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Audit Chamber presents devastating report about 2017...

PHILIPSBURG - The country's 2017 financial statements contain "numerous errors and uncertainties," the General Audit Chamber writes in its compliance audit St. Maarten Financial Statements 2017. "Expenditures were made for which no funds were...

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Financial chaos

By Hilbert Haar ~ If you managed your household finances the way the government deals with its taxpayer-funded financial responsibilities you would probably have a hell of a row with your better half. Related article: Audit Chamber presents...

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Job Vacancy: Lawyer Wanted

Local Law Firm Cor Merx Legal Services continues to grow and is Seeking a Lawyer with 3 to 5 years experience with social skills that go beyond just the knowledge of the laws. Click here for more details ...

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How to get the most out of the website

Information on how to use and get the most out of ~ - Register for the Free Newsletter at You will not only become a member of the website but also receive the free email newsletter. Send...

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Subsidies take up one third of 2021 budget

PHILIPSBURG - A third of the expenditures listed in the draft 2021 budget is earmarked for "subsidies, contributions and income transfers." Out of the budget's total of 613.1 million guilders ($342.5 million), 204,579,785 ($114,3 million) falls...

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Finance ministry focuses on cost-cutting measures

PHILIPSBURG - Cost-cutting measures top the list of priorities at the Ministry of Finance, it appears from Minister Ardwell Irion's presentation about the 2021 budget to Parliament. Focus points are fuel consumption and expenditures linked to the ...

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Cft: "Quick steps needed to get the budget in order"

CURACAO (WILLEMSTAD) - The new government of Curaçao faces great challenges with the (multiannual) budget. This has been pointed out by the Board of financial supervision Curaçao and Sint Maarten (Cft) in recent discussions with amongst others...

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Audit Chamber report on Financial Statement 2017

Philipsburg - The General Audit Chamber presented its audit report entitled Compliance Audit: Financial Statements of St. Maarten 2017 to Parliament today. The General Audit Chamber is required by law to examine whether Government was legally...

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Supervisory Board NV GEBE issues statement

PHILIPSBURG -- The Supervisory Board of Directors and the Management Board of NV GEBE took notice of the contents of a letter by a member of the Supervisory Board of NV GEBE addressed to the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten that circulated in social media and was the subject of an online newspaper article.
NV GEBE fully distances itself from what can only be qualified as deliberate incorrect factual representations of a seemingly disgruntled member of the Supervisory Board.

A member who has been held responsible by all other members of the Supervisory Board on repeated occasions, the last time being June 3rd, 2021, for a long record of serious violations and actions against the best interests of NV GEBE. The confidential records of NV GEBE speak volumes and the proper authorities have been and will again be fully briefed.

The general public can rest assured that both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of NV GEBE have been working tirelessly in the best interest of NV GEBE to address also what appears to be a systematic undermining by a small group of persons, which includes an employee of NV GEBE with a high function. In the process of taking the appropriate disciplinary or other measures against these persons, NV GEBE once again regretfully suffers through publications of false statements and innuendos.

The latest containing incorrect accusations about the functioning of the boards of NV GEBE and a legal advisor of the Supervisory Board of NV GEBE. Whilst the general public only sees what is directly or indirectly leaked by or on behalf of this small group of people, the simple reality is that the Sint Maarten Government, as the sole shareholder of NV GEBE, is in possession of several detailed reports, both from the Management and Supervisory Board of NV GEBE, outlining and substantiating these irregularities by, as stated, a small group of people. Further detailed reporting will be forthcoming to the Sint Maarten Government.

The specific involvement of the Supervisory Board in this respect is premised on the simple fact that one of these persons with a high function in the company reports to the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board of NV GEBE, and the other one is the disgruntled member of the Supervisory Board.

Meanwhile, the Supervisory Board has also sent certain reports, documents and opinions to the Corporate Governance Council and the Integrity Committee. The Corporate Governance Council however received the package with the pertinent information after it rendered its advice on prospective candidates for vacant functions on the Management Board of NV GEBE.

The Corporate Governance Code and certainly the best interest of NV GEBE warrants for the various findings of both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board to be properly considered in the decision-making of the Shareholder of NV GEBE going forward.
NV GEBE hopes that this is done and that all bodies with authority to safeguard Corporate Governance matters will first and foremost be allowed to perform their tasks, without unnecessary victimization and even intimidation. More importantly, that these bodies continue to take the right decisions for NV GEBE, even when they might be – politically – unpopular.

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of NV GEBE cannot compel the Shareholder of NV GEBE to seriously consider or even at minimum enter into an objective, fact-based dialogue on the merits of the findings and various substantiated recommendations made by the Management and Supervisory Board of NV GEBE. The Management and Supervisory Board of NV GEBE can only continue their best efforts of reporting to the proper authorities, thereby safeguarding privacy and confidentiality of the matters of NV GEBE. This, in the hope that the internal system of checks and balances within NV GEBE and the Corporate Governance Code will ultimately suffice in resolving cardinal issues of systematic abuse that now appear to go back till 2014. It is either that, or the Shareholder or Public Prosecutor's Office should consider commissioning a corporate investigation into NV GEBE. Ultimately, the well-being of its stakeholders whereunder the employees of NV GEBE and the entire Sint Maarten community is at stake. That well-being is not served by one liners and politicking, but by objective fact-based decision making, with the best interest of NV GEBE and its stakeholders at heart. And of course, with proper understanding of and abiding to the Corporate Governance Code and (by) laws.

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Weather Update: BREAKING NEWS:


* A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Barbados, Martinique and St. Lucia. Tropical-storm conditions are expected in portions of the Windward and southern Leeward Islands within the warning area beginning late Thursday night into Friday.

* A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Guadeloupe. Tropical storm conditions are possible in the watch area beginning late Thursday night into Friday.

Interests elsewhere in the Windward Islands, Leeward Islands, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti should monitor the progress of this system. Warnings and additional watches will likely be required tonight and on Thursday.

Interests in Florida should monitor updates to the forecast for this system, but it is too soon to determine what if any impacts could occur there next week given the uncertainty in the long-range forecast.

At 11 p.m. AST=, the center of now Tropical Depression Five was located about 1020 miles (1645 km) east-southeast of the Windward Islands. It's moving toward the west near 23 mph (37 km/h). An even faster motion to the west-northwest is expected over the next 24 to 36 hours. On the forecast track, the system will pass near or over portions of the Windward Islands or the southern Leeward Islands on Friday, move into the eastern Caribbean Sea late Friday and Friday night, and move near the southern coast of Hispaniola on Saturday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 35 mph (55 km/h) with higher gusts. Strengthening is forecast and the tropical depression is expected to become a tropical storm early Thursday.  When that occurs, it will be named "Elsa".

The system will produce rainfall totals of 3 to 6 inches with maximum totals of 8 inches on Friday across the Windward and southern Leeward Islands, including Barbados. This rain may produce isolated flash flooding and mudslides.

The next complete advisory will be issued at 5 a.m. AST 

Weather Forecast: Thursday to Saturday


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Limburg hit by flash floods after storm

People in southern parts of Limburg were clearing up the damage on Wednesday in the wake of major storms on Tuesday evening. The heavy rainfall led to flash flooding in several towns and villages, as the drains struggled to deal with the amount...

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Winair bungelt op randje van faillissement

Opnieuw financiële injectie Nederland nodig Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad/Philipsburg - Luchtvaartmaatschappij Winair op Sint Maarten, met een minderheidsaandeel van circa 8 procent in handen van de Nederlandse staat, is opnieuw in...

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WINAIR remains at odds with Flight Crew over Salary Cuts

Philipsburg- WINDWARD ISLANDS AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL (WINAIR) N.V. and WICSU/PSU who represent WINAIR's Pilot group remain in discussions regarding the reduction of work hours and resulting reduction in salaries. According to the airline, both...

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Tension among Winair Pilots about Prolonged Salary Cuts...

Philipsburg- On St. Maarten there is unrest among Winair pilots about a prolonged 25% salary cut, which Management of the Company states will be applied about 18 - 24 months longer. The union representing the Winair pilots, WICSU/PSU, has called...

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Once you follow the laws you can't go wrong!

Country Sint Maarten like any other country or nation is governed by its laws. In our case Sint Maarten has to be in compliance with International laws, Kingdom laws and our constitution whether it be through national ordinances, ministerial...

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Road map towards economical recovery

As a business owner for 16 years; who never changed her business name, Founder and President of different foundations, a mother , a citizen of this country and as a former Minister of VSA, I would like to comment on the different injustices...

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Government meets with the Unions over vacation allowance

To await Constitutional Court decision ~ On Tuesday, June 29th, the Honorable Ministers of General Affairs Silveria Jacobs; Justice, Anna Richardson; Finance, Ardwell Irion; Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, drs. Rodolphe Samuel; and Public...

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Ministry of Justice & Unions: NAPB-ABVO-NRPB

On Saturday June 26th, 2021 representatives of the NAPB,ABVO unions and a member of the Lands recherché joint with a representative of the Ministry of Justice in a work session on the function books relating to different divisions within the...

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Civil Registry launches PSAs to inform public

The Civil Registry Department (CRD) have embarked on a public awareness campaign of their services. The first phase will be launched today, June 30, 2021, at 5pm on Government of St. Maarten Face Book page and YouTube channel with five (5) Public ...

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Emancipation Day 2021 theme “No More Auction Block!”

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - This year Emancipation Day on July 1st, will mark the 158th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Abolishment of Slavery on Sint Maarten. The Minister of Culture Youth & Sport, Honorable drs. Rodolphe Samuel will be...

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Coastal residents & Businesses: Have plans in place ...

SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) - The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) said on Thursday that emergency plans should have already been formulated by residents who live along the country's coastal areas or flood-prone environs. If the...

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Tuesday night Country-wide blackout caused by an imbalance

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - At approximately 11.51 pm on Tuesday evening June 29, the NV GEBE power plant encountered an imbalanced frequency which caused some of the production units at the Cay Bay power plant to exceed their maximum allowed...

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Mariniers duiken onder tijdens oefening op Aruba

Oranjestad - Op Aruba is de oefening Caribbean Coastal Warrior gaande. Daaraan nemen ook mariniers van het United States Marine Corps van het 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion deel. De jaarlijkse oefening richt zich op duikvaardigheden, ook op...

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OM Aruba verwijst klagers over verkiezingen door naar...

Oranjestad - De AVP lijkt haar verkiezingsnederlaag maar moeilijk te kunnen accepteren. De oppositiepartij die 2 van de 9 zetels inleverde en door aartsrivaal MEP werd gepasseerd trekt de uitslag publiekelijk in twijfel. Niet alleen wordt een...

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Knops ziet niks in Koninkrijksberaad

Den Haag - Er wordt al voldoende overlegd tussen de regeringen van de landen van het Koninkrijk, vindt staatssecretaris Raymond Knops van BZK. Daarom ontraadde hij vandaag de motie van Tweede Kamerlid Jorien Wuite (D66) om op regeringsniveau een...

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14 moties in tweeminutendebat over Koninkrijksrelaties

Den Haag - 14 moties, dat is de oogst van het tweeminutendebat waarmee de Tweede Kamer vandaag een vervolg gaf aan de debatten van de Kamercommissie voor Koninkrijksrelaties over de coronasteun aan Curaçao, Aruba en Sint Maarten, het herstel van...

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COLUMN - Blijf hier: Sint Maarten

In de zondagse estafette-rubriek 'Bericht uit...' belichten columnisten uit de Caribische delen van het Koninkrijk bij toerbeurt de kanten van hun eiland waarvan zij vinden dat die de aandacht van alle koninkrijksburgers verdienen. Vandaag komt...

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CAP vist weer achter het net

Hof over verhoging Passenger Facility Charge: Ook redelijkheid Land verwacht Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Luchthavenexploitant CAP vist ook in hoger beroep achter het net voor wat betreft haar voorstel om, in verband met de...

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Kiesraad Aruba: Geen hertelling stemmen

Van onze correspondent Oranjestad - De Kiesraad heeft gisteren besloten dat er geen basis is voor een hertelling van de stemmen. ,,Bepaalde partijen proberen de verkiezingen zwart te maken, maar ik heb alle vertrouwen in de stembureaus", zei...

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10 COVID-19 recoveries today

As of June 30th, there were four (4) persons who tested positive for COVID-19; however ten (10) persons have recovered; bringing the total active cases to thirty eight (38). The total number of confirmed cases is now two thousand six hundred...

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Friday last opportunity to get your COVID-19 vaccine at...

On June 15th, the Caribbean Cinemas in Cole Bay opened up as a temporary replacement for the Belair Community Center for the administering of the COVID-19 vaccine. On Friday, is the last day that you can get your COVID-19 vaccine at the Caribbean ...

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Shared charter rates from $260 US Dollars per one-way and up for groups of up to seven (7) passengers + one piece of checked luggage and one carry-on each. Submit a reservation request online at

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Merger healthcare organizations on Saba

SABA (THE BOTTOM) - The merging of Saba's two healthcare organizations has been a process of years in the making. Benevolent Foundation Saba (BFS) and Saba Health Care Foundation (SHCF) are fully merged as per July 1, 2021 and will from this day...

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Dutch police take down VPN service used by cybercriminals

Dutch police have had a lead role in dismantling a virtual private network used by cybercriminals around the globe, European policy agency Europol said on Wednesday. The coordinated takedown of DoubleVPN involved the seizure of servers in several ...

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Support for CDA slumps in first polls since election

Support for the Christian Democrats (CDA) has plummeted in the wake of the row that led to the departure of Pieter Omtzigt, latest opinion polls show. The poll of polls (Peilingwijzer), compiled by academic Tom Louwerse, puts the CDA on between...

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Dutch pulse fishing fiddle 'misled' European Commission

Civil servants at the Dutch agriculture and fisheries ministry juggled the figures in order to obtain as many EU permits as possible for the controversial pulse fishing method, ministry documents requested by broadcaster NOS under the freedom of...

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Decline in coronavirus cases slowing, fewer than 300

The decline in coronavirus cases is continuing to slow down, with the seven-day average figure falling by 4.5% in the last three days. The public health agency RIVM reported another 657 infections on Tuesday, almost exactly the same number as a...

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