Summer 2018
What can I do about all these weeds?
Death, taxes, and weeds are a certainty in life. We can help with the weeds.

Mosquito control strategies
With all of the rain in Maryland this spring, mosquitoes have become a major nuisance.

Photo credit: Susan Ellis,
Survey of our service
We invite you to participate in a brief survey to help improve our Ask a Gardening Expert service.

The survey will close on July 31, 2018.
What's New
The staff at the Home and Garden Information Center have reorganized our YouTube video playlists to correspond with the content topics on our website. Tell us what you think!
New Law in Maryland: Pollinator Protection Act
New restrictions on pesticides are intended to help protect pollinators.

Photo credit: David Cappert,
Meet a pollinator: Cellophane bee
Beneficial pollinators, like cellophane bees, are good guys in the insect world.

Photo by Hadel Go
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