Hi there!

Welcome to Week 15 of your Summer Share. Below you'll find the bag contents for this week, for both the Large and Small shares, as well as the Small Vegetarian Share. 

You all are noticing as well as our farmers that we are having some volatile weather this week. From the high temps and storms from early in the week to the chilly forecast coming up, we're just not quite sure how the harvests will look throughout the week. We do always say that "just like the weather, bag contents are subject to change!" but that will be even more true this week.

You'll be getting either a quart of Seedless Reliance grapes or a few handfuls of pears. You'll also have four ears of sweet corn, a 3# bag of Yukon Gold potatoes, two acorn squash, a pound of either yellow or purple beans and a pint of cherry tomatoes. You'll all each have a head of broccoli or kohlrabi.

The Omnivores will each get one of our pasture-raised whole chickens, and the Vegetarians will get a dozen eggs, some leeks, sweet Long horn peppers and Heirloom tomatoes.The Large Shares will get the leeks and the Long horn peppers too, as well as some peaches and a pack of Green Onion Brats.

It's time to make your September payments-- please either send those to the barn or bring them when you come to pick up this week.

If you have any questions about the program, please reply to this email or give us a call:  (330) 359 - 2129. It's never too late to join-- tell your friends!