February 7, 2014

Brenda Roberts

Week 5 Update
Winding Down Week 5

Week 5 update
Week 5 update


HB 1

Virginia is on the right track towards reducing violent crimes. Between 2006 and 2010, homicides in Virginia declined overall by 8%. However, there is a troubling trend of increased sexual and domestic violence across the commonwealth with intimate-partner homicides increasing by 65%. At any given time, there are approximately 14,000 active protective orders on file in Virginia. These numbers highlight the absolute need for reform. Access to critical intervention and prevention services must be improved.

The republican approach is two-fold with both a legislative and budgetary component. HB 1, carried by Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-Fairfax), will streamline existing and new funding for intervention, prevention, and counseling services. This legislation dedicates a funding stream for sexual and domestic violence agencies to increase access to the important treatment and crisis services they provide. The House Budget Proposal will include $10.6 million in new funding in 2015 for Virginia's domestic and sexual violence treatment and crisis-prevention centers.

I believe both of theses pieces of legislation will better serve victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.


HB 2

HB 2, patroned by Delegate Chris Stolle (R-Virginia Beach), requires the Commonwealth Transportation Board and VDOT to develop and utilize a prioritization model for making determinations about all transportation projects. Stakeholders from various regions and backgrounds will collaboratively set "weights" for key factors like congestion mitigation, economic development, accessibility, safety, and environmental quality.

It is critical that we spend our precious transportation money on the most needed projects. The $1 million rest stop built in Arlington is an example of not using our money in an efficient manner.

This is just one of various pieces of legislation being carried by Republican members that will improve our transportation system. These bills highlight our goal of investing our transportation dollars wisely and in a way that will benefit the most Virginians.


 HB 561

HB 561 is a bill I introduced that establishes a regulatory program for certification of natural-gas automobile mechanics and technicians by the director of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, and also determines the requirements for certification.  This job-producing bill passed unanimously in committees and on the House floor. 


HB 344

HB 344 is a bill patroned that was carried over to the 2015 session. Supportive members and commonwealth's attorneys will help me create language that justly protects all Virginians from cyber-bullying and harassment.


Links of interest:

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention:

*  VA House GOP Press Release: http://www.vahousegop.com/2014/01/house-republicans-propose-reforms-announce-10-6-million-in-new-funding-for-domestic-violence-sexual-assault-programs/

*      Peace Floor speech "We can save lives":http://www.vahousegop.com/2014/01/chris-peace-we-can-save-lives/



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Congressional Budget Office report analysis:

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A large number of students from Virginia's collegesvisited throughout the week. I appreciate seeing young people advocating on behalf of their schoolsand was particularly happy to see that some of them were from Tidewater Community College.



Wallops Island visitors and others involved in the aerospace industry


Friends from the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater



The city of Virginia Beach was well represented byMayor Will Sessoms, Councilman John Uhrin, andCommonwealth's Attorney Colin Stolle.



We also met with some of our city's finest-- the Virginia Beach Police Department.



I truly enjoyed all of the visits and am looking forward to next week. As always, it is a pleasure and honor to serve you. I will continue to earn it every day.


Delegate Scott Taylor

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