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Map of School Closures Due to COVID-19
32 states, as of April 19, have closed schools for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.

Governor Walz has issued several Executive Orders to deal with COVID-19.
Webinar - Legislative Update - Recorded April 10
Webinar - School Board Meetings and COVID-19
Week 12 - April 27, 2020
Legislative Update
The MSBA Government Relations team invites you to watch a brief webinar for the latest legislative news. We provide you with an update on education, taxes and election related bills that will have an impact on school districts.  Also included are details on the Elementary and Secondary Education Relief Fund (ESSR) allocations to Minnesota schools.

Upcoming Meetings and Events  
Monday, April 27 2:00 PM
House - State Government Finance Division
Live Video - HTV 1
Chair: Rep. Michael V. Nelson
HF 1603 - Omnibus election policy bill (Dehn)
(Consider DE2 Amendment for HF1603 posted below)
The Honorable State Steve Simon, MN Secretary of State
Ms. Debby Erickson, Representing the MN Association of County Officers
The Division will consider the adoption of the DE2 Amendment to replace the existing language HF1603 and amendments may be considered. The Division plans to move HF1603 , as amended, to the Ways and Means Committee.

Tuesday, April 28 8:30 AM
Senate - Taxes
Chair: Sen. Roger C. Chamberlain
There will be a Chair's delete everything amendment posted for this bill prior to the hearing.
SF 3843 - Individual income, corporate franchise, partnership, and property tax provisions modifications; fire and police state aids modifications. (Chamberlain)

Tuesday, April 28  9:45 AM  
House - Education Finance Division
Live Video - HTV 2
Chair: Rep. Jim Davnie
HF 3992 - Independent School District No. 709, Duluth; levy authority transfer from the long-term facilities maintenance revenue program to the debt redemption fund authorized, report required, and bonds issued. (Murphy)
HF 1177 - Minnesota math corps program funding provided, and money appropriated. (Wazlawik)
HF 3642 - Tribal contract or grant schools authorized payment equivalent to annual payment to school districts and charter school from permanent school fund endowment, and money appropriated. (Kunesh-Podein)
HF 4407 - Independent School District No. 333, Ogilvie; fund transfer authorized. (Erickson)
This remote hearing may be viewed live via the following methods:
Live stream via House website or YouTube

Tuesday, April 28 2:30 PM
House - Education Policy Division     
Live Video - HTV 2
Chair: Rep. Cheryl Youakim
HF 3186 - Prekindergarten through grade 12; policy and technical changes made to provisions including general education, schools, teachers, definitions, and timelines; and reports required. (Youakim)
*NOTE 1: Please see the DE1 Amendment.

Wednesday, April 29 8:30 AM
Senate - Finance
Chair: Sen. Julie A. Rosen
Livestreamed at YouTube or Senate Media
SF 4494 - COVID-19 telemedicine equipment grant program establishment; distance learning broadband access grant program establishment; appropriations. (Westrom)

Wednesday, April 29  9:45 AM      
House - Ways and Means
Live Video - HTV 2
Chair: Rep. Lyndon Carlson
HF 4415 - Compensation for hourly employees required for schools closed due to COVID 19 (pending referral) (Davnie)
HF 3429 - Elections; various technical and policy changes made relating to voting, voter registration, polling places, ballots, recounts, contests, candidates, and other election-related provisions; and election equipment grant money availability extended. (Dehn)
HF 3499 -  Help America Vote Act appropriation purpose transferred, and money appropriated. (pending referral) (Nelson)
HF 1603 - Election and campaign finance; automatic voter registration and early voting provided, voting rights of persons with felony convictions restored, automatic absentee ballot delivery and ranked-choice voting authorized, National Popular Vote Interstate Compact adopted, campaign finance reporting requirements modified, expressly advocating definition modified, reporting of electioneering communications required, redistricting commission established, and money appropriated. (pending referral) (Dehn)

Wednesday, April 29 3:00 PM
Senate - E-12 Finance and Policy
Chair: Sen. Carla J. Nelson
Livestreamed at YouTube or Senate Media
SF 3475 - School referendum election maximum notice period extension.(Anderson, P.)
SF 4257 - Concurrent enrollment teacher training program increased funding and appropriation. (Nelson)
SF 4057 - Innovation zone research program establishment. (Nelson)

Check the Combined Legislative Meeting Calendar for updates and additions.

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