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The DEA removed language from its Web site saying that pot causes lung cancer, psychosis and permanent cognitive damage, following a petition from the activist group Americans for Safe Access. ASA said the language violated the Information Quality Act.

Tom Price, the new secretary of health and human services, ignored questions from Senators about cannabis, prior to his confirmation this week.

Congress’s bipartisan cannabis caucus held its first press conference.

President Trump met with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) to discuss drug policy. As a presidential candidate Christie vocally opposed legalization, but spoke movingly about the ravages of the opioid epidemic.

Christie signed a bill limiting initial opioid prescriptions to five days and requiring insurers to cover addicts seeking treatment.

During an impromptu press conference, President Trump said drugs are “ cheaper than candy bars.” It’s worth noting that Trump rarely distinguishes between marijuana, opioids, cocaine, amphetamines and other drugs.

With administration approval, the House of Representatives passed a measure that would make it easier to drug test unemployment recipients.

Pro-legalization state senator Patricia Jehlen (D) will lead the Massachusetts' legislature’s regulatory panel, beating out legalization opponent Jason Lewis (D).

Former New Hampshire congressman Frank Guinta (R), who created a task force to fight opioids, is a contender to be the Trump administration’s “ drug czar.” In an interview he said he considers addiction an illness that can be treated.

The Web site of the Office of National Drug Control Policy has been down since the inauguration. Acting drug czar Kemp Chester said the agency is creating a new “ drug policy framework.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer denied a claim published at the Joint Blog, that the administration is unlikely to interfere with legal cannabis states

Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R) said he wouldn’t support legalizing REC without strong safeguards against impaired driving. An effort is underway to expand the state’s MED program.

Kristi Kelly, director of the Marijuana Industry Group in Colorado said dismantling the industry could cause a recession in the state.

Legalization is a bonanza for lobbyists in Rhode Island, which has not legalized REC. Decriminalizing is an issue in this year’s Virginia governor’s race.

California is seeking residents to apply for a marijuana advisory committee that will help shape policy in the state. ( Here’s how to join.) Meanwhile local regulations are turning the state allowance to grow six plants at home is a “ civil rights battle zone.

State lawmaker Mike McGuire said the California’s cannabis tracking system will not be ready by the January 1, 2018 deadline.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) spoke to lawmakers in Sacramento about the road ahead for REC. “It’s one of the hardest things we’ve ever done, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in public life, but also one of the things I’m most proud of,” he said. He advised California legislators to focus on edibles, pesticides and home growing.

Hickenlooper also suggested that allowing social use in Colorado could attract attention from the feds.

Colorado licenses to manufacture infused-products are way up since 2014.

A REC bill has stalled in New Mexico. The state legislature’s top Democrat is under fire for representing a cannabis company in his private legal practice.

REC is unlikely to make the 2018 Minnesota ballot, despite pressure from Democratic lawmakers.

Wisconsin attorney general Brad Schimel (R) said doctors, not voters, should decide if cannabis is medicine.

Maine is studying other legal states. A bill in Maine would use pot taxes to fund local jails.

Arizona activists want the state to vote on REC again in 2018. It voted no in 2016. A MED initiative in Wyoming failed to make the ballot.

Denver cannabis entrepreneur and activist Kayvan Khalatbari is running for mayor. Previously, he lost a race for city council.

Departing Drug Policy Alliance chief Ethan Nadelmann gave an exit interview to Marijuana Business Daily.

San Francisco is on track to create its own cannabis regulatory agency.

Cannabis stocks climbed 236% in 2016, according to an index from Viridian Capital Advisors.

Social network MassRoots may try to go public in Canada after the Nasdaq rejected its application last year.

Canadian companies oppose proposals to ban cannabis advertising and require cannabis to be sold in plain paper wrappers.

Entrepreneur serves up nine business ideas for cashing in on the green rush.

About 20% of Oregon license holders are behind in their seed to sale record keeping. Retail markups are falling in Washington state.

A bill in Oregon would only allow licensed shops to sell pipes and other paraphernalia.

Licensing rules could limit the Ohio market.

Fired Men’s Warehouse founder George Zimmer is becoming an increasingly vocal cannabis advocate.

Philadelphia activist and journalist Chris Goldstein writes that the rush to create a state MED program “ is really about profit and not necessarily the health of patients.

I wrote about the alliance between unions and the industry, for LAWeekly.

In Massachusetts, WeedMaps is hiring college students to spread the world about the app.

Three growers in Jamaica have received conditional licenses.

Canadian producer Tilray has permission to ship MED to a hospital in New Zealand. A prominent Australian politician has called for the country to start importing MED.

Health and Science

Researchers discovered “ multiple bacterial and fungal pathogens that can cause serious infections” in MED sold in northern California. See the study here.

Canadian authorities have destroyed more than C$1M in contaminated cannabis following a pesticide scare. Mettrum Ltd. which has been acquired by Canopy Growth Corp. has had to issue a series of recalls for product tainted with myclobutanil, a fungicide that becomes toxic when heated.

Canopy Growth is struggling to keep up with demand.

Jamaican scientists say cannabis may help treat hepatitis C.

New York license holder Etain wants to provide MED to nursing homes.

A review of past research, mostly in animals, found rationale for treating ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) with cannabis.

Heavily touristed Summit County in Colorado ski country has the highest rate of cannabis related ER visits in the state.

The success of GW Pharmaceuticals could make the U.K. a hub for cannabis-derived  pharmaceuticals.

Cannabis sold in Washington state now requires a label saying “ not for kids.

Colorado’s state senate unanimously approved a bill to study hemp as cattle feed.

Two Swedish patients will be allowed to use cannabis for pain, a first for the country.

Last week I misstated the name of a Colorado doctor who lost his license for using MED. It is Paul Bregman. I regret the error.
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Criminal Justice

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (R) wants the feds to crack down on neighboring legal states.

The New York State Assembly passed a bill to seal the records of those arrested for marijuana possession.

Three Montana MED providers are asking a judge to throw out federal charges against them, on grounds that they followed state law.

Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush (D) introduced a bill to study the impact the war on drugs has had on racial minorities.

Two Colorado dispensary employees in Colorado have been charged with embezzling. They allegedly rang up numerous military discounts while pocketing the difference.

Nevada’s Supreme Court reminded lawyers not to use cannabis since it’s federally illegal.

Opposition to president Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war is growing in the Philippines, though he remains popular. A bill would lower the age of criminal responsibility in the country from 15 to 9(!).

A Brazilian judge called on the country to legalize drugs to undermine the country’s powerful gangs.

New York City weed enforcement is toughest in a handful of neighborhoods on the Queens/Nassau County border.

Houston is moving to decriminalize.                                                                    
The Cannabist asks if the bong can survive the vaporizing craze.

A court ruled that Iowa State University can’t block NORML T-shirts that feature both a pot leaf and the school mascot.

Pueblo, Colo. has created the first-ever cannabis-funded scholarship, for local students who plan to attend college locally.

More weed companies are sponsoring pro athletes.

Nevada said it would punish dispensaries that participate in the planned Las Vegas Cannabis Cup.

GQ spent time with the Green Angels, a very successful New York City delivery service staffed by models.

Potsquatch “ the abominable weedman” photobombed a Massachusetts tv news reporter during a blizzard.

A new roach clip attaches to a video game controller.

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