This Week at Kol Emet

Wednesday, April 8
Virtual Storytime with Rabbi Anna - 10 am

Virtual Check-ins - 4:30 pm

Thursday, April 9
Virtual Morning Minyan - 8 am

Virtual Community Seder

Friday, April 10
Virtual Shabbat
"Friday Night Lights" - 6 pm

Saturday, April 11
Virtual Torah Study - 9:30 am

 Sunday, April 12
Virtual Check-ins - 4:30 pm

Monday, April 13
Virtual Mincha Meditation - 3 pm

Tuesday, April 14
Religious School
“One Room Schoolhouse” - 5 pm

Wednesday, April 15
Virtual Storytime with Rabbi Anna - 10 am

Virtual Check-ins - 4:30 pm

As Virtual Community Gatherings are planned, they will be updated on the Kol Emet calendar.

We are all learning how to get together virtually :-)

Weekly Torah Portion
There are special Passover readings for this week.
From Rabbi Anna
We know this Passover will be different from all others in our lifetime. We know that the recitation of the plagues will feel all too close to home. We know we will feel different having smaller Seders or none at all. But how can we let Passover transform us, uplift us, carry us through this time of physical distancing and trauma? 

Each year when I read about the Israelites’ complaints during the wanderings after their freedom from Egypt, I find myself frustrated or annoyed. They repeat over and over: “Were there no graves in Egypt that you leave us to die in the Wilderness?” And their cravings (from Numbers): “The people had a craving, and they also wept once more, and said, ‘Who will feed us meat? We remember the fish that we ate in Egypt free of charge; the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic. But now, our life is parched, there is nothing; we have nothing to anticipate but the manna!’ ”

This year, as I scour the Internet for toilet paper, I find myself having more empathy for the kvetching Israelites. The truth is, they were frightened. Everything they knew was gone. They were likely hungry too and resource deprived. Fear is a natural response to the uncertainty and the difficult conditions around us. There is nothing wrong with fear, despite what our larger cultural norms say. The trick is living with our fear, acknowledging it and still moving ahead because its danger lies in its ability to paralyze us.

To the Israelites who kvetched out of fear but kept going, kept journeying, I say, “ Kol HaKavod - great job!” And to all of us, when fear comes, when feelings of deprivation come that are rooted in fear, it is OK. When feelings of anxiety come, it is more than OK. And all that matters is that we keep breathing. That we take another step. And another.

Step by step is how we get to the Promised Land, though it is unknown how long it will take us. When will this time of physical distancing end? When our ancestors left Egypt and headed for a new, better place, they were not given a timeline for when they would get there. 

The Promised Land is an idea more than a place, a hope more than a fulfillment. It is upon us ( aleynu ) to envision a promised land, envision a better future even if you cannot see it in the distance, even if it is not in your immediate future. We must keep envisioning a future that is beyond what we can see in front of us. We must not despair. We must not give up. No matter what the timeline.

And while we are envisioning a promised land, let’s take this opportunity to consider the kind of future we want to live in. Can we imagine a Promised Land where the most vulnerable are the most protected and cared for, instead of their being treated as the most dispensable? Can we imagine a Promised Land of mutual care and responsibility?

May the lessons Passover holds lift us up well beyond the seven or eight days of our holiday observance.  

zissen  (sweet) and  bari  (safe) holiday from my family to yours!
Rabbi Anna
Local Mitzvah Opportunities
From Jeanlu Ryersbach:  The IFA (Interfaith Food Alliance) is issuing $25 and $50 supermarket gift cards so 52 families can purchase food for breakfast and lunches during the school closures. Gift cards can be sent to Jeanlu Ryersbach, 19 Mulberry Lane, Levittown, PA 19054 and the cards will be delivered to the food bank in Morrisville.
From Francine Safir: Lower Bucks Seniors and those that are homebound or have disabilities are invited to call The Ivins Outreach Center for assistance with medication pick-up or grocery needs. If you need help OR if you can offer to volunteer to grocery shop, pick up medications, deliver meals or make check-in phone calls, please call 215-428-0550, ext. 101.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned ASAP. 

Can you sew?

To add mitzvah opportunities please contact Rabbi Anna
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Kol Emet News & Events

50 Shades of Green : Acting on Climate Change -- Our Human Imperative to Heal the WORLD.
Brought to you by the Tikkun Olam Committee

In order to be environmentally responsible, we can find out how much energy we use or waste. Complete an energy audit by contacting a professional in your area. It includes an assessment of energy consumption history of indoor/outdoor analysis.

Source: Green America

Tikkun Olam Monthly Donation Drive

Kol Emet began partnering with the Interfaith Food Alliance (IFA), an organization fighting hunger in Lower Bucks, in Summer 2018. We support IFA in a variety of ways, including a monthly donation drive to provide some of the most "in-demand" items IFA offers the families it serves.

Please contact the Interfaith Food Alliance for drop-off information.
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Artistic Felting by Esther
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Bucks County Playhouse
Canal Street Grill
Candy Nation
Carlucci’s Grill
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Cornerstone Health & Wellness
Couture by Victoria
David Witchell
DeLorenzo’s- Fairless Hills
DeLorenzo’s- Yardley
Di Carlo Pizza
Franco’s Pizza
Giant Food Stores
GNC Newtown
Guru Indian Restaurant
Head Games
Heart of the Home
Hong Kong Gourmet
Innovation IV
It’s Sugar
Jake’s Eatery
Joseph Jeffries
KO Modern Korean
Le Chateau Exotique
Manhattan Bagel
Maderas Seafood
Marsha Brown
Michael’s Jewelers
Moish & Itzy’s Deli
Music Mountain Theater
Newtown Athletic Club
Newtown Bagel
Newtown’s Farmer’s Market
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Petite Treats
Princetonian Diner
Red House
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Sherry Hanck
Spa on Main Street
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State Street Kitchen
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The Little Gym of Langhorne
The Irish Home
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