Monday, March 22nd, 2021
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Week 11 Mississippi
Legislative Overview
This was the eleventh week of the 2021 Legislative Session. Because it is late in the session, much of the week was spent deciding whether or not to concur with any changes made to House bills by the Senate or to invite conference on those bills. In conference, Representatives and Senators work together to finalize the details of each bill before they are sent to the governor. Included in the bills being sent to conference are most of the revenue and appropriations bills from both the House and Senate, which will decide the state’s budget.

Several bills were passed concurring with changes made in the Senate, including House Bill 852, which came through the House earlier this session. The bill will provide $1,000 raises for teachers and teacher’s assistants in Mississippi public schools. House Bill 852 will now be sent to the Governor for his signature.

Last week, both Medicaid technical bills died on the calendar in each house. The Senate and House passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 535 on Tuesday afternoon suspending the rules and resurrecting both bills (House Bill 1008 and Senate Bill 2799). House Bill 1008 came back before the House, and the bill has been sent to conference.

Next week as the session begins to wind down, legislators will spend the majority of their time in conference committees ironing out the final details of bills that were sent to conference. These conference committees will then have to file reports before the end of the session.

Got Federal Tax Questions?
Recently, U.S. Congressman Bennie Thompson sent out some valuable federal tax information. Please Click Here to get updates about the upcoming 2020 tax filing!!!
Photos and Other Cool Stuff
Peter's Pottery is based in Mound Bayou, Mississippi. In 1998, the Woods Brothers (Peter, Joseph, Arthur, & Sandy) took all the resources they had to open a 10-foot by 17- foot shop to sell pottery on Fortune Avenue. The work area was 4000 square feet. Click Here to read more.
Photographer Abe Draper is a Mississippi Deltan who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. I got to have a burger and fries with him last week before session started last Monday.
Visual artist Thaxton Waters delivered a commissioned painting of the I.T. Montgomery house to me in Cleveland, Mississippi last week. It is a gorgeous piece that I look forward using to share the story of Mound Bayou, Mississippi.
Representative Joseph "Bubba" Tubbs and I were walking out of the Capitol last Monday in this photo. He represents both Forrest and Lamar counties.
Students (Marchellos Scott and Cederick Ellis) are both promising youth. They were at the Capitol working with Representative Daryl Porter.
Since it's March Madness, this was just a cool photos of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Coach John Wooden.
American Rescue Plan Impact and
Funding for State Governments 
(Explanation of how funds can be used and amounts Bolivar & Sunflower Counties will receive below.)

  1. To respond to the Covid-19 public health emergency or its negative economic repercussions, "including assistance to households, small business, and nonprofits, or aid to impacted industries such as tourism, travel, and hospitality."
  2. To provide premium pay to essential workers or provide grants to entities that have essential workers.
  3. To provide government services to the extent of the reduction in revenue of such State, territory, or Tribal Government due to the Covid-19 public health emergency relative to revenues collected in the most recent full fiscal year, prior to the emergency.
  4. To support investments in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure.

Also, this is the amount areas (counties and municipalities) around House District 29 will receive:

Bolivar County- $5.9 million
Sunflower County- $4.9 million

Cleveland - $2.5 million
Indianola - $2.04 million
Ruleville - $576,542
Shelby - $439,453
Drew - $362,566
Rosedale - $358,056
Mound Bayou - $308,902
Renova - $168,430
Boyle - $132,580
Gunnison - $91,994
Duncan - $85,681
Merigold - $85,005
Beulah - $73,280
Pace - $54,114
Alligator -$42,164
Winstonville - $37,655
Statement on Atlanta Massage Parlor Shooting
Last week, Asian Americans in Georgia were victims of racially-motivated domestic terroism. In light of this atrocious event, I learned more about the brutal history of Asians in America. It made me even more certain that we are engaging in a collective fight against hate and white supremacy because every ethnicity in our nation offers to our society an invaluable perspective of culture and history. I am praying for the families of the victims and praying that we can all soon see strength in unity.
Delta State University's Winning the Race Virtual Conference
***Winning the Race: Delta State University's Winning the Race conference facilitates open dialogue on issues regarding race and social injustices to promote racial healing and an appreciation for diversity. Join us March 22th-24th!!! Please CLICK HERE register for this event.
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