May 2023
Epic Winter Rains Bring Free Water but the Downside... Plenty of Unwelcome WEEDS!!!
Unrelenting storms have pounded the county since the new year, leading to more rainfall through March in San Diego than the entire year in 2022.

The cyclical weed battle is something us landscapers face every year in the spring, however the extent of it this year makes the past look like an easy undertaking. Recognizing that many of our communities fell victim to these unusual circumstances, we are continuing to pool all resources to combat these pesky weeds!


Will the Chemicals Used to Battle Weeds Hurt My Beloved Pet?
It is no secret that a landscaper's best friend when fighting the WEED pandemic every spring is using herbicide.

The question of whether or not the chemical we use will hurt our fur babies is one that comes up regularly. The short answer is that our chemicals are all CAUTION labels and have the lowest rates of toxicity. They only have the potential of being harmful to our animals if a substantial amount is ingested in concentrated form before it's diluted. The concentration of the herbicide we use for weed control is 2% after mixed. As extra precaution, it is recommended that your pets and children refrain from the immediate areas until the product is dry.

At the time of application per state law, signs are posted by our team. Typically, the herbicide dries in approximately 20-40 minutes in average day and you can feel safe returning to the treated areas.  
Rebate Opportunities
With rebates at their peak and the cost of water only increasing, it continues to a be an excellent time to discuss converting areas of turf that are no longer functional. Your Account Manager and PGL's in house designer can help you identify the best areas and optimize available rebate opportunities.
Look Who's Turning 40!

July 2023 marks PGL’s RUBY anniversary and we want to celebrate with YOU! Beginning in July and running for 12 consecutive months, each monthly PGL eblast will contain a fun contest under the “PGL’s 40th Anniversary Contest” heading.

Every eblast recipient will have the opportunity to enter a raffle to win the prize of the month, which will be announced with each contest. All you have to do is email your contest response to and include the subject heading: 40th anniversary contest. All entries will be entered into a monthly raffle and winners will be notified and announced in the subsequent month’s eblast. Enter as many contests as you like!

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