smoked chicken wings
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This week we have 2 special announcements.

First, new products -- Smoked Chicken Wings and Fermented Green Tomato Relish.

Second, Summer Season is live on the site & Early Bird promo prices are available! It may only be February, but June will be here before we know it and some of you have already asked about the next season.

And, finally, some special promos for the Super Bowl and Valentine's Day.

Trevor and the Fresh Fork staff
Smoked Chicken Wings
One of the best parts of our winter season is that the pace allows us to offer some unique items that we wouldn't be able to in the summer.

Working with our friends at Newswanger Meats this week, we are able to get a new recipe approved and produced for this week's bag.

We started with bags and bags of wings from our pasture raised birds. In the summer we knew this was coming, so we "bulk packed" them in big 20# bags to make things easier.

We then formulated a brine, based on poultry stock, salt, sugar, and herbs to help keep the wings moist and flavorful. The wings were tumbled in the brine under vacuum pressure for a full saturation, then loaded into the smokehouse and dusted with a salt-free spice rub.

Hickory smoke was added at a relatively high humidity to break down the skin and produce a tender wing.

Now, all you have to do is reheat and enjoy.

Step 1: Warm in the oven or on the grill over medium heat.
Step 2: Toss with your favorite wing sauce.
Step 3: Return to the oven or grill to bake on this glaze.

When tossing with a sauce, consider warming the sauce first and whisking in some butter or oil to smooth it out. If pan finishing the wings, you can now toss the wings in a pan with the sauce over medium heat. Plate and enjoy!
Fermented Green Tomatoes
At the end of the season, the days are shorter and the nights cooler. There always seems to be a ton (literally) of green tomatoes that get wasted.

This year I tried a new experiment and am really happy with it.

We started by harvesting about 2,000# of green roma tomatoes - a fraction of what was left. We washed them, cut the stem end off, and split them down the middle. For every 30# of tomatoes we added 1# of jalapeno and 5# of onions. We layered them in drums and covered with a salt brine to ferment.

By the first of the year, the bubbles had subsided and the lactic tang was there. I tasted them and was thrilled at how firm they stayed and the versatility of this condiment.

We rough chopped them and jarred them up.

How to enjoy them:
1) Eat them as is for a gut healthy treat.
2) Enjoy them on a sandwich as a relish (you can pulse them in the food processor to make it more of a relish texture).
3) Serve over pasta
4) Enjoy as a condiment on a charcuterie board
5) Serve as a condiment on a bratwurst or on a burger.
The farmer's are already chompin' at the bit to start planting for the upcoming season. The unusually warm weather has been a topic of discussion with everyone and has us eager for summer already. I'm probably the one of the few wishing for 20 degree, sunny days (because...that means no mud).

22 weeks of local foods (May 31 - October 28)
3 Sizes -- Small, Large, Mini
3 food preferences -- Omnivore, Vegetarian & Vegan

Early Bird Promo Price

Sign up + pay in full by March 11th for our best weekly rate offer for the season. By committing early, you're helping us coordinate and plan with our farmers for a guaranteed crop. Upfront prices increase after March 11th.
Game Day Promotions

Some people care about the game, others love the snacks. Here are some tasty sales for keeping everyone happy.

Chorizo - $1 off

Corn Tortilla Chips - $0.75 off

Smoked Cheddar - $1 off

Wings - $1 off per lb

Valentine's Promotions

New Flavors - Marchant Manor

Our friends at Marchant Manor cheese have some special flavors for those looking for a creamy, bloomy rind experience. Add on a bag of Rosemary or Whole Wheat Crackers for a delicious cheese board for date night.

Bourbon Chipotle High Heaven - a washed rind triple cream, washed with bourbon and dusted with chipotle flakes. Aged for about a month, the cheese absorbs the chipotle flavor, softens and develops a golden-amber rind.

Applejack High Heaven - a washed rind triple cream, washed with Tom Foolery Applejack (apple brandy) from Cleveland. Aged for about a month, the cheese absorbs the apple flavor, softens and develops a golden-amber rind.

Little Chadwick - a petite, creamy camembert style cheese with a bloomy rind. Creamy & rich in flavor.

Black Cardamom Chadwick - the Little Chadwick (petite camembert) with the addition of cardamom.

Elmsted Ash - the original, triple cream bloomy rind. Decadent and rich. French Normandy style bloomy rind cheese in which the edible ash is used to lower the ph to preserve the milk and add a slightly acidic tang to the sweetness of the cream.

Other Great Flavors

Camembert (Brie) from Mayfield Rd Creamery

Dill Cheddar from Old Forge

Habanero Farmhouse from Old Forge

Siberian Night from Mayfield Rd Creamery
Winter Omnivore
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Fermented Green Tomatoes
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Smoked Chicken Wings

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Sweet Potatoes
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