Grand Slam Weekly
March 13 - 19

When we think of snacking, we may think of eating potato chips straight out of the bag while watching TV. It's not surprising that snacks get a bad rap, but they can be part of a healthy lifestyle if done right. Snacks that include protein and fiber are the most filling and may help control blood sugar. Examples include nuts and fruit, whole grain toast with nut butter, or plain Greek yogurt with fruit. See our Healthy Snacks handout for ideas.
Healthy Snack

How you eat is just as important as what you eat. When you have a snack, eat it mindfully, which means turning off distractions while you eat, and portioning out the amount  you want to eat rather than eating straight out of the package. 

Don't forget to continue building upon the habits from weeks 1-4!

Current research shows that for every 20 to 30 minutes sitting, you should take a movement break and stand for 8 minutes and then move for 2 minutes by walking in place or doing light stretching.  This should be done several times throughout the day.  These movement breaks, in addition to regular physical activity, can help to increase your circulation and joint mobility, improve your metabolism and boost your energy. In a Harvard Health blog  titled  Too Much Sitting Linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Premature Death, a study found that " people who sat for prolonged periods of time had a higher risk of dying from all causes - even those who exercised regularly."

This week integrate movement breaks into your workday and continue to walk briskly or exercise for 30 minutes a day. Read this Move More  handout  to learn other great ways to move at work or download  this  Stretch Break Reminder Software  for guided stretches at your desk


This week, you will challenged to build on last week's small step and begin to incorporate strength training into your weekly plan. Use this resistance training handout as a guide to find fun, easy to do exercises in your office, home or on the go. 

 physically active can help prevent prediabetes and improve our general health and well-being by keeping the weight off, improving muscle tone and mood, helping us to sleep better, increasing our energy and reducing stress. During this challenge your weekly small steps will be designed to help you increase your physical fitness and meet the goal of sustaining moderate physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. According to a study published in the Journal of Diabetologia, moderate physical activity was shown to  be more effective at combatting prediabetes and this week you will be challenged to build physical activity into your workday by finding an activity or several activities you enjoy and successfully completing this week's small steps.

This Week's Small Steps

Include one healthy snack daily.
If you already do this, challenge yourself to have vegetables as snacks more often. If you are simply not hungry between meals and do not seem to overeat at meals, focus on drinking plenty of water.

Integrate 20-8-2
Movement Breaks 
Make it an active break and stand for 8 minutes and move for 2 minutes, every 20-30 minutes.
3x a day, 5 days this week.

Tracking Your Progress
Track your progress and  report your participation weekly by Tuesday 9 am via the link provided below to be entered into the weekly prize drawing.

Weekly Paper Tracker
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Extra Innings
(Optional) Use these CDC PreventT2 participant guides for additional support throughout the challenge.

Upcoming Be Well at Work - Wellness Programs & Workshops

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I CAN! Commit to Activity and Nutrition
Begins Tuesday, 3/28

Fasting Glucose Post-Screenings
Be Well at Work - Wellness Program is offering an optional, confidential fasting glucose screening with a health consultation after the Prediabetes Prevention Challenge. Plan for 20 minutes to complete the screening. Receive your confidential results (seen only by Be Well at Work - Wellness Program staff) and resources for follow-up immediately.

Appointments offered every 15 minutes ($5 fee)
Tuesday, 3/28 and Wednesday, 3/29
7:30 - 10:00 am
Tang Education Center

Additional Resources
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