2020 Legislative Update
Monday, February 24th, 2020 | Week 7
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Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance
Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance visited the Capitol last week to discuss legislation that matters to them. I was happy to go out and listen to their concerns. Patricia Ice, Bill Chandler, and Loida Ventura all represented the organization. If you or your organization is ever in the Capitol, please text me at 662-522-1400 . If I am available, I'll always take the time to engage.
Chat with Mississippi State University Football Head Coach Mike Leech
Mississippi State University’s Head Football Coach, Mike Leech, recently came under scrutiny for some of his social media comments. At a recent event in Jackson, MS, I got a chance to discuss the incident with him. I appreciate him for taking the time to candidly talk. With that in the past, I am hopeful we can refocus on playing competitive football and training young men.
Photos of the Week
In this photo, I am with two youth pages, Logan Coley and Will Collins.
Mississippi Public Broadcasting does an excellent job of offering programming that tells the story of Mississippians. I enjoyed a recent event that they sponsored at the old Capitol building in Jackson, Mississippi.
One week ago, I got to speak with Bolivar County farmers at 7:30 am for a early morning breakfast to share and listen. If you have an activity and I am able to attend, I will always make my best effort. CLICK HERE for more photos.
On Saturday, I attended a meeting in Rosedale to address the West Bolivar Consolidated School District​’s “potential merger". In this photo, Superintendent John Taylor addressed the crowd. If you missed the meeting, here are the options. It’s not too late to share your opinion!!!
In this photo, I was attending the Mississippi Apartment Association and Mississippi Association of Affordable Housing Joint Reception. Housing is a vital component to ensure people lead quality lives.
Jobs for Mississippi Graduates is a valuable organization that supports potential careers for many Mississippi youth. Here, I am photographed with students from the Sunflower consolidated School District Program along with Representative Tracey Rosebud.
Please listen to a few of my comments about prison reform at a recent MS Legislative Black Caucus Meeting that members of the Links of Mississippi attended. CLICK HERE to hear the video.
The Mississippi State Extension Center sponsored the Sunflower County 4-H group on a visit to the Capitol.
Corey Hollingsworth, Merry Barnes, and I briefly chatted at the Mississippi Museum of Arts Black History night. It was cool to see the various visual artist, business owners, and art patrons. Merry is the Director of School Programming at the museum.
I am thankful to have gotten the chance to be the guest speaker for Black History Month at the Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Shelby, MS on February 16th. The church is a stone's throw away from my home so I walked to the service.
Thanks to Rosemary Craven Lamb for stopping by to chat about Mississippi Delta Community College. She has known me since I was in Junior High School, and it's great to see her as equally as committed to education as she was when I first met her.
On Saturday, my neighbor (Don Stapleton) was buried. He was the first person I met when I moved to Shelby, MS. He will be greatly missed.
Formerly Incarcerated Men
Sheldon Gooch is a former inmate who has made the most out of a second opportunity. CLICK HERE to read more about his fascinating story and how he is helping others to charter new paths after being incarcerated.
This Saturday at the Clergy for Prison Reform Rally in Cleveland, Mississippi, I met Maurice Clifton Sr . He was incarcerated for aiding and abetting the sale of 6.4 grams of cocaine, and money laundering of 2,500 dollars where he respectively received 400 months and 240 months. He was incarcerated on January 15, 1997, and released on January 10th, 2020 due to section 404, under the FIRST STEP ACT which was recently enacted in 2019. He was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta in the town of Mound Bayou. 
Caught My Attention...
Black History Month
The 1955 massacre of Emmet Till in Mississippi sparked the modern-day Civil Rights Movement here in the United States. People were outraged by the unnecessary brutality in the death of this teenager. Black History Month is a time to reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. CLICK HERE to read more about this unfathomable story that continues to create dialogue.