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MSBA priorities shared with legislators.
Superintendents- Have you completed the school district survey? 

Your Government Relations team is using data gathered in this survey for discussions with legislators. Topics addressed are: 
*supplemental budget;
school safety;
*changes to the newly enacted teacher licensure system;
*unpaid school meal debt, and
*statewide unfunded mandates surrounding curriculum and graduation requirements.
Please ask your superintendent to complete the attached 5 minute survey. Your input will help the GR team better represent you during the legislative session.

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Week 5 - March 9, 2020
Bills Introduced, Hearings Lengthened, Action Requested for Supplemental Budget Request   
Look Ahead
As first deadlines approach in the next couple of weeks, committees are pushing to hear bills. Several committees have scheduled meetings into the evening hours.

The Government Relations team sent out an Action Alert last week. If you haven't already, please take the opportunity this week to send your legislators a note encouraging them to include K-12 education funding in a supplemental budget bill. Given the $1.5 billion surplus, K-12 education should be able to count on a small percentage of the surplus. 

In Review
Last Friday both the House and the Senate held special events.

The House held a symposium on bridging the achievement and opportunity gaps. All members of the House and the public were invited to hear from students, superintendents, the state demographer and other on ways to eliminate racial disparities in education so children can reach their full potential.
Justice Page and President Kashkari discuss the proposed constitutional amendment. Superintendents from Burnsville, Rochester, Robbinsdale and Fridley prepare for a panel discussion.

Terry Morrow presents questions and concerns from Minnesota school board members.
The Senate concentrated on two issues, the coronavirus and the proposed constitutional amendment. MSBA's Terry Morrow, director of legal and policy services, provided an over view from a school board's perspective.  MSBA welcomes the discussion the proposed amendment has generated and share the critically important goal of closing the achievement gap.

Education Bill Introductions
MSBA's Legislative Agenda promotes local control and less mandates. As you scroll through the long list below, note the number of proposed new requirements or mandates. 
S.F. 3814 - providing for an exemption from statutory immunization requirements for a sincerely held religious belief (Matthews)
S.F. 3857 - authorizing a one-year continuation of safe schools aid; increasing the safe schools levy (Anderson, P.)
S.F. 3871 - amending standards for restrictive procedures and seclusion (Abeler)
S.F. 3889 - appropriating money for a collaborative intensive summer school program. (Tommassoni)
S.F. 3911 - amending the review and comment process for school district construction (Housley)
S.F. 3915 - codifying the teacher code of ethics; requiring PELSB to develop a process for ethics complaints (Nelson)
S.F. 3934 - creating a school safety capital grants program for nonpublic schools; requiring a report. (Housley)
S.F. 3949 - encouraging school districts to educate students on climate change (Wiger)
S.F. 3977 - A bill for an act proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, article XIII, section 1; providing for a fundamental right to quality public education for all children. (Howe)
S.F. 3986 - exempting certain schools from employee notice requirements -Wage Theft (Nelson)
 S.F. 4003 - requiring concussion and sudden cardiac arrest information and training for student athletes (Dziedzic)
S.F. 4004 - restricting female sports team participation to the female sex (Ruud)
S.F. 4057 - establishing the innovation research zone program (Nelson)
H.F. 3933 - modifying provisions for gifted and talented programs and statewide assessments (Erickson)
H.F. 3954 - modifying Head Start funding allocation (Koegel)
H.F. 3965 - creating a regional Grow Your Own teachers grant program (Poston)
H.F. 4012 - amending the allowed uses of long-term facilities maintenance revenue (Kotyza-Witthuhn)
H.F. 4054 - creating a regional Grow Your Own teachers grant program.(Sandstede)
H.F. 4065 - modifying requirements for reading proficiency, retention, promotion, and literacy incentive aid; requiring a report (Robbins)
H.F. 4075 - modifying school meal policy and aid provisions; (Carlson L.)
H.F. 4098 - establishing the innovation research zone program (Sandell)
H.F. 4117 - modifying provisions of the American Indian Education Act; allowing disclosure of certain educational data to tribal nations; requiring consideration of advice from tribal nations, communities, and the Tribal Nations Education Committee in the development of statewide core academic standards; requiring school districts and charter schools to allow American Indian students to wear regalia and objects of cultural significance at graduation; modifying provision regarding school board member training (Becker-Finn)
H.F. 4127 - modifying after-school community learning programs and providing for program grants (Lee)
H.F. 4157 - strengthening the Increase Teachers of Color Act in higher education; modifying provisions for student teacher grants and teacher shortage loan forgiveness (Noor)
H.F. 4160 - A bill for an act proposing an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, article XIII, section 1; providing for a fundamental right to quality public education for all children. (Kresha)
H.F. 4161 - creating a grant program to support activities to close the literacy gap in Minnesota's public schools; requiring a report (Kresha)
H.F. 4163 - creating civics test reporting requirements (Urdahl)
H.F. 4169 - modifying requirements for test result reports (Hassan)
H.F. 4173 - modifying uses of general community education revenue (Jordan)
H.F. 4183 - allowing post-secondary enrollment in summer courses (Heintzeman)
Upcoming Meetings and Events
Early Childhood Finance and Policy Division
Tuesday, March 10 8:00 AM
Room: Capitol 120
HF 1382 - Charter schools authorized to provide special education deaf and hard-of-hearing services to students at early ages. (Richardson)
HF 3504 - Preschool and kindergarten individual-use screen use limited. (Morrisson)
HF 3693 - Children with disabilities; access to child care expansion grants authorized (Mann)
HF 3672 - Child care assistance funding priorities for eligible families modified. (Noor) 
Thursday, March 12 8:30 AM ( Meeting Time Note: Please note the committee will convene at 8:30 AM rather than its typical starting time of 8:00 AM.)
Room: Capitol 120
HF 3737 - Human services hearing procedures, crimes, background studies, and licensure requirements provisions modified. (Pryor)
HF 3954  - Head Start funding allocation modified, and money appropriated. (Koegel)

Education Finance
Tuesday, March 10 9:45 AM
Room: 5 State Office Building
Informational Hearing - Full Service Community Schools 

Education Policy
Tuesday, March 10 2:30 PM (Meeting Time Note: The committee will recess at approximately 4:00 PM and reconvene at approximately 6:00 PM)
Room: 5 State Office Building
HF 4117 - American Indian Education Act provisions modified; educational data disclosure to tribal nations allowed; consideration of advice from tribal nations, communities, and the Tribal Nations Education Committee required in statewide core academic standards; and various other provisions changed. (Becker-Finn)
HF 3339 - Pupil withdrawal agreement reporting defined and required.(Mann)
HF 3482 - Education; seclusion defined and prohibited. (Mann)
HF 2725 - Independent School District No. 279, Osseo; single-member school board election district establishment provided. (Vang)

Presentations on student mental health by various Minnesota school districts
HF 3001 - Teacher license renewal requirements amended to include mental illness training. (Moller)
HF 3219 - Comprehensive mental health services division of education department established. (Moller)

Wednesday, March 11  2:30 PM (Meeting Time Note: If the committee does not complete its agenda by approximately 4:00 PM it will recess and reconvene at approximately 6:00 PM.)
Room: 5 State Office Building
HF 2198 (Freiberg): Service-learning integrated into education system, evidence-based service-learning technical assistance and grant program established, and money appropriated.
HF 3852 (Edelson): Reading proficiency and screening by third grade reporting requirements clarified.
HF 3992 (Murphy): Independent School District No. 709, Duluth; levy authority transfer from the long-term facilities maintenance revenue program to the debt redemption fund authorized, report required, and bonds issued.
HF 3204 (Fabian): High school diplomas awarded to veterans who actively served in military conflicts. *PENDING REFERRAL*
HF 2471 (Hassan): Student absence from school for religious observance provisions modified.

Education Finance and Policy
Monday, March 9 3:00 PM
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
Office of the Legislative Auditor, Compensatory Education Revenue report
Office of the Legislative Auditor, Review and Comment report

S.F. 3911 - School district construction review and comment process modification. (Housley)
S.F. 3572 -  School district transportation contracts clarification. (Jasinski)
S.F. 485 -  Competency-based education plan school district or charter school adoption authorization. (Nelson)
S.F. 2964 - Civic test reporting requirements. (Nelson)

Wednesday, March 11 3:00 PM
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 3746 -  Youth skills training program modification. (Eichorn)
S.F. 3319 -  Veterans in military conflicts high school diploma award. (Johnson, M)
S.F. 3003 - Vocational services for individuals with disabilities. (Utke)
S.F. 3490 - Teaching license revocation, suspension, or denial grounds modification.(Relph)
S.F. 3630 - Collaborative Urban and Greater Minnesota Educators of Color Grant Program provisions modifications. (Nelson)
S.F. 3915 - Teacher code of ethics codification; ethics complaints process development requirement. (Nelson)
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