Making Fitness Goals Fun with Tech
Greetings Get Moving participants!

This is the fifth email in a series of 10 weekly check-ins dedicated to giving you tips and advice on adapting a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this weekly newsletter is to share health recommendations to keep you motivated and engaged during your health journey. Let's revisit this great Fall session article on a free tech resource. Be sure to respond to our giveaway question at the end for a chance to win $50!

This week's theme is Making Fitness Goals Fun with Tech!

Exercise can be entertaining if you let it be! There are so many apps that allow for customized workouts and fitness tracking. One example is the Fitbit app. The Fitbit app is a great tool for tracking your health goals. You do not need a Fitbit watch to make an account—everything is free! There is so much you can do on this app: step-tracking, challenges with family, community groups for your interests, workout routines, and diet and nutrition tracking. 
Action Item: Make a Fitbit account and play around with it!
  1. Download the app here:
2. Challenge friends to step-count challenges
3. Log your progress with one of the nutrition, weight, or mood trackers
4. Connect with people of similar interests and hobbies in a community
Moving Through the Week:

Create a consistent schedule of tracking your health progress on the Fitbit app. Being aware of your accomplishments and setbacks will motivate you to continue exercising!

If you are technically challenged, remember that the low tech pedometer can also give you a baseline of information.
Giveaway Opportunity:
Respond to the following question for your name to be placed in a raffle for a $50 Target gift card! Each week is an opportunity to win. Raffle ends after Week 10.
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