Your Guide to Affording Higher Ed: Week 4

The Financial Aid Process

We've been talking about the piecemeal approach to paying for college, with the goal of helping you identify as many funding sources as possible so you don't have to rely too heavily on any one source.

So far, we’ve covered two important “pieces” or funding sources: summer earnings and scholarships. Over the next few weeks, we'll be discussing a third and very important piece: financial aid. It’s a big topic, but we have some helpful resources to help break it down for you.

FAME's Financial Aid Information Sessions are a great introduction to the financial aid process. You may have already attended a session, but if you haven’t, you can watch a recorded session here. Live virtual sessions will resume in September. We’ll also be presenting in person at a variety of high schools. Keep an eye on our regularly updated schedule for a date and time that works for you.

In our Financial Aid Information Sessions, you’ll hear us reference a publication called PAY: Tips to Afford Higher Education. PAY is packed with lots of tips and helpful info on paying for higher education. It's available as a free download, or you can request a free printed copy.

These resources will provide you with an excellent overview of the financial aid process, but as we mentioned above, financial aid is a big and important topic. In the coming weeks, we'll go into more depth on some specific steps in the process. Stay tuned for next week's email on applying for financial aid.

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Your Guide to Affording Higher Ed: Email Series

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