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Wednesday, Dec. 18
Mahjong/Scrabble - 7 pm

Thursday, Dec. 19
Morning Minyan - 7:15 am

Friday, Dec. 20
1/2-day Preschool
Chanukah Family Shabbat - 6 pm

Saturday, Dec. 21
Torah Study - 10 am

 Sunday, Dec. 22
Bristol Jewish Center Menorah Lighting- 5 pm

Monday, Dec. 23
No Preschool, Winter Break

Tuesday, Dec. 24
Building closing at 1 pm
Tikkun Olam meeting - 6 pm

Weekly Torah Portion
Parshat Vayeishev
Genesis 37:1-40:23

Jacob favors Joseph, which angers Joseph’s brothers. Joseph has dreams in which he predicts reigning over his brothers, provoking them further. They decide to sell Joseph into slavery in Egypt. Tamar disguises herself as a prostitute and sleeps with her father-in-law, Judah. In Egypt, the wife of Joseph’s owner tries to seduce Joseph, and when he rejects her, she accuses him of trying to rape her and has him sent to prison. In prison, Pharaoh’s baker and butler have dreams, and Joseph interprets them correctly.

From Rabbi Anna
On Hanukkah we talk a lot about courage, but really, what is it?

Last night at our Religious School Hanukkah celebration “Kol Emet’s Got Talent” I saw courage in action, and it was amazing and transformative to witness. We enjoyed wonderful and diverse performances from kids of all ages – they told jokes with joy and ease, played piano with soul and executed brilliant karate, gymnastics and dance moves, all right on our bimah. But do you know how hard it can be to get up in front of everyone? 
The way families and friends and classmates collaborated and supported one another was so beautiful, my heart was bursting! It was not easy to get up there -- I know, because I also performed, and I was really nervous. Yes, me, who speaks from the bimah all the time! So just imagine how these kids must have felt. 

But it is easier when you are sharing something you love, and you could clearly see the passions and talents of our community wholly on display. And what I just encapsulated how precious and unique and wonderful our community is.

When you see someone sharing his or her joy and passion, it makes it less daunting to share from your own heart. Last night was a heart-opening experience for all present, and I want to thank Carrie Walinsky for making the show happen.

In a wonderful alignment, Jacob Oshins, the Assistant Director of Camp Havaya, was here with us last night to see all that heart on display. Camp Havaya (formerly Camp JRF) is another special community that encourages kids’ self-expression and the celebration of them for exactly who they are. It is the Reconstructionist flagship camp in the Poconos. Like Kol Emet, Camp Havaya is a lively, welcoming and diverse community where kids explore Judaism in their own ways and become the best versions of themselves. Here is a link to a few promo videos: . If you are interested in learning more about Camp Havaya, please reach out to me this week or contact Julie Asplen, whose daughter Leah has been a part of this special camp for more than a decade. We will connect you to the right people and help make overnight summer camp possible for your child.

This Hanukkah, let us be courageously who we are and let us make it possible for others to follow their heart and be their truest and best selves.

Rabbi Anna
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