May 13, 2020
Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoyed last week's curation of virtual travel ideas ! This week we bring you crafts with household items and outdoor scavenger hunts.

Today is the deadline for caregivers to RSVP for the drive through distribution event on Wednesday, May 27 from 4:30-6:30 PM in three locations: Dade City, Largo, & Trinity. There will be activity kits, games, food, hand sanitizer, and other giveaways provided. (Download flyer below provides sign-up instructions.)

Do you advocate for a relative or non-relative caregiver impacted economically by COVID-19? Have you shared our Emergency Financial Assistance yet? We want to ensure our children stay safe and stable in their placement-please forward this information to them today!

Amy, Tawnee & Amanda

P.S. Our Lippitt Perseverance and Allshouse Scholarship application deadline has been extended until May 31st. If you know a college, tech or trade school bound foster youth, you can learn more here .

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Scavenger Hunt, Anyone?
Scavenger hunts can be an exciting way to bring the family together and have fun. It can get creative juices flowing and breaks up the monotony of the day.
Here are a variety of hunts to satisfy even the pickiest of kids.

Scavenger Hunts:
Perfect for Ages 4-8
Scavenger Hunts:
Perfect for Ages 8-12
Scavenger Hunts:
Perfect for Ages 12-17  
Let's Get Crafty
Here are some craft ideas that can be completed with household items.
Craft Ideas:
Perfect for ages 1-8
  • Macaroni necklace anyone? Use pasta, Cheerios, buttons etc., to make cool jewelry by stringing onto yarn, pipe cleaners, or anything you have laying around the house. This is a great activity to help with fine motor skills. you can even paint the individual "beads." 
  • Water Play – A few empty plastic dishes, measuring spoons, dish soap, & food coloring can keep kiddos busy with bubble and water play. Take it outside and have older kids race from one end to the next trying to fill up their containers the fastest.
  • Felt Magnet has put together 44 craft ideas to create with items that can be found around the house. From speckled frogs made out of toilet paper rolls, to sun catchers made out of colored tissue paper, there’s something for everyone.
Craft Ideas:
Perfect for Ages 8-12
  • Homemade Stress balls – This project only requires a couple of household items. First, you will need an empty balloon. Then, choose what you want to fill it with. Rice, flour, beans, or water beads are all options that can go inside of your stress ball. Put your filler of choice into an old water bottle to make the transfer into the balloon easier. Once filled, personalize the stress balls by decorating with markers.
  • Put on a Play- Puppets are easy to make. Collect old socks for hand puppets and try finding other household items to add accessories. Kids can act out their favorite book or improvise & write their own dialogue. 
  • Galaxy Jar- Galaxy Jars are exciting and easy to make. For this project you will need an old jar, tempera paint (at least 2 colors), cotton balls, fine glitter & water. Visit this site for a full list of instructions: Galaxy Jar Instructions
Craft Ideas:
Perfect for Ages 12-17
  • Courage Collage – Gather old magazines, pictures, and leftover art supplies, to start this project. Use poster board, old journal with leftover pages, or even the back of an Amazon box as the backbone of this collage. If your teen has a favorite quote, song verse or words that inspires them, they can add them in and make this board something that will empower them to be their best self!
  • Write a Play – Do you have the next Jordan Peele or George Lucas living in your home? Writing a play can be a great way for teens to express themselves. Some ideas could include: current events, courage, love, or anything that interests them. Once they are done writing their masterpiece, have them cast and perform their play using props and costumes from around the house! 
  • Create a Self-Care Box - Pull out arts + crafts materials and start by decorating an empty box! Items to include in your self-care box can include: earbuds to escape through music, a favorite book, candies, candles, video games, pictures, or cozy socks. Your teen can include anything in this box that will bring comfort when they need it the most.
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