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MSBA priorities shared with legislators.
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Your Government Relations team is using data gathered in this survey for discussions with legislators. Topics addressed are: 
*supplemental budget;
school safety;
*changes to the newly enacted teacher licensure system;
*unpaid school meal debt, and
*statewide unfunded mandates surrounding curriculum and graduation requirements.
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Week 4 - March 2, 2020
Look Ahead
In general, hearings around the Capitol are not held on Fridays. But due to the short session, both the Senate and House Education Committees will hold special meetings this Friday.

The House will have an all-day Education Symposium for all members. The Symposium will be a live event focusing on eliminating racial disparities in education so every child can reach their full potential. Also on Friday, the Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee will hold a discussion on the proposed constitutional amendment.

For more information, please visit www.mnmsba.org.  

In Review
The House Education Policy Committee met Friday. MSBA's Government Relation team testified on three of the eight bills. One of those bills has received a lot of committee time in the past few years.
After three years of multiple hearings, several negotiations, vetos and more, HF 55 - the Lunch Shaming Bill - passed out of committee. Denise Dittrich, director of Government Relations, shared how together with Hunger Solutions and Legal Aid, we reached language that could move the issue forward. "Our school district nutrition staff serves almost 802,000 meals each day without incident. As a rule, these professionals do an excellent job.", said Dittrich.
Rep. Jurgens praised the groups for the time and effort put forth.
The House Education Policy Committee also heard the Commissioner of Education's bill (HF 3186) last Wednesday. Prior to the meeting, MSBA shared thoughts on the bill via a  letter to the Commissioner.

Last year's GASB change resulted in an unintended consequence of taxing some fundraising sales activities. Tracey Fiereck, from the Central Minnesota Educational Research and Development Council, testified on behalf of MSBA in support of HF 3362 (Sandstede) and HF 3320 (Huot), both bills written to restore tax-exempt status for certain fundraising sales activities. The Senate companion (SF 3052 - Chamberlain) will be heard on Thursday morning in Senate Taxes. 

Education Bill Introductions
MSBA's Legislative Agenda promotes local control and less mandates. As you scroll through the long list below, note the number of proposed new requirements or mandates. 
S.F. 3629 - increasing safe schools revenue; requiring a report; appropriating money (Nelson)
S.F. 3637 - establishing a short-call substitute teacher pilot program; requiring a report (Sparks)
S.F. 3638 - appropriating money for trauma-informed school incentive aid (Abeler)
S.F. 3689 - creating a standardized assessment task force; requiring a report. (Cwodzinski)
S.F. 3699 - allowing an innovation research zone partner to use a nationally recognized high school academic assessment (Wicklund)
S.F. 3725 - increasing the formula allowance by one percent; providing inflationary increases in general education revenue beginning in fiscal year 2022 (Wiger)
S.F. 3730 - modifying teacher licensure provisions; modifying Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board composition (Clausen)
S.F. 3731 - administration of drugs and medicines; requiring a report (Laine)
S.F. 3742 - allowing participation in high school show choir, marching band, or competition bands to satisfy a physical education standard (Little)
S.F. 3759 - amending teacher license renewal requirements to include mental illness training (Nelson)
S.F. 3788 - requiring an online personal finance class for high school graduation (Draheim)
S.F. 3489 - permitting youth development organizations informational access to students (Howe)
S.F. 3498 - increasing funding and modifying provisions for gifted and talented programs (Senjem)
S.F. 3510 - reorganizing provisions pertaining to state assessments (Clausen)
S.F. 3518 - requiring climate change to be taught across all subject areas (Wiger)
S.F. 3570 - linking the extended time revenue formula to future increases in the general education basic formula allowance; eliminating revenue set aside for extended time activities under compensatory education revenue (Clausen)
S.F. 3587 - requiring notice of contracts (Draheim)
S.F. 3592 - requiring school boards to publish certain information about consulting fees (Draheim)
S.F. 3606 - modifying early learning and child care provisions to require a kindergarten readiness assessment and quality rating and improvement system evaluation (Nelson)
S.F. 3607 - indexing the operating referendum equalizing factor; increasing the state aid for operating referendums (Nelson)
S.F. 3611 - amending the allowed uses of long-term facilities maintenance revenue (Cwodzinski)
S.F. 3495 - modifying the K-12 education expense subtraction and credit; extending the credit to tuition; increasing the subtraction and credit amounts (Chamberlain)
S.F. 3551 - permitting the possession and use of medical cannabis on school grounds in certain circumstances; providing certain personnel with protection from civil penalties, criminal penalties, and disciplinary action; directing the commissioner of health to develop a standardized form for use by children and pupils seeking to possess and use medical cannabis on school grounds (Jensen)
H.F. 3881 - requiring paid orientation for paraprofessionals (Youakim)
H.F. 3888 - modifying provisions for paraprofessionals; (Olson)
H.F. 3902 - making certain policy and technical changes for early learning provisions (Pinto)
H.F. 3915 - restricting female sports team participation to the female sex (Scott)
H.F. 3775 -requiring education on homelessness prevention and life skills (Koegel)
H.F. 3787 - directing the Professional Educators Licensing and Standards Board to adopt standards for dual enrollment instruction endorsement (Youakim)
H.F. 3800 - modifying teacher licensure provisions (Kunesh-Podein)
H.F. 3843 - prohibiting construction of schools near former landfills; requiring notice by schools located near former landfills (Dettmer)
H.F. 3852 - clarifying the reporting requirements for reading proficiency and screening by third grade (Edelson)
H.F. 3853 - creating a school safety capital grants program for nonpublic schools (Pryor)
H. F. 3790 - providing a credit for donations to fund K-12 scholarships (Swedzinski)
H. F. 3658 - A bill for an act proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, article XIII, section 1; providing for a fundamental right to quality public education for all children. (Moran)
H. F. 3696 - establishing standards for preventing sudden cardiac arrest in student athletes (Poppe)
H. F. 3741 - reducing school district reporting -PELSB report for probationary teachers (Bierman)
H. F. 3745 -requiring financial aid information to be provided to high school students (Youakim)
H. F. 3763 - authorizing a referendum to revoke or reduce operating referendum authority upon receipt of a petition; authorizing a referendum to revoke or reduce local optional revenue (Swedzinski)

Upcoming Meetings and Events
Early Childhood Finance and Policy Division Tuesday, March 3 CANCELLED
Thursday, March 5 8:00 AM
Room: Capitol 120
HF 3173 - Child care agencies; county agencies required to publish and distribute information about variances. (Wazlawik)
HF 3822 - Child care; personal liability exemption established for family day care inspectors, exception removed for counties to be liable for claims at family day care where county had actual knowledge of risk that led to claims, counties required to use uniform family child care variance application, and human services commissioner directed to issue a uniform variance application developed by the Family Child Care Task Force for family day care providers. (Wazlawik)
HF 3884 - Child care services provider definition modified, and child care services grant provisions modified. (Wazlawik)
HF 3737 - Human services hearing procedures, crimes, background studies, and licensure requirements provisions modified. (Pryor) 

Education Finance
Tuesday, March 3  9:45 AM      
Room: 5 State Office Building
Greetings from the Future Farmers of America - MN
HF3556 - Trauma-informed school incentive aid (Moran)
HF3736 - Network for the Development of Children of African Descent program grant (Moran)
HF1344 - Sanneh Foundation programs funding made permanent (Huot)
Wednesday, March 4  9:45 AM 
Room: 5 State Office Building
Compensatory Education Revenue Report from the Office of the Legislative Auditor
Informational Hearing Only - No public testimony will be taken.
Issues Covered:
* To what extent do Minnesota's public schools use compensatory education revenue for its designated purpose?
* How and to what extent does Minnesota assess the effectiveness of programs and services funded with compensatory education revenue?
Report copies will be available at:
Wednesday, March 4, 9:00 a.m. at the Office of the Legislative Auditor, 140 Centennial Building, or http://www.auditor.leg.state.mn.us/ 

Friday, March 6  8:00 AM - 3:30 PM   
Education Symposium 
Location: State Office Building - Room 5 - Tunnel Level (Room 10 - overflow)
The symposium will be live on all our House channels:
House HTV1 cable channel (channel 9.1)
On the HTV1 live streaming channel
On the House  YouTube live streaming channel
We've prioritized a set of voices who either have a national perspective or a research perspective on these topics. The intent of the day is to set a common knowledge base of facts around the opportunity gap for our members to work from.    

Education Policy
Tuesday, March 3 2:30 PM      
Room: 5 State Office Building
HF 3455 - Education; provisions pertaining to state assessments reorganized. (Youakim)
State Assessments Presentation - Jennifer Dugan, Director, Research and Assessment Division, Department of Education
HF 3106 - Standardized assessment task force created, and report required. (Edelson)
 HF 3107 - Innovation research zone partner allowed to use a nationally recognized high school academic assessment. (Edelson)
HF 2968 - School referendum election maximum notice period extended from 30 to 45 days. (Freiberg)
HF 1964 - Postsecondary education institution required to notify school of student withdrawal, and student required to provide grades copy to school. (Gruenhagen)

Wednesday, March 4 2:30 PM
Room: 5 State Office Building
HF 1116 - Licensure requirement provisions technical changes made. (Lee)
HF 3881 - Paraprofessional paid orientation required, training funding provided, and money appropriated. (Youakim)
HF 3800 - Teacher licensure provisions modified. (Kunesh-Podein)

Education Finance and Policy
Monday, March 2  3:00 PM
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 2139 - Education shared time aid applicable location of services modification. (Jensen)
S.F. 2259 -  E-learning days maximum number of days extension. (Anderson, P.)
S.F. 3710 -  Education curriculum best practices sharing appropriation. (Nelson)
S.F. 3351 -  Private nurse use at school health services authorization. (Nelson)

Wednesday, March 4  3:00 PM
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 247 - Unclaimed drugs and medications in schools disposal authorization. (Pratt)
S.F. 580 - Nonpublic pupil aid calculation modification and appropriation. (Eichorn)
S.F. 3629 - Safe school revenue increase. (Nelson)
S.F. 2963 - School safety assessment policy requirement. (Nelson)

Friday, March 6  9:00 AM 
Discussion of a constitutional amendment 
Room 1150 Minnesota Senate Bldg. 
Other Committee Meetings
Thursday, March 5 8:30 AM - TAXES
Room 15 Capitol
S.F. 3052 - School-based fund-raising sales by student organizations sales tax exemption. (Chamberlain) 
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