April 14, 2018
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What's that Smell?

This week on the podcast, Hayley and Alex talk to chef Holden Jagger who left a career in fine dining to start SoCal cannabis caterer Altered Plates.

In a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation, Jagger geeks out on aromatic terpenes, and discusses the future of cannabis cooking. Plus, he serves up a few tips for home chefs. Don't miss it!

The episode lands Monday by 4:20 p.m. Pacific.

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The 2018 U.S. midterm elections are coming. And the primaries are already here. Register to vote and/or get the information you need to vote here.
Here's the news.
President Trump told Colorado Senator Cory Gardner (R) that he supports states’ rights on marijuana . In exchange Gardner said he would lift a block on Department of Justice nominations.

While the sentiment more or less reflects what Trump said before he became president, he might consider it another way to undermine Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who wants to crack down on the state experiments.

Pro-legalization Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) called it a “head spinning moment.” “Trump changes his mind constantly, and Republican leadership is still in the way,” Blumenauer said in a statement.
Retired Ohio congressman John Boehner (R), who served as Speaker of the House from January 2011 to October 2015, has joined the advisory board (WaPo) of cannabis company Acreage Holdings. Boehner said his thinking has “evolved,” since professing himself “unalterably opposed” (Politico) to legalization in 2011.

Acreage is an investment company with stakes in plant touching companies in 11 states. Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld (R) is also affiliated with Acreage.

Feedback from the cannabis world was muted.  “It would’ve been more helpful for him advocating for this 10 years ago,” Erik Altieri, head of NORML said. For more see Bloomberg .

After the Boehner news, Forbes says big changes are in store for the weed industry. Splinter News said it means weed is “ No Longer Cool.

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt (R) wants to change the agencies “challenge coin” seal, in part because he thinks the current design looks like a pot leaf .

N.Y. gubernatorial challenger Cynthia Nixon (D) said “ The simple truth is for white people the use of marijuana has been legal for a long time. Isn’t it time we legalize it for everybody else?”

Nixon's support for legalization has put Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the defensive . (Nixon also spoke to the N.Y. Times Magazine about cannabis and her campaign.

Boston has new zoning rules for cannabis businesses.

Denver cannabis entrepreneur Kayvan Khalatbari has raised more than $100,000 in preparation for a 2019 mayoral run.

D.C. cannabis activist Adam Eidinger has moved to Maryland to take on his “nemesis,” anti-pot Congressman Andy Harris (R).

After a drawn out process, Maine’s legislature has passed a REC bill with a veto-proof majority.

N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy has received a “fractured” response from lawmakers to his legalization push.

Canadian MP Bill Blair, and legalization point man Bill Blair is touring Canada to explain REC legalization , which is expected within months. 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada .

After a visit with Jeff Sessions, three conservative Canadian senators are sharing his anti-pot message back home. 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada .

Canada’s Senate Foreign Affairs committee won’t have time to review its drug treaty obligations before legalization. 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada .

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Weedmaps executives are working to set up a distribution company in California.

Jerred Kiloh, owner of The Higher Path dispensary in L.A. criticized the company for trying to “have it both ways” by profiting from the gray market while setting itself up for the legal market. “ It really just shows bad faith,” Kiloh said.

I wrote about the Weedmaps situation for The Guardian last week.
Californians bought $339M worth of legal cannabis in the first two months of legalization, 13% less than state projections.

Fewer than one in three California cities allows any kind of cannabis business .

Cannex Capital will acquire California-company Jetty Extracts for up to $30M.

Workforce management company Wurk raised $3.2M .

MJBiz breaks down the unlicensed California dispensaries which received cease and desist letters.

The Central Coast between roughly Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz is supplanting the Emerald Triangle as California’s growing hub, the Sacramento Bee reports. Some growers in the region have amassed scores of licenses .

Meanwhile, Humboldt County struggles to keep pace .

California cannabis businesses have to reckon with organized labor and employees who want to unionize.

MedMen opened a large grow near Reno, Nev. The retailer company also laid out its plans to go public in Canada.

In Vegas, unlicensed delivery services are undermining the legal market .

Amid controversy, National Cannabis Industry Association head Aaron Smith copped to some mistakes and hopes to move forward.

Canadian coffee chain Second Cup has made a deal with clinic operator National Access Cannabis to convert a limited number of shops into cannabis lounges . 🍁For more subscribe to WeedWeek Canada .

Tech giant HP will sell a cannabis cash register pre-loaded with compliance software.

The Denver Post, home to The Cannabist, is fighting back against its owner, hedge fund Alden Global Capital , which has shrunk the Pulitzer Prize winning paper to a shell of its former self. Read the Post’s editorial: As vultures circle the Denver Post must be saved.

The Justice Department OK’d Bayer’s proposed acquisition of Monsanto . I’ve previously argued that the combined company could become a cannabis giant .

It will take a few years before we know whether legalization is cutting into alcohol sales .

A Leafly editorial suggests the cannabis industry can be incentivized to build shelters for the homeless .

Two Colorado doctors are suing CBD company Full Spectrum Nutrition, alleging their $1.1M investment went to a Costa Rican wildlife refuge .

A former Goldman Sachs managing director is joining cannabis investment firm Salveo Capital.

Cannabis is the fastest growing jobs category according to ZipRecruiter’s CEO.

Among professions, a Colorado survey found hospitality workers are most likely to use cannabis while educators and utility workers are the least likely. According to Quartz, two-thirds of companies now have a MED policy.

Motley Fool looks at the 10 biggest pot stocks .

CNN says celebrities are jumping on the start a weed brand bandwagon . Tommy Chong and his son have been sued over a cannabis marketing plan.

Canadian firm Aurora made the first legal MED export to Italy .

With strict restrictions on advertising, Canadian brands are turning to augmented reality, and smartphone apps to skirt the rules and promote themselves.

Canadian pot CEOs are overwhelmingly male .

In an open letter, Dan Sutton, CEO of Canadian grower Tantalus Labs, wrote that everyone should be allowed to grow their own .

Kentucky hemp farmers are pleased that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to legalize the plant , but worry about specifics like keeping THC down to minimal levels, which can be difficult to control. For more see Vox.

Associated Press reporter Frank Baker discussed the agency’s new weed beat .
New Hampshire Public Radio spoke to a doctor who likes to prescribe MED instead of opiates . In Oregon, patients try to make the same decision but without a physician’s guidance .

In a Stat editorial, two Harvard doctors say legalization won’t solve the opioid epidemic .
A study confirmed breast milk carries THC to nursing infants. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will decide whether using illegal drugs during pregnancy constitutes child abuse . (A Florida mom faces charges after letting her two-year old smoke weed and meth.)

A letter from a bipartisan group of Senators called for the Justice Department to stop holding up MED research .

A Florida judge ruled a cancer patient and prominent strip club owner can grow his own MED.

New York officials warned about synthetic marijuana laced with rat poison .

In the first wave, 36 Ohio physicians have won approval to recommend MED.

Canada will measure cannabis use by testing sewage .

Canadian universities are scrambling to have pot policies in place by fall.

A new report says the federal government is leaving toxic chemicals at the sites of grow raids.

A proposal from the Trump administration would drug test some food stamp recipients .

The Swiss, who Quartz says “invented wellness” are becoming more interested in cannabis .
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Louisiana man Bernard Noble who was sentenced to 13 years hard labor for possessing two joints , was freed after serving seven years.
California lawmakers backed away from a “zero-tolerance” policy for driving while high, among individuals under 21.

Stopping drugs from entering the country is a priority for Trump with the border wall, though it’s not clear if a wall would deter smugglers.

Philadelphia city councilman Derek Green wants to stop testing parolees for pot.

Texas said it would crack down on CBD sales .

The N.Y. Times reports on why states continue to use private prisons .

The Justice Department will end its legal advice program for immigrants in detention. AG Sessions asked a convicted fundraiser for advice on US Attorney appointments.

Mexico’s tourist minister believes regulating marijuana at the state level would reduce violence in the country. Former president Vicente Fox called on the country to legalize opium poppies for the same reason.

In Ireland, two Vietnamese nationals sentenced to two and a half years for working in growhouses say when they were smuggled into the country they thought they’d be working as cooks.

“Amo,” a series to be aired on Netflix, has attracted criticism for glorifying the brutal drug war in the Philippines.

Eight Argentine cops who claimed rats ate more than a half ton of weed were fired.

Japanese police are busting more cannabis users than ever before.
Despite widespread interest ( and likely use ) the NFL players’ union’s Health Playbook doesn’t mention cannabis or CBD .
OC Weekly has a cover story on Cheech Marin, celebrating the 40th anniversary of stoner comedy “Up in Smoke.”

In July, a cannabis museum plans to open in downtown Las Vegas. It will feature a 22-foot blown-glass bong, which it says is the world’s largest.

On Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop Dogg revealed the only person to outsmoke him, and said he knows there’s weed in heaven.

Have a safe and productive 420!
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