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A large study of teenagers in all 50 states found that the teen marijuana abuse rate fell 10 percent between 2002 and 2013. Federal marijuana trafficking charges are also down, a refutation, the Washington Post says, of perceptions that “the country is drowning in cheap, potent Colorado weed.”

In Oakland, some businesses oppose the “ equity amendment” that will prioritize business licenses in some communities disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs. Opponents say it will force companies and jobs out of the city. Oakland councilmember Desley Brooks, who pushed for the program, wants to make it stronger. Marijuana Business Daily has another take.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia found that cannabis use can cause mutations in DNA, leading to serious illnesses several generations later.

Ohio lawmakers passed a MED bill. Gov. John Kasich (R) is expected to sign.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) is maneuvering to keep a REC bill off the ballotA Michigan judge ruled that the state’s MED law  doesn’t protect dispensaries , complicating access in the state.

Activists in Nebraska gave up on a 2016 MED initiative. In the face of a budget crisis, West Virginia lawmakers introduced a REC bill.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) said he wants to pass a CBD-oil bill this session. “Once you get people through the confusion that surrounds this issue, I think people agree this is a good thing and there’s no reason to oppose this,” he said.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, (R) a legalization supporter from southern California, said he has used MED for his arthritis pain. None of his colleagues in Congress seemed to care.  A bipartisan group of 14 Congresspeople urged President Obama to reform pot laws before he leaves office.

More than 180 plants were found at the home of Flo Matheson, a 77-year old Democrat who’s running for Congress in Tennessee. “I’m guilty. I did it,” she said.

Fifty-five and older is the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) appointed a former prosecutor to the new post senior advisor on marijuana policy. 

Cannabis Wire examines the  proposed potency caps in Colorado and Oregon.

Canna Law Blog says the industry is “ not at war with the poor.” Hilary Bricken, a lawyer at Seattle firm Harris Moure, which publishes the blog, gave a Ted Talk on whether the legal states are giving rise to Big Marijuana.

Drug Free Florida, the group that defeated the 2014 MED initiative, released its first video. In 2014, Broward Palm Beach New Times listed the “ Top 5 questionable characters” associated with the group. The Teamsters are opposing California’s REC initiative.

Anti-pot activist Roger Morgan has an editorial in The Daily Californian (Berkeley’s student paper.) Morgan has said “ almost all” recent mass shooters have been marijuana users.

Colorado prosecutors have seen an escalation in murders related to the illegal marijuana market. New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said pot is responsible for the “ vast majority” of violence in the city.

Federal Judge Frederic Block sentenced a woman convicted of a cocaine felony to probation instead of prison.  In a 42-page opinion, Block argued that the difficulties of living with a felony are sufficient punishment.

In Colorado, confiscated plants can die in police custody. Now a few owners are suing the cops.

The Portland Mercury asks: “ Who hates cannabis? And why?” Parents can now hire a guy to find their kid’s stash.

Nasdaq  rejected social network MassRoots’  application on grounds that it facilitates the distribution of an illegal substance.

The SEC filed fraud charges against a company and four individuals for allegedly bilking $550,000 from investors who believed they were buying into a cannabis business. It's convoluted.

 Washington state will allow out-of-state investors to buy into cannabusinesses. Cannabis prices “ may have stopped dropping.”

Aeron Sullivan, CEO of online marketplace Tradiv, became the first cannabis entrepreneur named to the Inc. 30 under 30 list.

Scientists say the current legal patchwork in the U.S. is “ not based on science.” “I want to underscore my exasperation. When I set out to try to understand this topic, I couldn’t find logic,” Dr. J. Michael Bostwick, a professor at the Mayo Clinic’s medical school said. “I couldn’t find logic in the law, in the way the federal government was acting, or in the way the states were acting. It was very frustrating.”

A study identified how endocannabinoids – which humans naturally produce – govern how we form and break habits.

The FDA approved the first implantable device to treat opium addiction. It releases the drug buprenorphine.
The new tasty and chewable ADHD drug Adzenys has some psychiatrists concerned about its potential for abuse. The extended release amphetamine is approved for children six and older. Neos Therapeutics is scaling up its marketing to be “ahead of back-to-school season,” CEO Vipin Garg said.
Toronto police raided dozens of dispensaries. Meanwhile, same day legal MED delivery is coming to Toronto and other Canadian cities. More than 20 percent of Canada’s drug payments for veterans go to MED. An op-ed in The Globe and Mail says the situation up north doesn’t make sense.

The Philippines’ president-elect, Rodrigo Duarte, supports MED but not REC. Duarte is a brash figure who has been compared to Donald Trump.

The U.K. banned “legal highs,” chemical packets designed to mimic the effects of cocaine and cannabis.

Macedonia is legalizing MED. Barcelona will allow cannabis clubs to remain in business.

Eugene Moore, a Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle who’s the first active NFL player to call for MED access wrote a piece for The Player’s Tribune. He says the opioids teams depend on to keep players going can mask serious injuries. Businessman Steve DeAngelo called cannabis the “ worst kept secret” in elite sports.

Marijuana Business Daily has a piece on the opportunity to crowdfund cannabusinesses.

NORML policy wonk Paul Armentano gave a talk called, “ We Don’t Know Enough About Cannabis? Really? Think Again?

Libertarian writer Laurence M. Vance calls for “ complete marijuana freedom. There should be no laws at any level of government regarding the buying, selling, growing, processing, transporting, manufacturing, advertising, using, or possessing of marijuana (or any other drug) for any reason.” He doesn't think it should be taxed either. “Taxation is government theft,” he writes.

Some dealers use Uber. The science on topicals is incomplete. Fusion takes a look at the legal situation in D.C.

A University of Delaware student was arrested for running “ The Bakery” out of his apartment.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign dropped Tommy Chong as an intro speaker shortly before the rally. “It was an insult,” Chong said.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner got high with her Hasidic mom.

The “Keurig” vaporizer is accepting pre-orders. Power Plant Fitness, the world’s first weed gym, is opening in San Francisco. The Marijuana Business Conference is the country’s fastest growing trade show.

Stoned sheep went on a “ psychotic rampage” in a Welsh village after finding some dumped plants. The animals got into gardens, stormed a bungalow and held up traffic more than usual.

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