Good Afternoon

Thank you all for your patience and support during the last delivery week as we worked through a new process. In addition to the new process, our special order volume increased significantly and we were running out of storage space in the warehouse and trucks! We normally pack ~550 items for special orders. Last delivery, there were ~4,000 items ordered!

Everyone did a great job keeping distance while waiting in line. In fact, sometimes the line looked extra long because there was so much space in between each customer! We aren't expecting as many customers this week, as there won't be any additional shares available to non-members.

The forecast is looking like rain for most of the week, so we're hoping we can create a set up that's possible to "drive thru". Since we borrow parking lots and they're not all set up the same, this set up may vary by location. It also depends on the other vehicles in the lot upon arrival. Bring your umbrellas just in case!


  • We are not taking back any reusable items until further notice -- bags, jars, egg cartons, etc.
  • Bring your own bag with handles -- we are going to be pre-packing in paper bags again, and having your own bag with handles may help transport everything back to your car.
  • Please do not come behind the Greeter table -- please stay in front of the table and the truck. This helps keeps the distance between you and the Greeter.
  • Online special orders are recommended. Order deadline is Tuesday, March 24 at 11:59pm.
  • There's a special note below about changing your primary pick up location for special orders.
  • Extras will be available for on-the-spot purchases.
  • Check payment is preferred for any back of the truck purchases/subscription payments. Please come prepared with your check partially filled out (ex. to: Fresh Fork, date, etc.). We also recommend bringing your own pen to fill out the amount due.

Trevor & the FFM team
Bag Contents
Ramps - The first sign of spring! This time of year, the weather can be back-and-forth, and we're not sure what season it is. There's a sense of relief that the forecast is actually headed for warmer, sunnier days when the ramps arrive. I always reminisce about the trip I took with friends to Richwood, West Virginia for their annual Feast of the Ramson Festival. We ate so many ramps and enjoyed the laid back, slower pace of life for the weekend.
Pepperoni Rolls are a childhood favorite of mine. Growing up in West Virginia, I didn't realize this wasn't a staple item in everyone's household until I moved to Ohio for college. While planning "late night" menu options for weddings at Wholesome Valley, Ashley knew exactly what I was talking about thanks to her mom's childhood in West Virginia. So today, we're bringing you the WVF/FFM take on an all-local Pepperoni Roll. Made with local pastry flour, grassfed beef + pasture raised pork Pepperoni, and Guernsey Mozzarella, this may be the healthiest version of a Pepperoni Roll I've ever had! The vegetarian shares will have a meatless Cheese & Herb Roll.
Pepperoni Rolls
Tomato Sauce
Pickled Peppers
Frozen Blueberries
Italian Sausage Links

Cheese & Herb Rolls
Tomato Sauce
Pickled Peppers
Frozen Blueberries
Frozen Vegetable

One of the challenges in the Farm Kitchen that sometimes gets overlooked when planning is oven space & time. There are times we could produce more product, but because of the time it takes items to bake, we are at max capacity while waiting on the oven space.

We wanted to offer your favorite sugar cookies for Easter, but timing wasn't on our side with all the Pepperoni Rolls that need also need baked this week. It also takes time to decorate and "cure" the frosting. So we came up with an alternative...the DIY Sugar Cookie Kit.

Each kit includes 6 large cookies that are in sealed packages to keep fresh until Sunday, 3 hearty servings of assorted buttercream frosting colors and sprinkles (all naturally colored).

With changes in schedules, working from home and/or new availability to pick up your FFM share at a different time, we've had an increase in requests about transferring special orders. With the way our process works, this is challenging to execute after the order is submitted in our system.

But, this is possible with your help BEFORE placing your special order . If you send us a request after your special order has been placed, we cannot guarantee that the order will arrive at the requested location.

Here's how you can change your primary pick up location for your special order.

Before you start shopping , you can update the "dropoff location" from the "Location" tab of your account. Choose the location (make sure it includes 2019-20) prior to placing your order and click save. After your location has been changed in your profile, you can shop as you would and process your order.

It's important to note that this will not revert back to the original location automatically. You will need to change this again for the following delivery week as needed.

**Ohio City Provisions is an exception to this rule. We are unable to accommodate switches to and from this location**