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Here's the news:

In California, where taxes and regulations are expected to push up the price of REC, many growers aren’t applying for licenses . The California Assembly called on the feds to reschedule cannabis.

California will introduce a temporary license program to smooth the way to full legalization.
A California bill would limit and track sales of butane , the explosive gas used to make some concentrates.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions still opposes legalization .

Ozy talks to Las Vegas’ cannabis friendly congresswoman Rep. Dina Titus (D), who might run for Senate. Nevada state senator Tick Segerblom (D) predicted home REC delivery will arrive soon in the state.

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) is “ evolving ” on cannabis. He has been reluctant to discuss it, in part due to his part drug use. Congressman Tom Garrett (R-Va.) discussed why he wants to end federal prohibition.

For Fast Company, I wrote about Republican trickster and legalization activist Roger Stone’s next move .

Cannabis supporters are facing uphill battles against NIMBYism in Massachusetts. For more see here .

After a series of challenges, Florida has a new application process for dispensaries.

A large majority of Utahns, and a somewhat smaller majority of LDS (Mormon) Utahns, favor next year’s MED ballot initiative . The LDS Church opposes it.

Maine lawmakers asked for advice on regulating REC and received lots of conflicting feedback . One set of proposed rules would allow drive-thru dispensaries .

Michigan’s dispensary laws are very confusing .

In early October, Fairbanks, Ak, will vote on banning cannabis businesses.

Arkansas’ license process for MED businesses suddenly became competitive .

A member of Iceland’s parliament, discussed legalizing REC . Peru may legalize MED.

Lesotho, a tiny nation in southern Africa, became the first on the continent to issue a MED license.

Between January and August, Canadian cannabis companies raised $165M through debt instruments.

Ontario considers a retail price of C$10 per gram reasonable and may coordinate prices with other provinces.

Nevada’s supreme court will resolve the state’s cannabis distribution fight.

Isaac Dietrich, CEO of beleaguered social app MassRoots, said his critics don’t get it .

Scholar Naomi Schaefer Riley is skeptical about whether entering the cannabis business would benefit native tribes .

Wholesale flower prices hit an all-time low of $1,289 per pound in Colorado. Oregon said it would audit its cannabis regulator .

Former Democratic New York Senator turned cannabis lobbyist Alfonse D’Amato explained his ‘epiphany’ on cannabis .

Terra Tech acquired The Reserve , an Orange County, Calif. Dispensary owned by rapper The Game, for $7M.

Colorado biotech firm Front Range Biosciences raised $3M .

Las Vegas is getting its first 24/7 dispensary . Dispensaries previously had to close between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.

A trio of Denver businesspeople want to apply for the city’s first social use permit. They do not yet have a location. Toronto cannabis lounges that have operated for almost 20 years want to go legal .

Harnessing terpenes, the chemicals which give cannabis (and many other plants) scent and flavor, may be the next important differentiator , for cannabis businesses.

German chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer says it needs more time to complete its $66 billion acquisition of U.S. agritech firm Monsanto. I’ve argued that a combined company would be positioned to dominate global cannabis .

Kanye West responded to a countersuit regarding the abrupt end of his Saint Pablo Tour.

Cannabis companies don’t know the rules for social media advertising.

Santa Rosa, Calif., in Sonoma County, has attracted significant cannabis businesses . A Bay Area grower claims to have developed a natural growing method to meet California’s rigorous standards for fungus, pesticides and mold contamination.

Data firm New Frontier wants to poll Humboldt County growers on legalization.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) called on the state gambling industry to formulate a cannabis policy . Among other issues, they need to discuss hosting industry events .

Colorado is home to the largest number of top ancillary cannabis companies , according to a list of the top 150 ancillary businesses .

Massachusetts holding company MariMed is helping Israeli MED company Tikun Olam to enter the U.S. market.

A Connecticut judge ruled federal law does not override state employment protections for MED users.

Canadian producer Canopy Growth signed a deal to enter the Danish market .

Canadian convenience store Couche-Tard wants to sell weed.

Denver pot bus company Loopr wants to open in new states.

The Washington Post went to a panel on women and minorities in the industry.

The Portland Mercury’s Josh Jardine sounds off on all the annoying things cannabis professionals do.

Note: WeedWeek editor Alex Halperin is excited to be on a panel at the New West Summit.

Health and Science
Legislative alert: Senate Republicans are presenting a new version of Obamacare repeal that would likely cost tens of millions of Americans their health insurance. If enacted, both bills would have serious negative consequences for the health and well-being of your colleagues, customers, friends and families.To learn what you can do, go here . This appeal is especially relevant to those of you in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Maine, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia. To see Jimmy Kimmel

Testing company Steep Hill says 86% of California clones are contaminated by pesticides.

Veterans group the American Legion called for the VA to get involved in a cannabis PTSD study.

Massachusetts researchers are collecting baseline cannabis use data before REC goes on sale.

A survey of Denver cannabis users found the most popular reasons to take it are sleep and pain relief. While Colorado seniors are increasingly fond of weed, data is lacking .

TV doctor Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz) said MED may help with the opioid epidemic . Dr. Oz has suffered serious blows to his reputation in recent years.

Citing legal concerns, the University of Maryland pharmacy school cancelled plans to offer classes for cannabis industry workers.

A pot farm in Colorado claims to have zero carbon footprint .

Leaf Science offers an evenhanded explainer on the concentrated cannabis oil known as Rick Simpson oil .

A survey found nine out of ten medical residents and fellows are not prepared to prescribe cannabis.

The World Health Organization is rethinking CBD .

The director of California’s fish and wildlife department says cannabis regulation will be complicated .

NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristof says Portugal won the war on drugs by ending it.

A researcher found bath salts and other unwanted drugs in ecstasy pills.

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Criminal Justice
Massachusetts’ highest court ruled roadside tests are not proof of cannabis impairment .

A bill to make California a cannabis “sanctuary state” stalled in the state legislature. It would block state and local law enforcement from assisting federal authorities on cannabis enforcement.

Sociology site Contexts compares AG Sessions with Harry J. Anslinger, the federal official most closely associated with federal prohibition in 1937.

Sessions is killing a program designed to improve cop-community relations.

An upcoming felony possession trial for rapper Chief Keef will be a test for South Dakota’s cannabis laws , among the nation’s strictest.

A Dallas proposal to cite and release rather than arrest individuals found with less than four ounces of cannabis appears to be delayed if not cancelled. Two years after allowing it, Texans still can’t access CBD oil.

Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte said his son will be killed if he’s involved with drugs. Following the Philippines, Indonesian police are escalating a violent war on drugs.

St. Louis police chanted “Whose streets? Our streets!” while arresting protesters opposed to police violence.

A man is seeks $2M from New York City police for roughing him up while he was dressed like a pot plant. A New York City cop says she tested positive for pot because the test used a sample from her hair weave.

The activist known as NJ Weedman is heading to trial for witness tampering. He also filed an ethics complaint against a judge.

A Yuba County, Calif. strip club hosted a topless carwash to raise money for two sheriff’s deputies injured in a shootout at a Rastafarian pot farm.
Product reviews:

The Cannabist interviews Gilbert Shelton , whose “underground comix” promoted cannabis 50 years ago. His most famous characters include the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: Freewheelin’ Franklin, Phineas and Fat Freddy, who debuted in Austin newspaper The Rag in 1968. They were known for the catchphrase: “Dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope.”

Prince William asked if the U.K. should legalize drugs.

Kirsten Dunst stars in the new Humboldt County drama "Woodshock." L.A. Times critic Sheri Linden says it’s a bit of a muddle . During the filming, Dunst got very high .

Pacific Standard meets women of color who are defining cannabis culture. It features Mona Zhang who writes the great newsletter Word on the Tree .

Fort Collins hosted Colorado’s first cannabis film festival .

A pot and beer festival in Reno, Nev., won’t allow cannabis sales or public cannabis consumption.

The Boston Herald editorialized against the Boston Freedom Rally, né HempFest. Massachusetts gardening enthusiasts are learning that it’s hard to grow cannabis .

DJ Jason “Big Kush” Berry has a new book out called “ Married to Marijuana: My love affair with weed and hip-hop.

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