June 2, 2018
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The CBD Episode

This week, Hayley and Alex delve into the often misunderstood cannabinoid CBD, and don't come away with any easy answers. First they talk to   Julie Winter of topicals maker  CBD for Life. Then for a different perspective they chat with cannabis physician Dr. Jordan Tishler, of  Inhale MD, near Boston, who's more bullish on THC as medicine,

The episode lands Monday by 4:20 p.m. Pacific.

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In today's issue:
-Key last-minute legalization amendments
-Much ado about home values

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Here's the news.
President Trump signed the “right-to-try” bill, which makes it easier for seriously ill patients to access experimental drugs and MED. The mechanism for patients to access MED in illegal states is not clear.
Michigan lawmakers could legalize REC this week. Some Republicans favor the legislative approach since they fear the expected ballot initiative in November will boost liberal turnout.

The California Senate passed a bill to create a state-chartered cannabis bank . It now heads to the state assembly.

Marijuana Moment looks at where California gubernatorial candidates stand on weed. Democratic favorite Gavin Newsom was an early advocate for legalization. Primary voting is on Tuesday.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) said “the world changes,” when asked why she has dropped her opposition to REC. She faces a primary from the left on Tuesday.

California lawmakers gave up on a bill which would have provided employment protection to MED patients. East Bay Express runs through what else is happening, cannabis-wise, in the California legislature.

Colorado now regulates hemp products like food products.

After a judge ruled to allow it, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D) said he supports access to smokeable MED , putting him at odds with Gov. Rick Scott (R), Nelson’s likely opponent this year.

Ohio may miss the September 8 deadline for its MED program to be operational.

Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford (R) says legalizing MED would be harmful to Oklahoma’s social fabric . The state votes on June 26.

Legalization supporter Rep. Tom Garrett (R-Va.) won’t run for re-election , citing alcoholism.

The Houston Chronicle editorialized for more MED access in Texas.

After a year of fighting, a Montana hemp farmer won access to federally controlled water. The Senate Appropriations Committee directed $500,000 to start an industrial hemp seed bank.

Pacific Standard says hemp could be a lifeline for struggling farmers.

A Canadian Senate committee passed 40 amendments related to the legalization bill. The committee rejected a national home grow ban, but will allow provinces to impose bans. It also recommended THC-potency limits , though did not determine an exact percentage. 🍁 For more, sign up for a FREE MONTH of WeedWeek Canada!

In Canada, applications for cultivation licenses are way up , but a supply shortage still looms. 🍁 For more, sign up for a FREE MONTH of WeedWeek Canada!

For the first time, a World Health Organization committee is studying marijuana’s status under international law.

Latin America should consider legalizing drugs to reduce violence in the region, a UN official said.
L.A.-based retailer MedMen debuted on the Canadian Securities Exchange with a C$2 billion+ valuation based on fundraising of C$143 million. MJBizDaily has an FAQ. 🍁 For more, sign up for a FREE MONTH of WeedWeek Canada!
MJBiz Daily says the industry’s economic impact could approach $80 billion by 2022 , with dispensary sales accounting for about 25%.

Licensed businesses in California have a strong incentive to snitch on unlicensed shops, which can undercut them on price. L.A. brought charges against 142 people representing more than 30 unlicensed businesses.

California wineries expect cannabis could attract their key customers.

Oregon growers are scaling back production , to address the glutted market.

Attorney Hilary Bricken warns of cannabis banking scams.

Distribution platform MainStem raised a $2.2M series B led by Merida Capital Partners.

Colorado CBD company Phoenix Tears is sticking with its announcement that its product will be available in 7-Eleven stores , despite the convenience store company’s denial. The discrepancy involves what franchised outlets can stock.

Denver rejected a social use application from an aspiring cannabis spa, citing its proximity to a child care center. Denver suburb Wheat Ridge suspended the license of Break the Stigma Fitness, a 420-friendly gym.

Rev. Al Sharpton writes that with legalization, “minorities still get shafted.”

Leafly profiles Oakland’s Hood Incubator which helps minority entrepreneurs join the industry.

Snoop Dogg approves of Canada’s “Let’s make it happen,” approach to legalization.

Wary of declines in REC states, Canadian brewers want higher pot taxes . 🍁 For more, sign up for a FREE MONTH of WeedWeek Canada!

Southern Africa attracted more investments from Canadian growers. 🍁 For more, sign up for a FREE MONTH of WeedWeek Canada!

Japan approved its first billboard for a CBD product.

A Santa Rosa, (Calif.) dispensary agreed to pay $40,000 in fines for failing to provide customers with an adequate warning about cancer.

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Neuroscientist (and onetime stoner) Judith Grisel says, “I’m not against legalization. I simply object to the astounding lack of skepticism about pot in our current debate.” She emphasizes the dangers to teenagers and the social consequences of widespread THC use.
On Memorial Day, veterans gathered outside the White House to call for MED access.

The New York State health department has completed its study into legalization , but has not yet released it. A state bill would allow doctors to prescribe MED in lieu of opioids.

New Jersey’s top doctor urged doctors to consider MED an option for patients , even though rigorous research is lacking.

Forty four percent of fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs , up more than 50% from a decade ago.

Which is safer, alcohol or marijuana? A pediatrician says neither. But if forced to choose, he says marijuana.

A study found young people are more likely to try marijuana before alcohol.

A doctor advocated CBD as a treatment for autism to an audience of suburban Chicago parents.

Florida is registering 5,400 new MED patients a week.

The Boston Globe looks at cannabis as an exercise supplement .

A California lawmaker seeks to reduce taxes on groups which provide free MED to the needy.

OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma was aware of consumers snorting the drug while it continued to promote it as less addictive, the N.Y. Times reports.

After several cocaine users died from fentanyl overdoses, California is paying for drug users to test their product for the powerful opioid .
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Senators are under pressure to pass a criminal justice bill supported by Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Democrats have criticized the bill for not including sentencing reform.
Leafly editor Bruce Barcott writes that the Justice Department, under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is helping states to crack down on unlicensed pot businesses. McGregor Scott, the federal prosecutor for California’s eastern district, said he will focus resources on unlicensed cannabis activity.

The Marshall Project looks into whether data collected by Amazon’s Alexa and other “smart home” devices can be used by police.

New York State Assembly speaker Carl Heastie said expunging criminal records for marijuana offenses should be considered alongside legalization.

The activist known as NJ Weedman was acquitted of witness tampering.

THe Onion guesses AG Sessions tried to commit suicide by smoking a joint .

Crime writer Jerry Langdon writes legalization is unlikely to reduce organized crime in Canada since the country’s biker gangs find amphetamines, cocaine, steroids and date-rape drugs more profitable. 🍁 For more, sign up for a FREE MONTH of WeedWeek Canada!
Amid criticism, the NCAA ruled a high school football star who takes MED for his seizures is ineligible to play college ball.
Pop-up head shops in New York and L.A. aim to attract stylish customers.

Retired NBA player Matt Barnes said he liked to smoke a joint a few hours before games . He played last year for league champion Golden State Warriors.
Weed culinary show, “Cooking on High” is coming to Netflix.

Leafly discusses the regulatory and science challenges of developing cannabis beer .

Cannabis was a hit at a flower show in New Hampshire.
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