Keeping those “Re-SOLUTIONS” 
New Year Greetings Get Moving participants!

 This is the first 2020 email and the second in a series of 10 weekly Winter check-ins dedicated to giving you tips on adapting a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this weekly newsletter is to share health recommendations to keep you motivated and engaged during your journey to better health. Be sure to respond to our giveaway question for your name to be placed in a raffle for a $50 Target gift card! The winner will be drawn at the Week 10 end of session.
This week's theme is keeping those “Re-SOLUTIONS”!

The New Year has begun and now the pressure is on to make good on all those resolutions one tends to make at this time. Consider the word and note the key part, “solution.” As you begin the journey to acquiring better personal health habits in 2020, rather than feel burdened about implementing a list-long series of changes, consider finding small and specific “solutions” to each health concern you want to address. It doesn’t have to happen all at once. You do have 366 days after all. (2020 is a leap year.)

ALL things great are wound up with all things little. - L.M. Montgomery
Action Item: Defining Solutions for my Resolutions
Resolution: I will start exercising.
  • Solution: Walking is the easiest and most economic activity you can do. Start small by walking for 5 or 10 minutes every day.

Resolution: I will lose weight.
  • Solution: Incorporate a salad and a piece of fruit every day. This easy action will get you started on the road to healthier eating habits.

Resolution: I will not let stress get to me.
  • Solution: Consider an existence of appreciation. Research has indicated that this positive state of mind may allow you to experience many health benefits. ( Don’t limit thanks giving to November. Discover reasons to be mindful of it and express it every day of the year.

Check out these Kaiser Permanente sites for more tips on walking for wellness and healthy eating .
Moving Through the Week:

  • Identify a New Year resolution that is important to your health.
  • Define a specific solution that you will take to begin to address this goal.
  • Post your health solution somewhere you are sure see it. And then Do It!
Giveaway Opportunity:
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Good for you!
You’ve taken the first step towards incorporating a healthier lifestyle through the Get Moving SSF program. We hope these newsletters provide you with valuable information and plenty of inspiration to help you achieve your goals!

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