Week #9 of our 2015 CSA
Delivery Dates: July 8, 9 & 10
"Victor is doing an excellent job with our deliveries"
CSA Shares
Treat Yourself to something nice (you deserve it), with a CSA Share, and don't miss out on another Season of Freshly Picked Organic Produce...
All CSA Shares have been Pro=Rated for the remainder of the season!

Opening Your Box
When receiving your box you will notice that it comes in good condition. We ask that you help us keep it that way, so we may continue to use it many times this season.

Note that the top of your box has a crease. This crease is where you should begin to open the box.

Be careful and push back towards the crease of your box to open it. Try not to break the box in any way, as that will shorten its life span and increase our costs.

Open the box by pushing towards the crease until the tongue comes out of the L-shaped holes.

 Carefully open the remaining folds on the top of your box. 

Pull out the contents of your box by removing the entire bag. "Please reuse this bag as a trash bag in your bathroom or office after you are finished with it."

Place the bag of vegetables into your refrigerators crisper drawer for best storage.

Please leave your empty box at your doorstep the following week for our driver to pick up. "Please do not leave us any bags, rubber bands, clam shells or any packing material, just the box."

Delivery Schedule
Mays Landing, Hammonton, Vineland, Millville, Little Egg Harbor, LBI, etc... 
Upper Township, Middle Township, Lower Township, Cape May, all Coastal Islands up the coast through Brigantine
Egg Harbor Township, Linwood, Northfeild, Somers Point, Absecon, Galloway, Egg Harbor City, etc...
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Not much to say except, "the busy season is upon us!" We are pushing hard to get everything planted for the fall, while harvesting for the summer and managing the business end. Everything seems to get blurry around now, so help us by signing up for the Winter CSA. 

We would really appreciate that everyone purchase their Winter Season CSA share now! This is the time of the year when we spend loads of money on labor and we appreciate your financial contributions more than ever. 

We must keep the money flowing in from the CSA, Farmers Markets, Restaurants and Wholesalers. We cannot afford any lulls in the cash flow...

What are you doing this weekend? Why not come to the Brigantine Farmers Market and visit our booth on Saturday.

Don't forget to come to the Margate Farmers Markets on Thursdays!!! 
Matt and our Field Crew have been doing everything they can to make this year our best CSA Season. "click on this link to get to know our Field Crew"
Keeping it Jersey Fresh

Come to the Brigantine Farmers Market on Saturdays from 8:30 AM until 12 noon.

The Margate Farmers Market is held on Thursdays!!!! Come and visit us from 8:30 until noon in the parking lot of Steve and Cookie's Restaurant...

Everything that we grow, we grow with pride, so sit back and Enjoy the Fruits of our Labor.
Our 1st crop of Early Slicing Tomatoes is coming along rather well and will be ready soon. A 1/2 acre Main Season Crop will follow that  and assure that everyone will be swimming in tomatoes, We also have transplants ready for a Fall Crop of Paste Tomatoes that will be ready just in time for Canning Season. 
Contents of This Weeks CSA Box

Below are pictures of the vegetables that you will be getting in your second box of the season. This should help clear up any confusion of our product that you may not be familiar with as of yet. If you click on the pictures. some of the harder items, will give you a recipe idea. Remember that you can always google the name of the product and get loads of recipe ideas off the web.
This will be the 3rd week of Sweet Corn for our CSA Members. This Sugar Pearl is extremely sweet and GMO Free. This weeks corn will come from our 3rd succession. We even have another crop to follow this one!
Our Napoli Carrots, on the right, are sure to please everyone. These tasty orange roots are wonderful, eaten raw or cooked. Remember that the skin of this carrot is best left on as it contains many nutritional values...
Everyone tells us how sweet our Small Tomatoes are! Each CSA Member will receive 1 pint, but we are not sure what variety you will get in your box, but what a surprise it will be.From left to right: Smarty Grape, Esterina Cherry, Sakura Cherry, Black Cherry
Red Oak Lettuce
Everyone will get some Lettuce but once again, it will be a surprise what type will be in your box. We hope you like it..
Be sure to click on this link to see a lettuce soup idea!.
Farao Cabbage makes for a great soup, stir fry, egg roll filling, slaw, and more. What a versatile vegetable it is... 
Sorrel has such a wonderful flavor. It seems to pleasantly surprise everyone who tastes it for their first time. It has a lemony-citrus flavor that is unique and refreshing!
Your gonna love it... 

This crop of Partenon Zucchini has been growing inside our High Tunnel since April. Most Zucchini crops last about 3-4 weeks, but we have been picking this one for the past 9 weeks! Its going to end soon, but we Transplanted a new crop of Yellow Squash last week to follow this one.