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"The 2019 legislative session began in Jackson, MS at the State Capitol on Tuesday, January, 8th, 2019 at noon. Mississippi House District 29, thanks for allowing me to serve you."

-Representative Abe Marshall Hudson, Jr. ( Bolivar & Sunflower Counties)

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 Dr. Samuel Jones and I have been acquainted since the mid 1990s. We met at the University of Southern Mississippi as students. He visited the Capitol this week with Jones College where he serves as Assistant to the President for Corporate Affairs. #SMTTT

Here, I am photographed with Joyce Helmick. She is the President of Mississippi Association of Educators and a 37 year teacher. I valued my time with her and her team before the 2019 legislative session got started.I am excited about working with their team during session. It seems both parties are more interested in educators this year. I hope the sentiment doesn't change....

Representative Greg Haney represents the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I represent the Mississippi Delta. Last week, I spent time with him and others from the Port of Gulfport to hear about what they are doing in the marketplace.

For the next six weeks, Mississippi Legislative Democrats will have a weekly press conference to outline their six priorities: Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Economic Justice, Election Reform, & Criminal Justice Reform. In this photo, we expressed that we have vigilantly and consistently fought for the aforementioned items and will continue to do it during session before statewide elections. Click Here to read more.

Thursday night, I went back to the Mississippi Delta to Rosedale, MS to attend the West Bolivar School District Board meeting. Brothers Jamison Hays (4th grade) and Quintarion Hays (6th grade) are two bright kids that I met.

Last week, the Circuit Clerks from each of the 82 counties were in Jackson, Mississippi for their Annual Winter Conference. The Circuit Clerk is clerk of the civil, domestic relations, criminal and juvenile courts and also acts as the ex-officio recorder for the county.  As ex-officio county recorder, the Circuit Clerk is responsible for recording liens, marriage licenses, professional licenses, surety bonds, and other orders and instruments. Photographed: Representative Otis Anthony, Sunflower County Clerk Carolyn Hamilton, Bolivar County Clerk Marilyn Kelly, and I. 

In December, Senator Chad McMahan invited me to visit one of the high schools in his Senate District. We visited Baldwyn High School. It is classified as a District of Innovation. It was a great tour, and I appreciate the work the Baldwyn Career Advancement Center is doing to educate kids. They are offering practical skills that will help young people get a job once they leave high school or transition into college life with an understanding of the workforce. Click Here to see more photos from my visit. 

Before I went back to session, I sat down with Mrs. Renee Moore to discuss her concerns about education in the Mississippi Delta. She is a former local educator who now works at a community college. While I know everything isn't perfect in our educational system, I value those who are daily on the front lines. To every educator out there making a difference in the lives of children, I say thank you for your efforts.

2018 Mississippi Legislative
Session (Week 1)

On January 8, 2019, the 134th Mississippi State Legislature began the fourth and final session in its four-year term. Because I won a special session, I will only have served three sessions instead of four.
Four new members joined the Mississippi House of Representatives this past year as a result of special elections and are experiencing their first regular session. Otis Anthony, D-Sunflower; Jeffery Harness, D-Jefferson; Tracey Rosebud, D-Tallahatchie and Price Wallace, R-Simpson joined the roster of representatives for the 2019 Legislative Session. Representatives Rosebud and Wallace were present for the 2018 First Extraordinary Session; however, this is their first regular legislative session. 

Because it is early in the session, this week has been a time for the representatives to get organized and get acquainted. There were three resolutions introduced on the House Floor this week. These resolutions honored three individuals who made great sacrifices to serve their fellow citizens whether in their hometown or across the globe.
House Resolution 1 honors Mr. O.D. Jackson of Neshoba County for his service in the 1st Cavalry Division of the United States Army during World War II and for his devotion to the people of Neshoba County. During the war, Mr. Jackson was wounded and received a Purple Heart.  On Friday, January 11, Mr. Jackson and his guests visited the Capitol where the Clerk read HR1 and presented it to him.  HR1 passed with unanimous consent in the chamber.
The next two resolutions, HR2 and HR3, honor Patrolman James Kevin White and Corporal Walter Zachery "Zach" Moak of the Brookhaven Police Department who were killed in the line of duty in September 2018.  HR2 was introduced and will be voted on in the coming weeks.  The family of Zach Moak were guests at the Capitol on Thursday and were presented with a copy of HR3.  The resolution passed with unanimous consent in the chamber.
The Speaker also announced new chairmanships of two House Committees:

* Judiciary B Chairman: Angela Cockerham (D-Pike)
* Energy Chairman: Gary Staples (R-Jones)
On Wednesday, January 9, the Mississippi Municipal League came to the Capitol, and representatives met with their local mayors and other city officials. This visit gave local and state leaders an opportunity to discuss the Mississippi Infrastructure Modernization Act, which was passed during the 2018 First Extraordinary Session.
The annual Mississippi Economic Council Capitol Day was held on Thursday, January 10 in downtown Jackson and at the Capitol. This event provides a setting for business leaders around the state to gather and meet with legislators and hear from state leaders about the legislative agenda for the upcoming session.
For the first time in a few years, renovations are not currently ongoing at the Capitol.  Visitors are always welcome to come to the Capitol to visit with their legislators and witness the legislative process.

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