Update on 2021 Virtual Workshop

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Today, we are pleased to share highlights for the fourth week of the 2021, 40-hour HYT-TTP Virtual Workshop.
If you have already registered, we hope you are enjoying the Workshop. For those that have not yet registered, even though the workshop is almost completed, you can still register and gain access to sessions that you have missed through our replay library.    

Virtual Workshop: 3/20 to 4/17/21, Sat & Sun,10 AM EDT; Wed & Friday at 7 PM EDT.
This 40-hour Virtual Workshop is designed for all HYT-TTP Students, Graduates and Mentors; as well as, any current Yoga Teachers or serious practitioners. We will provide Yoga Alliance CEUs for all sessions. Although, it will not be possible to have all the live sessions during your time zone; we will allow replays for 3 months so that you can schedule a time that works best for you. The HYT-TTP Faculty will provide approximately 2 1/2-hour sessions, including live Q&As. 
Week 4 Highlights: 

4/11,10 AM: Sonia van Nispen & Randall Krause – Balancing Lifestyle & Habit Patterns

Sonia van Nispen, E-RYT 500, began practicing yoga in 1998 with Idriss Ouédraogo, a disciple of Swami Veda and Swami Rama. Her purpose was to combat stress, but found Yoga was the answer to her lifelong spiritual hunger. In 2000, she was initiated and in 2001, Sonia started a Yoga Centre in Benin. In 2006, she lived at the SRSG ashram for six months between two posts for the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now, she has started a supplementary health care practice, and teaches a weekly yoga class in Zwolle, Netherlands. Sonia has served as an instructor for the Intl HYT-TTP since 2008 and for the Dutch chapter since 2016. She teaches in French, English and Dutch

Randall Krause (Mokshadeva), E-RYT-500: Randall was initiated in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition by Swami Veda Bharati in 1988. Since then, he has studied, practiced, and taught under Swami Veda Bharati's guidance. Randall has spent extensive time in residence at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG), Swami Veda's spiritual center in Rishikesh, India, where he completed a 40-day personal silence retreat. He is a Senior Teacher in the HYT-TTP teacher-training program and has taught in the USA, India, East Asia (Thailand and Taiwan) and Europe. 

When we first meet a person, most people tend to see only the superficial, but soon we find out that there is so much more. It’s the same with coming to know ourselves. A key aspect of Yoga is the deepening of one’s ability to observe oneself and to assess one’s habits and behavioral and emotional patterns. This growing awareness enables one to begin cultivating their personality to diminish harmful, and enhance beneficial, habits and patterns.
In this workshop, Randall and Sonia will discuss the various lenses through which we can observe ourselves, to move ourselves toward greater wellbeing and serenity.
Topics will include: holistic health, balanced diet and lifestyle, breathing practices, rhythms in life, habits as personality, cultivation of a personality suited to meditation, primitive fountains, and balance.
4/14,10 AM EDT: John Sellinger – Internal Dialogue: Making friends with your mind

John Sellinger, BMEDRAD NuclMed, E-RYT-500, YACEP: John began his practice of yoga as a child. While travelling the world with his family from the age of one-year, yoga meditation and philosophy became a unifying force for them. In his late teens, he began a regular practice of meditation, which had a great impact on his life as a student in the medical field. From 2010 until recently, he lived in Rishikesh, India, in the ashram of his family’s spiritual guide, Swami Veda Bharati. He began teaching in India and continues to share the wisdom of the Himalayan Tradition with students in many countries. John serves as an editor in Himalayan Yoga Publications Trust.
The practice and process of internal dialogue is one of the most important aspects of spiritual sadhana for the serious meditator. It is through this process that one develops a personal philosophy of life, reflects on and develops one’s personal practice, and develops the power of sankalpa shakti. Through this process, the sadhaka gradually reduces sources of internal conflict and learns to make the mind a friend and ally.

Michael Smith, M.A, E-RYT500, has taught Yoga for over 45 years at The Meditation Center in Minneapolis. He was a public-school teacher for many years and was also a college professor of Comparative Religion. Since coming into the Himalayan Yoga Tradition in 1972, he has helped with the publication of books by Swami Rama, Swami Veda, Swami Nijananda and Behram Guard. He has been on the TTP Faculty since Swami Veda started the program in 1999 and has worked for many years with Barb Aschettino to develop the Home Study Program and gather materials for the On-line Library. 

Barbara Aschettino, B.S., RYT-500: Barbara is a long-time student of Swami Veda Bharati having been initiated by him into the Himalayan Tradition in 1982. Over the years she has been blessed with the opportunity to receive teachings from Swamiji and guidance in the tradition from other noted disciples of Swami Rama of the Himalayas.  In 2009, Barb became a part of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition - Teacher Training Program (HYT-TTP) Faculty and has also been an administrator, curriculum developer and mentor for HYT-TTP.

“Our Teachers Training and Continuing Studies Program is for people who wish to be connected to an authentic living lineage for ongoing study and spiritual guidance. Working with all aspects of our lives, the aim of the program is self-transformation. We train people to be not merely teachers of classes, but guides of people.” Swami Veda Bharati
Michael and Barb will review the elements of Swami Veda’s comprehensive program offered through Ashram retreats. Home Study, and Mentoring. This presentation will focus on how students and mentors can more effectively use the Online Home Study program and the steps to progress to promotion and graduation. 
4/17,10 AM EDT: Panel Discussion – Attitudes of a Teacher in the Tradition 
The last presentation of the workshop will bring the faculty together to discuss what it means to be a Teacher in the Tradition. There will be an integration of all the previous sessions allowing time to answer questions that remain from those sessions. Swami Ritavan will be present at this session to give his blessings and his appreciation to all for participating in this workshop and supporting SRSG.  
Cost of the Virtual Workshop
To help sustain the Ashram during this difficult time, all the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to SRSG. We are recommending a donation of US$250.00 for those that live in High-Income Countries, US$190.00 for those in Middle-Income Countries, and US$125.00 for those in Low-Income Countries. If you cannot attend, an option of sponsoring a low-income student is provided. Of course, any additional donations will be appreciated. The registration site is on Constant Contact and will allow you to pay using your credit card or your PayPal account.  
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