Rainy Day Alternatives / Classes A to Z
Greetings Get Moving participants!

In this fourth of 10 weekly Winter check-ins dedicated to giving you tips on adapting a healthy lifestyle, you will explore options for classes and indoor activities that can be enjoyed during inclement weather or at any time of year. Be sure to respond to our giveaway question for your name to be placed in a raffle for a $50 Target gift card! The winner will be drawn after the Week 10 end of session.
This week's theme is Rainy Day Alternatives / Classes A-Z

Your Get Moving SSF scholarship allows you to spend up to $50 towards a healthy physical activity. What better time to utilize it then during the winter’s cold and rainy weather. There are multitude of indoor class options to pick from, truly encompassing everything from A-Z. Here are a few important guidelines to consider when making your selections:

  • Choose a class you would be excited to attend each week. “If you choose fitness activities because you think you should do them, you're probably not going to keep doing them. And chances are, you'll feel guilty when you quit. Life's too short to feel bad. Pick something you love, and experience satisfaction and joy when you keep doing it.” – Kaiser Permanente (“Get Moving, Keep Moving”)

  • Team versus individual classes: If you enjoy working in a group or team setting, consider a social activity like one of our many dance or sports classes. If you prefer to build individual skill and strength, consider a more focused activity such as a workout class.

  • Go at your own pace. While it is beneficial to challenge yourself, choosing a class that is too hard for you will discourage you from attending it consistently.

  • Choose a class that works with your schedule. The timing of your class is important because it can determine if you have the energy to do it. Choose a time that ensures you can come to class energized and motivated.

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Action Item: Eligible Fitness Classes A-Z
You can select regularly scheduled weekly classes such as A for Aikido, B for Ballet, C for Circuit Training, F for Functional Fitness, H for Hawaiian Dance, M for Mexican Dance, S for Salsa; T for Tai Chi, Y for Yoga, Z for Zumba and other exciting options from a list of over a 100 eligible exercise, dance, sport and other physical activity classes!

Moving Through the Week: How About These Drop-In Class Options
Not ready to make a long term weekly commitment, then try out these fantastic Winter Session Drop in Fitness selections , running from January 6 to March 8!
Here are just a few of the options available for a nominal fee.
  • A Terrabay Fitness Room session only $2.25
  • To explore a Pickleball session at Terrabay Gym only $3.00
  • For Table Tennis fun at Magnolia only $4.00
  • For a Pilates class at the Municipal Services Building only $6.00
  • For an Adult Lap swim session at Orange Pool only $6.00
Giveaway Opportunity:
Respond to the following question for your name to be placed in a raffle for a $50 Target gift card! Each week is an opportunity to win. The raffle ends after the Week 10 conclusion of the Winter Session.
Get Moving South San Francisco!  is made possible thanks to a grant from the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs.