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Here's the news:

Los Angeles, the world’s largest cannabis market, released a revised set of proposals for regulating the industry. Many businesses condemned the proposal , saying it would force them
to close down for an undefined period while they waited for licenses. Also at issue is whether growers and manufacturers who had been operating on the grey market should get priority. The proposed rules don’t allow for social use .

The city also released maps showing where businesses can locate in relation to schools.

San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen signed a 45 day moratorium on new cannabis businesses. The moratorium preceded the release of a draft proposal for regulating the industry. The proposal is incomplete since it lacks a provision for racial equity. For more see here .

California state regulations may not be released until late November; California’s top cannabis regulator, Lori Ajax, admits she’s nervous about whether it will all work. Her agency rebranded itself the Bureau of Cannabis Control .

The Cannifornian looks at California’s pesticide problem .

California has a new informational site called “ Let’s Talk Cannabis.

Maine’s REC law is taking shape , but no one knows whether Gov. Paul LePage (R), who opposes REC, will help implement it. It may allow non-vaping cannabis lounges . Home growing is a contentious issue in the state.

Massachusetts regulators asked for public input . REC sales are supposed to begin in nine months.

Vermont’s pot commission assumes legal REC is coming.

In Florida, a black grower is suing the state to block it from issuing licenses set aside for minorities. He says he’s unable to apply for a license because the Florida chapter of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association stopped allowing new member to join.  

The Tampa Bay Times talks to pro-Trump, pro-cannabis Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.)
In Pennsylvania, The Morning Call finds flaws in the MED license application process .

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will discuss legalization with the provincial premiers this week.

The Cannabist previews Denver’s upcoming Marijuana Management Symposium , a conference for more than 350 policy makers.

In the midst of their nation’s drug war, Filipino legislators endorsed MED use .
Nevada’s first month of retail sales (July) grossed $27M, generating $3.6M in taxes. The state’s tax department has asked the state AG for a ruling on whether the law allows cannabis lounges.

Nevada suspended testing company G3’s license . It did not explain the suspension but said no product recalls were necessary. G3 lab director Dr. Chao-Hsiung Tung resigned from an industry advisory panel.

New rules for edibles take effect in Colorado this weekend.

Oregon regulators learned of a man who ran a dispensary and had a childcare business in his home.

Weedmaps engaged former Rep. Ron Klink (D-Pa.), as a lobbyist .  

New Cannabis Ventures spotlights Safe Harbor Private Banking, another outfit trying to bank the industry.

Lawyer Hilary Bricken lays out five red flags for California M&A deals.

The N.Y.Times tells the saga of a rural Oregon grower and hashmaker in a nasty feud with his neighbors .

LAWeekly talks to Pulse, an app for monitoring grows .

Adolphus Busch IV , as in Anheuser-Busch, supports MED in Missouri.

Toronto investment firm Green Acre Capital closed a C$25M fund .

Canada could add 150,000 cannabis workers in coming years. Canada has more than 200,000 MED patients , up 168% from last year. A Canadian professor predicts cannabis will be the next big food trend .

Canadians politely raised their eyebrows after learning that a member of the country’s independent commission on legalizing REC, is now running a cannabis company . He said there was no conflict between the roles.

Snoop Dogg investment vehicle Casa Verde Capital invested $2M in Trellis , a Toronto-based inventory management software company.

Israeli start-ups are eager to start exporting , but concerned about possible drawbacks like greater youth access.

Cannabis chocolatier Défoncé signed a tentative deal to open a shop in San Francisco’s Westfield Mall , the first in a “class A” mall.

Data from BDS Analytics shows similar consumer trends in Colorado and California .

Target started selling CW Hemp-brand CBD oil on its web site Thursday morning and then quickly changed its mind.

Rolling Stone explains why it’s hard to get rich selling legal weed. Gizmodo explains how the market makes weed more potent .

Failed drug tests are contributing to the labor shortage in South Carolina.

Actress Jessica Alba is suing Colorado CBD company Honest Herbal saying it infringes on the trademark of her non-cannabis related wellness company The Honest Co.

Health and Science
A study found legalizing MED led to a higher chance of people claiming social security disability insurance (SSDI) . “Expanding marijuana access has negative spillover effects to costly social programs that disincentive work,” the researchers wrote.

A study found teenagers are much less interested in alcohol than in the past. Some of the teens interviewed said they used marijuana instead.

In experiments, a combination of THC and synthetic cannabinoids to cause seizures in mice.

Butane hash oil contains significant carcinogens when dabbed at higher temperatures.

Some California growers want to be environmentally responsible .

The GOP is making its peace with MED, Rolling Stone says.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price (R), a legalization opponent, resigned after flying in private jets at taxpayer expense.  

Canadian MED producer WeedMD agreed to be the “preferred supplier” to three long term care and retirement home companies . The left wing NDP worries the deal will disadvantage patients.
Canada has a new campaign warning kids away from cannabis.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals announced a successful mid-stage trial of a cannabis gel to treat Fragile X syndrome, an autism-spectrum disorder.

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Criminal Justice
Acting DEA head Chuck Rosenberg resigned . Rosenberg, a holdover from the Obama administration is a critic of President Trump and no fan of MED either, calling it a “joke” in 2015. It’s not clear who will replace him.

Tom Angell calculates U.S. pot arrests are on the rise.

After a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Sheriff of Cowlitz Co., Wash. said he didn’t get the impression of an imminent crackdown.

A Humboldt County couple face murder charges after a deadly butane explosion in the garage they rented out.    

A proposed “cite and release” program for pot possession stalled in Dallas .

A Missouri grower will appeal his convictions to the state supreme court, arguing that the state’s 2014 “right-to-farm” amendment allows cannabis growing.

A Missouri judge sentenced a 77-year old man to 10 years in prison for growing 1,700 plants at his rural home. “This is not a sentence I feel particularly good about,” the judge said, but the law didn’t allow other options.

An ACLU-backed lawsuit in Georgia challenges the effectiveness of a 160-hour course to train ‘drug-recognition experts,’ i.e. a course to determine whether someone is impaired.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald blames the war on drugs for a spike in Brazilian gang violence .

Mark Pedersen, who provided cannabis oil to a handicapped teenager in Colorado, leading to laws allowing MED in schools, has been charged with drug manufacturing .

Police in the Indian state of Telangana (Hyderabad) broke up a village cannabis trade that has operated openly for decades.

Canadian conservative Conrad Black calls for an end to the war on drugs . Liberal Rev. Al Sharpton says marijuana decriminalization is a civil rights issue .

Product reviews:

Rescue teams had to be deployed to assist four men who got really high on top of Scafell Pike, the tallest mountain in England. The alleged mountain tops out at 3,210 feet above sea level. Despite the mockery they endured on social media, Vogue says these climbers help explain the future of cannabis use .

Leafly has a three-part series on the Emerald Triangle on the cusp of legalization.

Slate says the industry shouldn’t ignore its roots in the LGBTQ world.

Portland’s Tin House Books published “Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis,” By Nichole Graf, Micah Sherman, David Stein and Liz Crain. Willamette Week gives it a nice review .

Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson says his bipolar disorder, and not his pot smoking , was responsible for a series of breakdowns he suffered. Before speaking with doctors he’d assumed the weed was to blame.

Anja Charbonneau, former creative director of Danish style magazine Kinfolk, is launching a cannabis magazine for women called Broccoli .

Cannabis Now looks at the state of Moroccan hash-making .

Wiz Khalifa annoyed Major League Baseball when he showed up at a Pittsburgh Pirates game to throw out the first pitch in a “Legalize It” T-shirt.

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