You’ve made it so far!

You’ve started your Zero Waste to-go kit so that you can refuse single-use plastics. Hopefully you’ve checked out a local bulk store or farmer’s market to help you shop plastic-free. You know more about microbeads and microfibers, and can identify “hidden” plastics, including plastic-coated papers and polystyrene foam.

With just a few days left in May, we have one final challenge for you . This week’s challenge is to choose one (or more) of the tasks below that will help you continue your journey towards a plastic-free (or darn close) lifestyle beyond the month of May!
Mention you're taking Eco-Cycle's Reduce Your Plastic Use Challenge , and receive 10% off your purchase at Refill Revolution !
Reflect on where plastics are still entering your life, and form a plan to reduce or eliminate .
No doubt you’ve become more aware of how pervasive plastic is in our lives. You’ve done a lot of work to reduce your plastic use, but where is it still difficult to avoid plastic? For example, perhaps packaged foods or beauty products are a source of plastic use that’s hard to avoid. Form a plan to continue to reduce plastic from this source - like making your own!
Share what you’ve learned with friends and family.
Now that you’ve learned about the many problems with plastic and know that you have options and alternatives, share what you know with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers!

Our collective behavioral changes add up, and can lead to much bigger cultural shift.
Read a book on living plastic-free.
Want to go more in-depth about living plastic-free? Check out one of these recommended books and take your awareness to the next level!
Plastic: A Love Story by Susan Freinkel
Celebrate World Ocean’s Day!
On World Oceans Day , people around the world celebrate the ocean, raise awareness about preventing plastic pollution, and encourage solutions for a healthy ocean. Organizations across the globe will host events to educate, mobilize, and inspire people to take action on behalf of our oceans.

Write one company to request less plastic packaging.
Significantly reducing plastics requires a shift in the design and manufacturing of products and packaging. Some companies have joined the New Plastics Economy , an initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to build momentum towards a plastics system that works.

Is your favorite company still relying on plastic packaging? Write to their Customer Service Department and let them know you want more environmentally-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

Week Five Giveaway

One lucky winner will be drawn to receive a complete Zero Waste to-go kit, including prizes from each of the weekly giveaways!
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