Well, here we are everyone-- it's Week 15 and the final week of the 2016-17 Winter Share season.

It's been an awesome season, and we (and our farmers!) are so grateful for your support. 

Even though the roadside stands and farmers markets mostly pop up in the summer, farming is a year-round job. Our farmers have families to support, machinery to maintain, seeds to buy and animals to keep. Having the Fresh Fork community during the lean winter months makes all the difference to them. Your membership is not only keeping many farms in our area afloat, but encouraging more young farmers to dig in and start growing here. Thanks for your support, and we hope you'll be joining us for the Summer Share 2017, which starts in just 4 more weeks on May 31st.

Just a reminder-- there is a little gap between the Winter and Summer Shares. We need a little time to give our trucks some much needed TLC, train new staff and organize the warehouse! The Summer Share runs from May 31st through October 28th, and the pick ups are every week (for a total of 22 weeks.) If you haven't signed up for summer yet, click here to learn more and secure your spot before we fill up. 

What's in the bag? We have a delicious bag to finish out the season. Everyone will get asparagus and ramps, as well as two pizza dough balls (click here for our Pizza Guide!), a pint of our roasted Heirloom Tomato Sauce, a quart of frozen corn and a head of fresh lettuce. We have some extra asparagus for sale online, too, so get some extra before their short season comes to a close.

The omnivores will get a pork roast, as well as a pound of our bulk Italian sausage, and the vegetarians will get a quart of Guernsey yogurt, a pint each of frozen blackberries and frozen blueberries, and a pound of Butternut Linguine from Ohio City Pasta. 

We have 1# bundles of fresh rhubarb from Wholesome Valley Farm, just $4 per bundle, for sale online. Cook them into jam, or thaw some of your frozen strawberries to try these Jam-Oat Squares (hint-- they freeze well!)  

No purchases on account this week-- please bring cash or check to the stops to buy extras. 

During the last week of the share, you'll only be able to buy extras at the truck using credits you already have, cash or check. 

Final Payment reminders for the Winter Share. 

Please bring any payments to settle up your account to the stops this week. 

Your account needs to be paid off in full in order to sign up for the Summer Share 2017 -- so please sign in to settle up or bring in payment to your stop this week!

Place Your Special Orders to use your credits.

Credits expire at the end of the season, so place your orders now to use them up!

Featured Products
Granola Parfait Sale! 

If you're looking for the perfect quick breakfast for this week that will go great with all that frozen fruit, we have some Spelt Granola and Snowville Plain Yogurt on sale

Both are short-dated, but are good for two weeks past sell-by date (Granola dated 5/23, Snowville dated 5/1.)

Spelt Granola: normally $5, now $3
Plain Snowville Yogurt: normally $6, now $5

Herbed Butter Croutons
from Ohio City Provisions

Fluffy Duck Bakery Bread sliced into thick cubes and drizzled with grass-fed Guernsey butter and fresh herbs, then roasted for a savory crunch. 
Perfect on salads, soups or just a quick snack! 

$3 per 4.5 oz container. Limited quantities available. 

What's in the Bag
Winter Share 2016/17: Week 15
Just like the weather, contents are subject to change! 
Lettuce - 1 head
Lettuce - 1 head
Pork Roast - appx 2-2.5#
Guernsey Yogurt - 1 qt
Frozen Corn - 1 qt
Frozen Corn - 1 qt
Pizza Dough - 2 ct
Pizza Dough - 2 ct
Bulk Italian Sausage - 1#
Butternut Linguine - 1#
Apples - 6 ct
Apples - 6 ct
Tomato Sauce - 1 pt
Tomato Sauce - 1 pt

Frozen Blueberries - 1 pt

Frozen Blackberries - 1 pt

What's Cooking?
Recipes featuring this week's bag contents

Bag contents in recipe: Pizza Dough, Tomato Sauce, Italian Sausage, Ramps
Pizza Guide

Your handy-dandy guide to making parlor-worthy pies at home! 

Everything you need to know for thawing, rolling, topping and baking your pizza. 

Bag contents in recipe: Italian Sausage, Asparagus
Creamy Polenta with Sausage & Asparagus

Pick up a bag of our organic, stoneground cornmeal for a rich and flavorful easy weeknight dinner. 

Crockpot Pork Roast
Sweet Corn Risotto
Spinach & Sausage Calzone

Bag contents in recipe:  Pork Roast

Bag contents in recipe:  Frozen Corn

Bag contents in recipe: Pizza Dough, Tomato Sauce, Ramps
Other Recipes

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The Summer Share begins May 31st, 2017
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