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"Friday  was the last day of the 2019 Mississippi Legislative Session. At times, the three month legislative process can be rewarding and frustrating all at the same time. On both good days and bad days, I do my best to never forget the reason I am there-TO SERVE THE CONSTITUENTS OF HOUSE DISTRICT 29 (BOLIVAR & SUNFLOWER COUNTIES). "

Representative Abe Marshall Hudson Jr.
House District 29 (Bolivar & Sunflower Counties)

Snippet Newsletter Purpose

Several constituents asked me to send something out that was more concise than what I usually communicate. I hope this style helps. Please email me feedback on what you thought about the new approach. We are always trying to improve.
The Mississippi Association of Educators has a big voice. As a legislator I appreciate them for using it. Please read my comments about House Bill 2770 on Facebook.

2019 Mississippi Legislative
Session Snippet (Week 12)

State Employee Pay Raises:

There will be "a three year look back" in determining the state employees who will receive a 3 percent raise.  Employees who have not had a raise in three years will get the full 3 percent. If they had already garnered a 2 percent raise in that time they would receive a only 1 percent increase. I think that they should have received more.  Click Here to Read More .

Teacher Pay Raises:

Insufficient. A slap in the face. Insulting. These are the words educators and advocates use to describe a $1,500 pay raise the Mississippi State Legislature approved Thursday. Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 2770, which awards teachers and assistant teachers raises in a one-year period. I am also inclined to believe that they are deserving of much more.  Click Here to Read More .

Criminal Justice Reform Act:

American Civil Liberties Union described the Criminal Justice Reform Act ( House Bill 1352) as a  comprehensive bill that will help to reduce the state's mass incarceration crisis. Its benefits would have included: reorganizing drug courts to cover matters like mental health courts under the umbrella of "intervention" courts, expanding advisory committee, data collection, clinical assessments, allowing fee waiver, preventing driver's license suspensions for non-driving offenses, expanding expungement of records, lifting automatic bans on occupational licenses, and setting up a "recidivism reduction" fund from savings in prison reduction for use in reentry programs.   Unfortunately, it fell short of accomplishing some of those things actually being advanced.  Click Here to Read More.

A few Mississippi Delta Projects 
Funded during Legislative Session

To assist West Bolivar School District with their cafeteria ($250,000).

To assist with repair, renovation and improvements to the I.T. Montgomery Home ($250,000).

To assist the Town of Boyle for improvements to the city/community pavilion and park ($50,000).

To assist the Grammy Museum for construction of interpretative wall ($150,000).

To assist the City of Indianola with the street and road improvements ($1,000,000).

To assist the City of Greenville with the extension of Colorado Street ($500,000).

To assist the Deer Creek Promise Community Initiative for education and health care programs ($800,000).

To assist the Mississippi Wildlife Heritage Foundation with improvements to the Mississippi Wildlife Museum ($600,000).

To assist Tallahatchie County with the renovation of a building to convert into a Welcome Center and Museum ($250,000).
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