BREWSTER DAY CAMP          Newsletter    August 13, 2017        Vol. 36 Issue 13
Hey Brewster Day Camp!

ADVENTURE awaits us! As camp comes to a close, I see this as an opportunity to start a new ADVENTURE. In stead of thinking about this week as an ending, I challenge us all to embrace this time as a launch pad to create memories that will carry us through the winter and on into a new 2018 Brewster Day Camp ADVENTURE! And speaking of ADVENTURE...

This Thursday is Wampanoag Day! On this Special Event Day, we celebrate our ancestors native to this area. We channel their lifestyle with the slogan, " the time it takes is the time it takes." We remove  clocks and watches from campus for the morning and simply enjoy ADVENTURing through the present moment without thinking about time constraints. While we all live in a technology-dependent era, it is important to unplug and intentionally focus on what is most important to us - right now!

This Friday is the last day of camp. While this triggers many emotions in all of us, riding the waves of our feelings - is an emotional ADVENTURE! Camp offers us great memories from this summer and also something to look forward to next summer. Until then, "the time it takes is the time it takes!"               
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Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS: Join us at the Council Fire on Friday evening. See details below!
BDC This Week #8: August 14-18

1. Swim Meet Wednesday 1-2:30 in our pool!

2. This Thursday is WAMPANOAG DAY. 
During the morning, all of camp clocks and schedules will be removed and campers move freely from one activity to the next, enjoying each moment to the fullest! "The time it takes is the time it takes."

3. F riday is the last day of BDC'17! 
Our annual Council Fire is held from 5:00-7:30pm. Picnic and Swim from 5-6 and Council Fire parade and Ceremony from 6-7:30. Please join us !

4. Friday Morning: All Camp Assembly at Sailors Hill (8:50-9:30) for K-8th Graders. 
Young Children's Program at Mariners Hill Assembly area (9:30-10:00).

5. Friday Afternoon: Player's Performance at Admirals Hill Assembly followed by a Popsicle. 
Please join us at both morning and afternoon assemblies!

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."
~ Oprah Winfrey

Congratulations to the Bluefish for winning Carnival Day 2017 with their Baggo for Flavor Ice activity!

- If you are dropping off your camper after 8:45, please bring your camper directly to camp office.
- The scheduled camp day is 8:30am-4:30 p.m. We offer daily complimentary early drop off beginning at 7:30am as well as extended pick up until 5:30pm. From 7:30-8:00am and from 5:00-5:30pm campers will remain with our Camp Paramedic, Emily, relaxing in conversation while resting their busy bodies during these extended hours.

- BDC is an ALLERGY AWARE camp. If your camper has a food allergy, please let us know! We are eager to create a plan with you for your child's food consumption at camp!

- Family Swim Guests: THANK YOU for continuing to park in the BDC PARKING LOT beginning at 5:00pm when Family Swim begins. The church parking lot is unavailable for evening parking for BDC Family Swim. 

Family Swim Guests: Thank you for remembering that the pool and the adjacent swing sets, picnic tables, and bathhouse are the only open areas of our campus from 5-6:30. All other areas on our campus are closed. Thank you in advance for helping your camper to respect these boundaries.  

This boat is full of ADVENTURE!
ADVENTURing around Cliff Pond!
Each Friday, an exceptional tent group is awarded the "tent award" for good spirit and tent organization. Tent group often make lists like those pictured above in order to achieve their goals.
Every day with this group is always an ADVENTURE!
Shout out to Mason Olmsted, Sam Thomas, Ellie Farber, Scott Rizzo, and Sudha Michaels for representing BDC as volunteers at the Pan Mass Challenge Family Finish!

The Final Picnic and Council Fire is Friday, August 18th from 5:00-7:30 pm for all age campers and their families. 
5:00 - Final Swim and Family Picnic on the Hill (NOT Potluck)
6:00 - Camper/Staff Parade - line up on the Ball Field
6:15 - Council Fire on the MUGS Field: sing songs,     recognize  our achievement, and say good-bye for the summer. We will finish by 7:30pm. 
VERY IMPORTANT: Every camper must be accompanied by an adult from the camper's family by 5:00 pm. Our staff is unable to be with individual campers who are left after 5:00 pm.

Camp Director:
Milisa "misa" Galazzi:  This March, I became a certified scuba diver.
Assistant Camp Director:
Rob Glancy: I took a flying lesson on my 30th birthday.
Associate Director:
Kelly Cattano: I am leading a trip of middle school students to Panama for Spring Break '18.
Camper Life Director
Jen Cronin: I had an accidental layover in Figi for 3 days.
Off-Campus & Aquatics Director
Morgan Chase: The first fish I caught was a shark. I was two years old!
Camper Leader Director
Taryn VanEssylstyn:
I am an actor in theatrical productions across Cape Cod - year round! 
Co-Facilities Director
Scott Rizzo:  I always wear pink on Wednesdays.
Co-Facilities Director
Rich Peterson: I was a tent counselor for 2 groups that no longer exist; the Penguins and the Seals.
Camp Paramedic:
Emily Boutilette:  I learned how to play volleyball at space camp.

"It's time to say goodbye,
but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello.
Hello to a new adventure."

~ Ernie Harwell
LEAPOut's 16 mile bike ADVENTURE to Coast Guard Beach broke all records with 23 bikers!

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