Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deuteronomy, 11:19, NLT

My daughter is growing up right before my very eyes. And although I've sought to teach her God's Word to help her become the godly woman I desire her to be, there's still so much more I'd like her to know before she launches out on her own.

So I'm seizing the day. Seizing the day is an old idiom which simply means to make the most of every moment I still have with my daughter, until she is no longer under my wings.

Moses understood the importance of seizing the day. That's why he encouraged the Israelites not to wait for a special time to teach their children about God's law. Instead he told them to make the most of every opportunity they had - whether it was getting up to start their day, playing outside, sitting at home, or preparing for bed.

Like my daughter, your children will grow up right before your very eyes. So don't just wait for those special moments to sit down and teach them about God's word. From  the moment you get up to the moment you lie down, Seize the day!

Sharing the journey of motherhood,


Mother's prayer: Father, help me to take advantage of every opportunity I have right now to teach my children about you. Amen.

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Jeaninne Stokes is a Christian author, speaker and Bible-teacher and writes devotions to encourage, challenge and inspire people as they seek to live a life of faith in every aspect of their lives. She also teaches workshops and seminars to help aspiring Christian writers who have answered the call to write for publication, and serves as a coach to aspiring Christian authors. To learn more about her ministry, visit her at www.JStokeswritingministries.com