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My year has started off with lots of positive energy and deep gratitude in my heart! I have a deep sense of knowing who I am, but it has been a long journey filled with struggle, suffering and pain, as well as joy. Sharing something you may not know through the spirit of positivity I consistently project, but I understand how it feels to be disconnected and alone. 
The reason why I am here, to help you see the light glowing inside of you, sweet friend.  My love and blessings go out to YOU to always believe in yourself, despite the situation.  Circumstances are ever changing and never forever.
Go within and seek deep in your heart the answers to navigate you through anything. We are only limited by what we believe in our mind, because what we believe in our soul, is deep, deep down and sometimes that voice, though powerful and our essence is drowned out by our mind's BS talk (all coming from fear, not love). Listen to your heart, it speaks for your soul.
You have the potential of greatness inside of you and it is evident because you were born and are here right now. You beat out millions of odds. You are a miracle and a gift!

This year is VERY different than 2016. If you struggled and suffered or felt like you were going backwards, you are not alone. I too felt that at times. It was the energy of the year for sure. But 2017 is all about action and forward movement. My dear friend Mitchell shares the most powerful days of January with you (if you are into numerology, like me) which I have marked on my calendar!

Wishing you divine blessings and glorious miracles abound as we all seek peace, love and honoring our highest self to make the world a better place and so we can attract the same. Wishing you a most blessed, prosperous and abundant year yet.

Many blessings to you and yours.
With Great Love,

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May you be blessed beyond your imagination!
Sending you Love & Light

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