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"In this photo , I left the Capitol on the 2nd floor. I rarely take this route because I enjoy seeing and talking to people who visit the first floor of the Capitol to advocate on behalf of various causes. On this day, I got to see the beauty of the Capitol in a different way. If you've never visited your Capitol, you should take the time to explore it."

-Representative Abe Marshall Hudson, Jr.  (Bolivar & Sunflower Counties)

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2019 Mississippi Legislative
Session (Week 7)

With general House Bills out of the way, Representatives began working on House Appropriations Bills, which will determine how much money is given to various state agencies.

The House was responsible for looking at the preliminary budgets of about 50 state agencies, including the Departments of Education, Transportation, Health, Medicaid, and Human Services. These bills represent half of the state's budget; the other half is currently being considered by the Senate and will be sent to the House for consideration later in the legislative session.

All budgets included reverse repealers. What is a reverse repealer? It is a clause which ensures that a bill cannot become law before going to a conference committee for further revisions. With reverse repealers in place, many appropriations bills were voted on in a block to help speed up the process.

The FY20 budgets for these state agencies were level-funded, meaning they received roughly the same amount as last year, plus increases for retirement contributions and health insurance premiums. These budgets will not be complete until the end of the legislative session when they go to conference committees. 

The House Ways and Means committee also took up several bills on the House floor this week.

House Bill 728 would increase the amount of short-term debt that the Department of Finance and Administration may incur to make improvements to the Capitol Complex Improvement District, which encompasses parts of the City of Jackson. The bill passed with a bipartisan vote of 107-8 and has been sent to the Senate for consideration.

Under House Bill 1160, bonds would be issued to construct the Mississippi Center for Medically Fragile Children. The center would be an extension of the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Batson Children's Hospital. It would be used as a long-term pediatric care facility. One amendment was offered on the floor during debate to name the facility after Representative Alyce G. Clarke (D-Hinds) because of her interest in the project for several years. The bill passed as amended with a bipartisan vote of 108-4 and has been sent to the Senate for consideration.

Next Wednesday, February 27th is the deadline for original floor action on House appropriations and revenue bills. After that, House committees will begin considering bills which passed through the Senate.

Missed my old newsletters for the 2019 session? No problem. Please click the blue link below to catch up on what's been happening in the Mississippi Legislature.

As pro-Confederates  marched through the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) campus in defense of their ancestors who fought to defend the enslavement of African Americans during the Civil War on Saturday, eight players from the university's men's basketball team took a knee during the National Anthem in protest.  CLICK HERE to read more.

Criminal Justice Reform is a big topic for the clergy in Mississippi. Check out the below event at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 27th.

Words can't express how proud I am of my wife, Adrienne White Hudson, and the work she is doing to help improve the TEACHER CRISIS in the Mississippi Delta. Please Click Here to read the Mississippi Today Article that talks about the work being done to put more educators in the pipeline.

Are you looking for a place to enjoy Mardi Gras festivities in the Mississippi Delta? Well, look no further. On Saturday, March 2nd at 4pm, there will be a family friendly parade in Downtown Cleveland, MS. 

Can't make it to the 4pm Mardi Gras parade? Sea Level Oyster House in downtown Cleveland, MS has a night set that is sure to please.

Northside High School has a PTA meeting on TODAY (February 25th) at 5:30 pm. Please make time to attend.

It is always good to see University of Southern Mississippi Alumni 
and Mississippi native Sheena Allen .  
On Thursday, the House recognized her for being named to Forbes' 30 under 30 List for 2019.  House Concurrent Resolution 63 commended Allen for her work as a social entrepreneur. She is the creator of two successful start-ups: a media tech company called Sheena Allen Apps and a neo-bank called CapWay.

Local and Private Chairman Manly Barton's wife, Sarah, is an accomplished artist. He has one of her gorgeous pieces of art inside his office at the Capitol.

Representative Kathy Sykes represents Jackson, MS. She and I were downtown headed to an Audubon Mississippi event when we took this photograph.

Representative Cory Wilson and I have a good relationship during his short time as a legislator. The last day he served during the session, he left me this thoughtful note.

"Since 1890, the goal has been to systematicallly take voting rights from Blacks in MS," said Representative  Willie Bailey. Reconstruction in Mississippi ended in 1875, and many white Mississippians  were determined to remove blacks from politics. In the summer of 1890, specially elected delegates to a constitutional convention gathered in Jackson in today's Old Capitol.  The hottest debates at the convention were literacy tests and poll taxes as requirements for voting. The tests, usually unfair, kept almost all black voters from the polls. The poll tax also kept large numbers of blacks, as well as whites, from voting. The 1890 Constitution was not sent to the people for ratification.  The Constitution of 1890 is the constitution that governs Mississippi today...

I agree with him that we must fight to restore voting rights and start early voting to encourage more people to vote. 

What crops do we produce here in Mississippi? Check out this list that shows Mississippi is Top 20 in the production of 13 agricultural commodities.

House District 29 has a port in Rosedale, Mississippi. Robert Maxwell is the Port Director. Here, I am photographed with him and other folks who work in the Mississippi Port industry. I'd like to see more infrastructure built around my port and other ports around the state. It would help to attract additional industry around the state.

Opiods and Marijuana

In 2017, there were over 47,000 opioid-related deaths in the United States, and 255 of those were in Mississippi. In our state alone, over 3.3 million opioid prescriptions were dispensed in 2017. States that have medical marijuana programs have seen opioid-related deaths decrease by 25%. The number of people who have overdosed on medical marijuana? Zero.

Education Advice from an 
Anonymous Mississippian

"The teacher shortage problem can be easily solved. Once a person has graduated with a major in the education field, they should only be required to pass the praxis in the area in which they will be teaching. Do this, and the teacher shortage in Mississippi will cease to exist."   



Legislation to legalize hemp in Mississippi passed the MS House of Representatives as an amendment to House Bill 1547. This simply amends the Mississippi Controlled Substance List to mirror the hemp definition and exclusion that the 2018 Farm Bill made to the federal Controlled Substance List. This bill has been sent to the Senate and is awaiting being assigned to a committee.
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