November 3, 2018
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In this week's episode, co-hosts Donnell Alexander and Alex Halperin, talk to Giadha de Carcer, CEO of New Frontier Data and Liz Stahura, co-founder and president of BDS Analytics.

Both executives have a deep understanding of the numbers driving the industry. You don't want to miss it!

The relaunched podcast is the first of several exciting developments we'll be rolling out in the coming weeks. And to celebrate, we'll be throwing a party on the eve of MJBizCon in Las Vegas:

Wednesday November 14th
Location: TBA

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Editorial: WeedWeek endorses Democrats.

As much as any group in America, the cannabis community has seen how quickly voting can change society. While legalization momentum appears unstoppable, voting for Democrats is the best chance for the cannabis industry to grow into what's sometimes described as “a new kind of industry,” one which respects employees, the environment and the communities where it operates.

The country is at a similar point. As N.Y. Times columnist Thomas Friedman writes, Democrats have a “ basic respect for truth, science and decency. ” “Nothing else matters.”

Here's the news.
On Tuesday Michigan and North Dakota will vote on REC, while voters in Missouri and Utah will vote on MED.

Michigan’s REC measure is comfortably ahead in polls. This week in Michigan a judge temporarily halted a plan to shut down more than 200 MED shops operating under emergency licenses. (Detroit News, Detroit Free Press)

Cannabis Wire delves into Missouri’s three MED initiatives, and who’s backing them. After decades of activism, Missouri’s cannabis community is eager for a win . (Filter)

Stat reports on how conservative Utah came to accept MED’s value as medicine.

Rolling Stone’s Matt Laslo says Democrats should embrace legalization more than they have.

MJBiz suggests the results of gubernatorial races could benefit the industry in states like Florida, Illinois and New Mexico. Tom Angell says a record number of gubernatorial candidates support legalization.

After the upcoming round of ballot initiatives, two researchers suggested legalization could stall . (The Conversation)

The Marshall Project looks at the criminal justice initiatives on state ballots .

Marijuana Moment rounds up some of the pro-and anti legalization ads broadcasting in ballot states.
California began to issue one year cannabis licenses . (MJBiz)

Oakland’s equity program is “withering on the vine” a San Francisco Chronicle columnist writes. Across the bay, the city of San Francisco said it would provide free legal services for equity applicants. More than 100 applications have been submitted but none has been approved yet. (S.F. Examiner)

The Washington Post reports on a divisive ballot initiative in Half Moon Bay, Calif., a town known for producing gigantic pumpkins, about whether a pumpkin farmer can farm cannabis as well.  

Following delays, Massachusetts REC sales appear likely to begin within weeks . A newly released state document is seen as a “blueprint for legalization” in New Hampshire. (Boston Business Journal, NHPR)

The Florida House is entering the fray in the long-running battle over the constitutionality of the state’s MED law.  (Daily Commercial)

Canadians who acknowledge any cannabis use are being turned away at the US border. (CBC)

In a precedent setting ruling, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled the country’s prohibition on REC use is unconstitutional . (AP)

Add China to the list of countries which warned nationals against using cannabis in Canada. There was an industry conference in Hong Kong . (South China Morning Post)

A closely watched lawsuit against a Colorado grow operation ended with a jury rejecting claims that it lowered neighboring property values . The lawsuit had been filed under anti-organized crime (RICO) laws, and if it had succeeded it could have created an opening for anti-legalization activists to go after state legal businesses. The result could dissuade “copycat litigation.” (Colorado Sun, AP)
Cannabis companies raised $2.2 Billion in October , slightly more than a quarter of the $8.2 Billion they’ve raised year to date. (MjBiz)

Retail chain MedMen is trying to copyright the word ‘cannabis’ for a T-shirt. A trademark expert said the application will probably be rejected. (MJBiz)

Eaze co-founder Keith McCarty raised $5M for WAYV “a B2B cannabis logistics and compliance platform that delivers inventory to retailers.”  Investors included Craft Ventures which counts SpaceX and Reddit in its portfolio.

The alcohol industry “sees its future in marijuana,” the Boston Globe reports. Brewing giant Molson-Coors is bullish on cannabis . (Business Insider)

Liquor company Constellation executed its $4 Billion investment in Canadian grower Canopy Growth . (The Drinks Business)

In Canada, investors are turning from producers to ancillary companies in areas like packaging and logistics. On the consumer side, serious supply shortages could last for months . (Financial Post, Vice)

Uruguayan company Cannapur is thinking about an IPO to raise money for exports. says cannabis companies are packing their boards with political and corporate heavyweights to gain mainstream credibility. "You want directors that institutional investors — the Fidelitys, the Vanguards, and the Blackrocks — can trust and have confidence in," a professor at Wharton business school said .

In Canada, Walmart’s online store carries cannabis vaporizers . (Leafly)

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan talked up CBD and hemp . Could the soon to be jobless Republican follow his predecessor John Boehner into cannabis? (Marijuana Moment)

In Leafly, Will Hyde spends the harvest at a farm in southern Oregon.

TMZ found a developer who’s building five “marijuana mansions” around the Bel Air area of Los Angeles. The houses, expected to price between $30M and $40M, will feature “cannabis conservatories” for growing and consuming.

Out Magazine, the LGBTQ publication owned by the same company as High Times , is struggling . (WWD)

Epidiolex, the CBD-pharmaceutical approved to treat severe forms of childhood epilepsy , is now available in the US. UK-based GW Pharma grows the plants for Epidiolex in England. (CNN, Bloomberg)

Vox has a long explainer on CBD , and what it does and doesn’t do. It concludes that science knows almost nothing about the compound. “ But a lack of data does not hinder capitalism; it is, rather, a huge help. When nobody knows anything, you can say — or imply — anything. More importantly, you can sell everything.”
In Australia, a clinical trial will look at whether high THC cannabis can kill cancer cells in an aggressive brain tumor called glioma. The cannabis has killed the cancer cells in petri dishes. (  

A study found abstaining from cannabis for a month can improve memory function in young people. (Guardian)

A study found PTSD patients showed remarkable improvement when they received MDMA (ecstasy) -assisted psychotherapy. (Reason)

Ohio doctors are charging hundreds of dollars for MED recommendations , which can’t yet be used to buy product.
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The New Yorker’s Sarah Stillman reports on mothers in prison , which can have terrible consequences for their children. (New Yorker)

The N.Y. Times Magazine had another big feature on Larry Krasner , Philadelphia’s new, progressive DA.

Folks don’t quite understand why stoner-associated burger chain White Castle is opposing sentencing reform in Ohio. (Editorial: This moment in history demands more Harold and Kumar movies.)
Hugh Grant is joining the cast of “Toff Guys,” a Guy Ritchie movie at the connection between European money and legalization . (Hollywood Reporter)
USA Today asks if the NHL will lead on cannabis acceptance.

Director Francis Ford Coppola, long known for his wine business, is starting a cannabis brand . (North Bay Business Journal)

Suspicious “paranormal activity” has Oregon City, Ore. wondering if the Five Zero Trees dispensary is haunted. (NBC-local)

Rapper 2 Chainz is starting Gas Cannabis Co. GAS stands for ‘Good Ass Shit.’
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