February is here, and it's time for Week 9.

It might like seem like it today, but it's definitely the middle of winter here in Ohio. On the bright side, that also means that we're on the downhill roll into spring! We have put up a lot of frozen and canned goods as well as storage crops to include in February's bags. Soon enough, we'll start seeing more green things popping up as it thaws, and warmer days will be here before we know it.   

What's in the bag? We have an eclectic bag in store for you this week with some new products and lots of potential meals. And, we decided to give you all a break from the cabbage, potatoes and turnips you've seen so much of lately! The Omnivore Share subscribers will get a pound of our grass-fed ground beef as well as a pack of Green Onion Brats. The Vegetarian Share Subscribers will get a pound of Cleveland Tofu (store in fridge, and change the water daily for ultimate freshness), some lettuce from Green City Growers and a pound of carrots. Everyone will get two dozen eggs, some frozen strawberries, fermented pickles, an onion, frozen corn and frozen tomatoes, as well as a quarter peck (6-7) Melrose apples. 

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Just a reminder that the Early Bird Rates for the Summer Share are available only until March 1st. You need to sign up and make your first payment-- either the first installment if you're on the monthly payment plan or the full upfront cost. (FYI- the Full Upfront with the Early Bird Rate is the cheapest way to pay for your subscription.)

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Featured Product
Fresh Alaskan Cod

This year, we decided to pick up some cod from Heidi at the Wild Alaskan Salmon Co. and we are so glad we did! Sweet, delicate and flakey, and just like their delicious salmon, this cod is 100% sustainable and contains absolutely no chemicals. 

We have it available by the fillet or by the 10# box.  Pick up a bunch to steam, pan sear or to bake for a quick weeknight dinner! 

6 oz fillets - $5.50 each
10# box - $120.00 

What's in the Bag
Winter Share 2016/17: Week 9
Just like the weather, contents are subject to change! 
Eggs - 2 dozen
Eggs - 2 dozen
Green Onion Brats - 1 pkg
Cleveland Tofu - 1#
Ground Beef - 1#
Green Lettuce
Pickles - 1 pt
Pickles - 1 pt
Onion - 1 ct
Onion - 1 ct
Frozen Sweet Corn - 1 pint
Frozen Sweet Corn - 1 pint
Frozen Tomatoes - 1 quart
Frozen Tomatoes - 1 quart
Frozen Strawberries - 1 quart
Frozen Strawberries - 1 quart
Melrose Apples - 6 to 7
Melrose Apples - 6 to 7
Pinto Beans - 1#
Pinto Beans - 1#

Carrots - 1#

What's Cooking?
Recipes featuring this week's bag contents

Bag contents in recipe: Ground Beef, Onion, Frozen Tomatoes, Frozen Corn, Pinto Beans
Weeknight Beef Chili

Sometimes you just want a pot of chili but you don't want to simmer a billion ingredients all day. We streamlined a simple bean and beef chili recipe, but because we wanted to cook once and eat it for lunch all week we packed in a few cups of cubed squash to stretch it.

Bag contents in recipe: Frozen Tomatoes
Parker's Tomato Jam

This sweet and savory jam is a great addition to homemade burgers, sandwiches or a great condiment for a cheese plate. Can be served warm or chilled.

Adam's Burger Guide
Bean & Squash
Quick Crustless Quiche

Bag contents in recipe:  Onion, Ground Beef, Pickles

Bag contents in recipe: Ground Beef, Corn, Tomatoes, Onion, Pintos

Bag contents in recipe: Frozen Tomatoes, Eggs, Onion, Corn
Other Recipes

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