45 am

Undoing Racism - noon

Friday, Oct. 9
Simchat Torah Celebration and
Aleph Consecration - 6 pm

Saturday, Oct. 10

Shabbat/Holiday Service with Yiskor - 11 am

 Sunday, Oct. 11
Red Cross Blood Drive - 9 am - 2 pm
or contact Lisa Gressen

Sisterhood and Men's Club Event - 1 pm
Join Tara C. Friedman, MD, FAAHPM
as we learn about caring for our aging parents

Monday, Oct. 12
Monday Mincha Meditation - 2:30 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 13
KEN Gimel Zoom - 4:45 pm

KEN Aleph Zoom - 6:15 pm

KEN Hey Class Zoom - 7 pm

Wednesday, Oct 14
Ken Bet Class Zoom - 4:45 pm

Ken Daled Class Zoom - 5:30 pm

As Virtual Community Gatherings are planned, they will be updated on the Kol Emet calendar.

We are all learning how to get together virtually :-)

Weekly Torah Portion
Sh'mini Atzeret - Simchat Torah
Deuteronomy 33:1–34:12,
Genesis 1:1–2:3

On Simchat Torah, the day when we literally celebrate the Torah, we read the very end of Deuteronomy and the very beginning of Genesis. In the final verses of Torah, we read Moses’ blessing of the Israelites, offered before the prophet dies. Moses then ascends Mount Nebo, from which he sees the Promised Land and takes his final breath. God buries Moses and we are told there will never be another prophet like him. From this passage, we immediately begin our new cycle of Torah reading with the story of creation from the beginning of Genesis. And we create a new year of studying Torah. While each year we return to the same verses, it is we who are different. With each passing year, we grow and change, celebrate and mourn. And it is as if we are reading these sacred words for the very first time.

From Rabbi Anna

When I work with Bnai Mitzvah and their families (especially during this pandemic when we have had to get creative) sometimes the question comes up: "Rabbi, what is the moment when a child becomes Brit Mitzvah (ie enters the covenant of taking on mitzvah for oneself) and is considered an adult in the Jewish community?" Many people think it is when they read Torah publicly for the first time, but that is not the case; a nine-year-old can read Torah if they know how. Rather, it is when someone come up for an aliyah and recites the Torah blessings on behalf of the community. When the people assembled say "Amen!" to that blessing - that is the moment that individual is recognized as an adult.  
This is just one beautiful example of how Torah helps us marks the seasons of our lives and the cycles of the year. And on Friday night, we will experience another marker - when we complete one cycle of reading Torah and begin a new cycle together. This is the "last shoe to drop" as it were, as we have marked the end of 5780 and the beginning of 5781 already. But we haven't fully begun the year until we have read the final word of Torah and started over again!  
Please join us on Friday from 6-7pm on Zoom for a unique and joyous Simchat Torah celebration. I have some fun Zoom tricks up my sleeve that I am looking forward to sharing with you. Also, last year's Aleph class will share the beautiful Arks they created, complete with mini-Torah scrolls. They will have the "children's" aliyah as we read B'reishit, the first portion of the Torah. You will not want to miss it!
The following morning from 11am-12pm I will lead a short, sweet, celebratory service in the Kol Emet sukkah which will include Yizkor prayers. Join us in person or via Zoom.  
Torah marks our lives and grounded us in our values. Whether we are welcoming a new Brit Mitzvah or sheltering our children under the tallit for the their special aliyah on Simchat Torah, we are ritualizing our value that our children are our future.  There is a midrash (a rabbinic teaching) where God wants to know who will underwrite our commitment to keep the Torah. After God rejects our forebears and prophets as guarantors, the people say: 

‘Our children shall be our guarantors.’ To which God replied: ‘Verily these are good guarantors; for their sake I will give it to you.’ Hence it is written: “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings have You founded strength (Psalms 8:3). (Midrash Rabbah Song of Songs 1:23)

This midrash paints a picture in which, in the deep past, the merit for which we deserved the Torah was dependent on the future: our children. Election Day is three weeks away - it deeply concerns our children and the world we will bequeath to them. They are depending on us. I certainly hope you will vote and that you will do everything you can to ensure a better world for our children.  
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As the weather gets colder, and we spend more and more time outdoors we need surfaces that will work for the children. 

Carrie Shames Walinsky
Educational Director
Congregation Kol Emet
1360 Oxford Valley Road
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215-493-8522 x4
Whether it's a Bar MItzvah gift of a $36 bond or a major purchase of $5,000 in bonds, purchasing Israel Bonds helps BOTH Israel and the recipient. As a life cycle event for a son or granddaughter, as a gift to your favorite synagogue or charity or as a personal addition to your portfolio, Israel Bonds are a wise investment that pays more than just pure interest.
Development Corporation for Israel, commonly known as Israel Bonds, was established in 1951 and is a FINRA-member broker dealer and underwriter for securities Israel bonds issued by the State of Israel in the United States. Every Israel bond investment no matter the sum is one that strengthens Israel and the future for the Jewish people. When an Israel bond is purchased, the principal is returned along with interest. At a time of continued volatility in financial markets, Israel bonds are recognized as sound, reliable investments.
For more information call Sharon Richman, registered representative, at 267-443-2005 (office number is being forwarded to cell number) for information or to arrange a purchase. Information can also be found at and purchasing can be completed online at
Join th Tzelem Open House!

 Galia Godel, LGBTQ program manager at JCFS, is partnering with Moving Traditions to launch a Tzelem group for LGBTQ+ teens. Tzelem is a monthly group that gives
LGBTQ+ Jewish teens a unique opportunity to talk openly about the issues that matter most to them like relationships, school, sex and stress — in safe spaces with other teens and an adult they can trust.

Whether online or in person, depending on the pandemic, it’s where LGBTQ+ Jewish teens can share a common experience — where they can freely speak their mind,
listen to different perspectives and ask big questions — all while having
a good time and making good friends.

According to a just-released survey of American teens ages 13-19
conducted during the pandemic:
·      30% of teens said they are “more often feeling unhappy or depressed.”
·      29% said they “did not feel connected at all to school adults, to classmates or to their school community.”
Fortunately, there is a great deal of research showing that the teen groups run in partnership with the national organization Moving Traditions can keep all engaged teens healthy by helping them deal with stress and build their resilience.
Please join us parents and teens  for a Tzelem Open House at 7 pm Monday, Nov. 2 on Zoom to learn more about the program.

For more information and to register, please go to
Tikkun Olam Monthly Donation Drive

Please contact Jeanlu via 215-534-2237 or and I will drive to your home to pick up your IFA donation. Safely, of course.
Kol Emet began partnering with the Interfaith Food Alliance (IFA), an organization fighting hunger in Lower Bucks, in Summer 2018. We support IFA in a variety of ways, including a monthly donation drive to provide some of the most "in-demand" items IFA offers the families it serves. 
50 Shades of Green: Acting on Climate Change -- Our Human Imperative to Heal the WORLD.
Brought to you
by the Tikkun Olam Committee

Work from home one day each week. You will reduce the carbon emissions of your weekly commute by 20 percent. If everyone with a telework-compatible job worked from home half the time, national greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by 54 million metric tons.

Brought to you by the Tikkun Olam Committee

Member Recommendations
Local Mitzvah Opportunities
  • The IFA (Interfaith Food Alliance) is issuing $25 and $50 supermarket gift cards so 52 families can purchase food for breakfast and lunches during the school closures. Gift cards can be sent to Jeanlu Ryersbach, 19 Mulberry Lane, Levittown, PA 19054 and the cards will be delivered to the food bank in Morrisville.

  • Help Get Protective Equipment (PPE) to Our Healthcare Heroes. Looking for ways for you or your community to get involved? #GetUsPPE is organizing communities around the country to get much-needed protective equipment to healthcare providers. You can go here to learn about partnering with the organization or learn more about other ways to get involved on its site. Learn more and get involved here. 

  • Lower Bucks Seniors and those who are homebound or have disabilities are invited to call The Ivins Outreach Center for assistance with medication pickup or grocery needs. If you need help OR if you can offer to volunteer to grocery shop, pick up medications, deliver meals or make check-in phone calls, please call 215-428-0550, ext. 101.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned ASAP. 

  • Can you sew?

To add mitzvah opportunities please contact Rabbi Anna
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