October 26, 2022

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Our series, HEALTHY AT ANY WEIGHT IS A LIE provided you with 7 weeks of vital information on the dangers and seriousness of obesity ... and lots to think about. But you discover your strength! A positive mindset gives you the "let's do this" confidence. Without deprivation!

This week, we're going to show you how getting healthy doesn't mean experiencing deprivation. Quite the opposite with Weight Watchers. You'll feel good about giving up "bad" habits and replacing them with good ones - it only takes around 21 days after continuing an activity for it to become a habit ... of course, the more difficult the activity the longer to develop a habit, so take it easy ... in the beginning, start walking ... in 3 weeks: habit!

Your health and well-being are what we built our company ... our lives ... on and for over 58 years we've experienced more scientific growth allowing for a real lifestyle as opposed to the deprivation of a diet. Now you can eat, drink, and be merry (that's if you maintain that positive mindset). Eat your favorite foods. Enjoy your wine and beer. Go out with friends and eat the same foods.

Look, what could be stopping you except you? Let's go! Get ready for those holiday pics that people will be looking at for years! December 31st is only a little over two months away! You could be 10 to 16 pounds lighter or more! (Many Members lose more than 2 pounds their first week.)

And all that is wrapped up into one Weight Watchers offering- Our Premium offer for $12.69 / week for 1 month = $54.95.
Life is complicated—healthy eating shouldn’t be. Our system and personalized plans make it easier. You know what your day looks like because you plan it.
We’re not a pill. No prepackaged meals. We’re nutritional and behavioral science that changes your relationship with food for weight loss done well.
You don't have to do it alone. Our expert coaches and millions of members understand weight loss and are here to support you—in person and virtually.
three ways the PersonalPoints program helps you succeed ... first and foremost your Workshop is the cornerstone of Weight Watchers of Philadelphia

1 /  PersonalPoints is tailored to you
No need to change your lifestyle—your unique Points Budget and ZeroPoint™ foods list will be customized to the foods you love and can’t live without. Click below to learn all about ZeroPoint foods.

2 / Weight Watchers Workshops give you the private place to share your feelings and victories over your changing body...
it’s proven! studies have shown
losing weight with a group
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The effectiveness of group support and motivation is the cornerstone of Weight Watchers of Philadelphia.

3 / you’ll add Points®—for the first time ever!
You can now add to your PersonalPoints Budget by eating non-starchy vegetables, drinking more water, or carving out time for activity. Building healthy habits has never been more rewarding! A revolutionary NEW Points® System that is tailored to you and science-backed.

• personalized programs means no two programs are alike
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• you leave room for your favorites and still lose weight
• you can add PersonalPoints while building healthy habits

this week's letter from deb w
general manager and voice of philadelphia
October 26, 2022

Dear WW Philadelphia Members,
It’s that time of the year when you might be thinking of cooking and baking a little more than usual. I know some of my favorite foods will be showing up at family get-togethers through the holiday season.
During my years as a Weight Watchers Member, I’ve learned a trick or two and one thing you should know about me is one of my passions is cooking and baking. My Mother claims I sat on the counter intently watching her prepare the turkey for my first Thanksgiving. You also need to know, I’m the firstborn and my Mother still tells every story about my childhood as if it were yesterday.
Substitutions of ingredients to bring down the POINTS have always been a little challenging for me. Mainly because if I’m not satisfied with the final product, it won’t fulfill my craving or desire for that food. There are times I’d rather have a smaller serving of the real thing than a larger serving that isn’t as delicious as I expected it to be.
Here are a few POINTS shaving tricks that DO work for me:
Using half-ground turkey breast and half-ground beef in my meatloaf. Add two or three cubes of beef bouillon or a big heaping tablespoon of Beef Better than Bouillon to your wet ingredients. If you put ketchup in your meatloaf reduce it drastically. Some recipes call for ¼ to ½ cup, I usually reduce it to a tablespoon or two. Ketchup really bumps up the Points in the meatloaf recipe because of the sugar in the ketchup.
Pumpkin pie is delicious, and the best part is the filling. I can save 3 Points by not eating the pie crust. I also saw several recipes on the WW app for pumpkin pie that was lower in Points.
This trick is from a favorite WW Coach and it took me years to try it because I didn’t believe it could be good. Mix mayonnaise with Greek yogurt in equal parts and use it for tuna salads or other mayonnaise-based salads. It really works.
When I’m eating a holiday meal, I eat the foods that are not the everyday foods, the ones that really say holiday to me. You know, the ones that are only served once or twice a year. This technique satisfies my holiday cravings without adding the extra POINTS from the foods I can have anywhere, anytime.
If you haven’t been to a workshop this week, consider getting to one. The workshop topic is all about lowering the Points in our cooking and baking and the other Members share the BEST ideas.
Take care,
Deb Wright
General Manager
Voice of Philadelphia
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When it comes to weight loss motivation is the key to success
Five things to do when you can't sleep; you're not alone
Knowing your strength.Tap into what you're good at to hit goals
PersonalPoints-friendly ingredient substitutions
The apron's on, the oven is heating, you're ready to get cooking and you realize you're missing an ingredient! Now's not the time to be taking extra trips to the supermarket, of course, but before you throw in the (kitchen) towel, consider getting creative. While not all ingredients can be replaced, these smart swaps can save the day and might even help you save some PersonalPoints in the process.  
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