Today, May 15th, 2020 marks the end of week 9 of Clubhouse, school district, and economy closures, but BGCWPA is working to meet the challenges of
COVID-19 with unwavering dedication, ensuring our communities have access to critical supplies and food resources delivered right to their doorsteps.

So far, Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania is and will continue:
Coming Soon!
In need of critical resources?
  • Penny Gravity
  • Chemistry - Baking Soda & Vinegar
  • Paper Monsters
  • Geometry Tower
  • Being Different & Unique
  • Mental Health Monday
  • Agamograph
  • Kandinsky Inspired Art
  • Short Mindful Yoga Flow
  • How to be a Great Work From Home Employee
  • Learn English Filler Phrases
  • Easy Homemade Pizza
Join us at  InstaClubhouse  LIVE for grades K-7 from 11AM-12PM and grades 8-12 from 2PM-3PM!

InstaClubhouse  members have been busy  having fun, learning, and connecting  with staff members and other youth from across all of our BGCWPA Clubhouses and school districts! InstaClubhouse  provides our members access to fun, social activities and the BGCWPA experience our members count on.
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