Monday, January 25th, 2021
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Week 3 Mississippi
Legislative Overview
The Speaker of the House announced new safety protocols that will be implemented starting next week. All committee meetings and sessions will happen via teleconference, which will be available to the public on the Mississippi Legislature website. The House is scheduled to return to in-person sessions on Wednesday, February 3rd after the deadline to pass bills out of committee. House Resolution 12, which was introduced on Friday morning, creates a temporary House rule determining quorum on meetings happening remotely. The resolution passed unanimously by a voice vote and makes it possible for the House to conduct business by teleconference.

The threat of Covid-19 is still prevalent so the Mississippi Legislature leadership imposed new safety protocols after many of my Senate and House colleagues tested positive for Covid-19. We must continue to wear masks, sanitize hands, and maintain social distance to slow down the spread of the virus. At times, it seems that we are facing a virus so elusive that it feels futile and tedious to even try. Trust, I have those days as well, but we must remain vigilant and aggressive. I am praying for the wellness and safety of my colleagues and their loved ones along with all Mississippians. Please remain as safe as possible through these challenging and unfamiliar times.
Congratulations President Biden and Vice President Harris
Photos from Inauguration Day
Colleagues Dropping by my Desk
Representative Price Wallace represents Simpson and Rankin counties It is always a pleasure to talk to colleagues about the business of the legislature and to have a laugh. Representative Wallace is dedicated to the work he does for House District 77.
Appropriations Chairman John Read stopped by my desk a few days ago. He always ask about my wife, Adrienne. They met a few years ago when he visited Mississippi Valley State University. I commend him on the effort to get to know the Mississippi Delta in a more intimate way. 
Social Media from the Week
Deputy Commissioner Mallett and Mississippi Corrections
Before session started this year, I got to visit the Mississippi Department of Corrections office in Jackson, Mississippi to ask questions about priorities for the year. I spent time with Jeworski “Jay” Mallett, Deputy Commissioner of Institutions. We have some work to do with the Mississippi system but I feel like we are finally turning the corner at the department by candidly discussing and uncomfortably addressing some of the protocols and procedures that have plagued our outdated department. CLICK HERE to read more about his work at Mississippi Department of Corrections.
Dr. Dobbs and I
I think it goes without saying, but we are eager to get more vaccines in Bolivar and Sunflower Counties. Dr. Thomas Dobbs is Mississippi's State Health Officer. Dr. Dobbs ensures that Mississippians are updated on changes and progress made on the evolving and persistent Covid-19 crisis. Each time I have reached out about House District 29 questions as it relates to the virus and the vaccine, he has always been responsive. Thank you Dr. Dobbs for the vital work you have done on behalf of Mississippians during this pandemic.
COVID Vaccine Myth-Busters
On February 3rd at 12:00pm, Mind Matters will host a Covid Vaccine Myth-Busters event. Dr. Kim Tarver will address myths related to the Covid Vaccine. Find out the truth about the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine at this event. To RSVP for this event, please CLICK HERE.
Remembering Legends...
Baseball Legend, Hank Aaron
Legendary Journalist, Larry King
My Favorite Bernie Sanders Meme
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Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman
Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman makes history as the youngest known inaugural poet at age 22. She follows the lead of other inaugural poets and historical speakers such as: Maya Angelou and Robert Frost. Gorman's poem, "The Hills We Climb," brought her to national attention after her performance at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden. Like many others, I was moved with emotions as she performed. Gorman deserves to be celebrated for her contribution to the unity and progress of America through her literature and brilliance.
The Flags that Represent Us
Hot Tamales in the Mississippi Delta
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