Mildrette Netter Graves is an Alcornite, Olympic Gold Medalist, and a Mississippi Deltan. She was visiting the Capitol for Alcorn State University Day at the Capitol.  Click Here to read her biography.

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*Deadline Dates
*Lottery Bill
*Roads & Bridges Bill
*Harvest Permit Vehicles Bill
*Salvage Certificates Bill
*Dog Fighting Bill
*Medical Emergency Bill
*Filmakers Grant
*Education: North Dakota and ACT Test
*Youth Entrepreneurship Program

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Mississippi Coding Academies operates tuition free, 11-month courses that transform recent high school graduates into full-stack coders and web developers. At Innovate Mississippi, a Jackson, MS cohort began instruction on October 23rd, 2017 and has 17 new coders. One of their goals is to prepare highly motivated recent high school graduates who are not in college or junior college for careers in technology with starting salaries of $50,000 plus. In this photo, I am with young coder Joey Young. Check our their website for more information:

These two nurses, Dr. Lawanda Baskin (PhD, APRN, FNP-BC) and Dr. Geraldine Q. Young (DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CDE) are respectfully from Natchez , MS & Greenville , MS. Thanks for visiting us at the Capitol this week!!!

If you know me, you know I love music. The Motown theatrical performance I got to attend last Wednesday night in Jackson, MS was outstanding.

Cameron was a legislative page this week. She really went out of her way to do her job while on the House floor. I am sure she will be successful at whatever she puts her mind to accomplish.

The B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretative Center was in the building on Thursday. Have you ever been to the museum in Indianola, MS? If not, please check out their website:

Keith Johnson is a rising star in the international Blues community. I saw him play at the Senator's Place in Cleveland, MS on Friday night. He did a short set at the event to honor one of the legendary Supremes, Mary Wilson, to the Mississippi Grammy Museum. It was a great kickoff to a fun weekend in the Mississippi Delta.
  Thank you Professor D'lorah Hughes of the University of California from Irvine School of Law (far left) for bringing your students to work with the Mississippi Center for Justice for the week. Pictured in this photograph are Olivia Poss (1L), Daniel Ganz (2L), Vanessa Gomez (3L), Carey Hughes (2L), and I.
2018 Mississippi Legislative 
Session  (Week 10)

There was much happening in both the Senate and House chambers this week. Wednesday of this week marked the deadline for the House to discuss general Senate bills. The deadline to discuss Senate appropriations and revenue bills will occur next week. To review the deadlines, please Click Here.

The idea of a state lottery lives! Representative Alyce Clarke offered an amendment to Senate Bill 2976, the budget for the state Gaming Commission, which stated  "...however, the funds appropriated to the Gaming Commission under the provisions of this act shall not be expended until such time that the Legislature enacts legislation establishing a state lottery for the purposes of funding K-12 education, state aid roads and municipalities." In other words, the State Gaming Commission will not receive an appropriation unless it creates a lottery under this amendment. Many have called for the establishment of a lottery to help create revenue to aid the programs mentioned by Representative Clarke. The amendment passed with a voice vote, and the bill passed 89-26. It has been returned to the Senate for concurrence.

Roads and Bridges
Senate Bill 3046, "The Bridge Act" passed the House by a vote of 104-5. The House made some changes to the original Senate bill to provide additional funding for specific infrastructure projects throughout the state, utilize use-tax revenue and designate $200 million worth of revenue bonds for the purpose of providing money for the Strategic Infrastructure Investment Fund (SIIF). One of the issues in the initial bill was the fact that MDOT's authority over transportation monies appeared to be lessened. Another issue was the Governor's potential oversight powers to approve and disapprove of where new construction would take place. When the two items were cleaned up, the House felt more comfortable voting to approve the bill by a vote of 104-5. The bill is now transmitted it back to the Senate for concurrence.

Harvest Permit Vehicles
With roads and bridges as a primary concern, members worked through a number of bills addressing Mississippi's transportation infrastructure system and its woes.  Senate Bill 2418, which allows increased weight on harvest permit vehicles hauling sand, gravel, wood chips, wood shavings, fill dirt, agricultural products, and products for recycling or materials for the construction or repair of highways passed by a vote of 76-34. The House included language that made the new guidelines more specific. Some of members were concerned that the increased weight limit would do further damage to already fragile roadways. It will now go back to the Senate for a concurrence vote. If the Senate does not agree with the changes, it will likely go to a conference committee.

Salvage Certificates
The House also passed Senate Bill 2277, which would require vehicles that have received a salvage certificate to be given a branded title instead of a clear title. Proponents of the bill said this will allow consumers to know more about the car they are purchasing. Those opposed say this would damage the business of reputable repairmen and used car salesmen. The bill passed by a vote of 95-15.

Dog Fighting
The issue of dog fighting was addressed in the form of Senate Bill 2934, which would increase penalties for any person that owns, possesses, buys, sells, transfers, or manufactures paraphernalia for the purpose of dog fighting. The bill sets the maximum penalty for dog fighting at a fine of $10,000 or 10 years in the State Penitentiary. The bill passed by a vote of 113-1.

Medical Emergency
An act to provide certain immunities for a person who requests assistance during a medical emergency caused by the consumption of alcohol passed in the form of Senate Bill 2197 . The House further amended this bill with legislation to establish a mental health court in the state of Mississippi. This is something that has been attempted previously by House members. The bill passed unanimously.

Filmmakers Grant
The Mississippi Film Alliance grants are open to filmmakers from the entire state to help fund up to $2,500 for Mississippi made films. The program was created to develop Mississippi's film and video artists as the next generation of Mississippi's legacy of storytelling. The grant is available to working and emerging Mississippi filmmakers.The program is open to legal residents of Mississippi, 18 years of age and older. Filmmakers have one year to complete their film after receiving the grant. Applications  and supporting materials must be received on or before August 1 each year. Information is available at .

Education: ACT an alternate for state test in MS? 
Education Chairman Richard Bennett suggested that he'd be willing to "explore any avenue I can to help relieve the burden of testing placed on our students." His comments, and I quote, "It has come to my attention that North Dakota was recently granted a waiver for a pilot program by the U.S. Department of Education to use a nationally recognized high school test - the ACT or SAT - got accountability purposes instead of the states' required high school assessment. This is welcome news for parents, teachers, administrators, and lawmakers in Mississippi who are concerned about the number of tests and the number of testing days we are piling onto our children."  Click Here to read referenced article.

 Here is a Youth Entrepreneurship opportunity still available in Cleveland, MS and Jackson, MS. Read the information below:
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I look forward to welcoming Mississippians to their State Capitol. I encourage you to come to the House gallery to watch your State Representatives in action. Want to contact a House Member? You can call the Capitol switchboard at 601-359-3770 to leave a message for a legislator. Also, you can mail your Representatives and Senators via group email at the following addresses: and Each Representative and Senator will receive the email. Your voice matters!!!

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