This week our new teachers completed their initial training with the Elevated Achievement Group on the 12 Highly Effective Instructional Strategies. These strategies form the decisions all teachers at La Vista/La Sierra make in regards to the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and culture of their classrooms. In addition to the initial training, we have a teacher trainer, Mrs. Sloggett, who keeps the staff actively engaged in the strategies. She organizes monthly professional development where teachers reflect on one of the practices within their Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings. She also brings groups of teachers together each semester to visit all the classrooms in the school and gather data on our use of the practices. Our goal in using these strategies is to increase students' ownership of their learning. Please join us in this endeavor by asking your student about what he or she is learning at school. The more we can all get them to think and talk about their learning, the more they'll learn!

Happy Friday, Lions. Have a great weekend!


Sandi Layana, Principal
La Vista/La Sierra High School