Hi there, {First Name}!

Week 5 is here, and it's almost the 4th of July! Below you'll find the bag contents for this week, for both the large and small shares. 

In this week's bag you'll have some ground beef and a bunch of veggies:  Romaine lettuce, z ucchini, c ucumbers, y ellow squash, k ohlrabi, k ale, j umbo bok choy, and a c andy onion. You'll also get some of the season's first blueberries! The Large Share will also have black raspberries, broccoli, tomatoes and spareribs. 

If you want a few pointers on making burgers for the grill, here are some thoughts from Chef Adam Lambert (Ohio City Provisions, Bar Cento & Banter on Cleveland.)

  1. Take your cold ground beef and work it by hand in a cold bowl. Knead it, pound it, roll it, squeeze it for a few minutes. You don’t want the meat or the bowl to get too warm, or else the fat will leach out onto the grill as it cooks.
  2. Add salt and pepper into the ground meat when you are working it; 1 teaspoon of kosher salt per lb of ground beef. Season the exterior of the burger as well when grilling.
  3. Scoop out balls of the burger meat in a uniform size and arrange on the counter. Throw the ball on the counter to flatten out. Cup one hand around the outside of the burger, and using your other hand gently push out from the middle, working your way around. Pick up and turn and make flat patties.
  4. Another approach is to take a lid (like the lid from a peanut butter jar or a large mason jar lid) and line it with plastic wrap. Press your meat into the lid with another piece of plastic wrap over top. Pull the burger out by tugging on the bottom piece of plastic  for consistent, perfectly-sized burgers.
  5. Start your grill as hot as you can with the lid shut. Open the grill, scrape and clean the grates. Turn the heat down to medium or medium-high (depending on your grill.) Season the grill by rubbing oil on the grill grates.
  6. Add the burgers to the grill. The meat should be cold still, not room temperature. Close the lid and let the burger start to cook. The hot grates will sear the meat and keep it from sticking to the grate. Cook the burger for appx 4 to 5 minutes until the meat releases easily from the grill grate. You should not have to scrape it off. Flip the burger and cook for another 3 or so minutes depending on the size of your burger, heat of your grill, etc. Remove the burger, cover in foil, and allow it to rest for 5 minutes. Clean your grill and toast your buns.

It's not too late to join! If  you have any questions about the program, please reply to this email or give us a call: (330) 359 - 2129